Find crypto information related to ZCoin, ZCoin Exchanges and XZC Wallet to buy and store your ZCoins. In the present article we are going to share information popularly known as ZCoin. The present article also addresses the readers/investors about the best exchanges and wallets to store the Zerocoin in order to keep them safe and secure from hackers or being theft. So read the article to the end and get all the updates helpful to you.

As investors, we are all now looking at the digital market of currencies. Now for anyone in the world it is impossible to turn their face around from cryptocurrencies. Hence, being investors, the best way to be in it to try trading with Bitcoin and other currencies. Today, we are going to talk about one of these currencies that is much in news, unpredictable and with high potentials.

We are discussing about ZeroCoin which is later popularized as ZCoin or XZC. Started its journey from 6th October, 2016, the coin has seen many faces in last couple of months. The price of the coin stood in the initial at $0.37 USD is now more than $110.4 USD. This shows the power stored in ZCoin.

And due to this, there are many investors that are keeping their sharp watch on ZCoin’s market graph. Now these investors are searching for the places from where they can get XZC and where do they store it? This question lies with everyone and all are searching for the answers.

For these investors, we are, in this article share the details of ZCoin Exchanges and ZCoin Wallets where you can buy-sell and store your XZC.

ZCoin Exchange: Buy & Sell XZC

Here is the list of best ZCoin exchanges where you can trade, buy and sell ZCoin. You can also get a brief of these exchanges here in this article.

Bittrex Exchange

Started on 2014, the exchange’s corporate office is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the exchange is one of the most preferred exchanges in US. There are lots of features and basic things that are taken care by the promoters and founders. The security is commendable in Bittrex, there are more than 250 altcoins users are allowed to trade and one of them is XZC. Moreover this exchange allows you to instantly withdraw your money which is very impressive.

The exchange is charging a bit high compared to other exchanges but due to the technology used and the fast and latest services offered by Bittrex Exchange makes people to buy and sell on Bitrex exchange.

Binance Exchange

Another exchange which has gradually grabbed the attention of the world is Binance exchange. This exchange allow the users to trade ZCoin though Binance exchange. The exchange is very famous for the various altcoins available to trade and also for the offers and discounts given on trade fees. The exchange charges 0.1% as trade fees and if you pay in BNB coins then you can avail 50% off on that too. The exchange is updating its systems and listing new coins and new services and serves the clients.

Cryptopia Exchange

If you are looking to have a huge amount of transactions everyday then you are most welcome to this website based in New Zealand. If you want to sell or buy anything from your cryptocurrneices than Cryptopia is the best place. This exchange offers users to buy ZCoin very easily and you can trade with your ZCoin too. The price charged as fees by Cryptopia exchange is reasonable and so users can feel relaxed while trading and the details are also available on the website.

The exchange has 3 different verifications, the 1st satge where you can withdraw amount till $5000, stage 2 allows you to withdraw $50,000 and stage 3 has the upper limit of $500,000. Using Cryptopia, you can get almost all the currencies traded in the world.

As we have seen a few websites from where we can Buy or Sell ZeroCoin or ZCoin (XZC). Now going further, we will see the wallets that are storing ZCoins in it.

ZCoin (XZC) Wallet

It is very unsafe at times to keep your investments in cryptocurrencies and similarly your ZCoin may also be in danger. Hence here are the wallets in hich you can store your XZC and make them safe, secure and private which are not hack-able and sealable.

Currently there are only 2 wallets offered to store ZCoin which are as follows.

Coinomi – Mobile Wallet


One of the best and hassle-free wallets is mobile wallets. With the help of mobile wallets, we can carry our wallet and currencies stored in it. It is universal wallet that accepts almost all the altcoins available in the market. They have secured all the coins with their cross chain technology and so the wallet is very much protected and we can enjoy freely. It has the security function and the private key remains in the device only. In case if you have lost your funds then you can also use the One Time Backup option and get the lost funds back.

Impressive thing is that it supports multiple languages and allows users to exchange the coins within the wallet itself.

ZCoin Official Wallet

Other option is to download the official wallet shared by the ZCoin itself. Here you have to download the setup and install in your computer and then instructions are to be followed to store your ZCoins for safety and security. More details will be available from the website of XZC.

Note: All the Exchanges mentioned above also provides the ZCoin wallet services for completely free and doesn’t charge anything for that. So you can also store your XZC in these exchange wallets.


These are the ZCoin Exchanges and XZC wallets from which you can buy and sell this coins and also store your XZC safely and privately.



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