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Hello Friends! As mentioned above, today we are going to share few names of wallets that supports Monero (XMR) Coin. You will find details and specifications of these wallets as well as much in depth related to these wallets that accepts and stores XMR in it. Hence we insist all the Monero coin holders to read this article till the end and get all the information of XMR wallets.

At present there are not much wallets available for monero coin however we still managed to find some of the best monero wallets be it mobile or desktop wallets. However it is solely depends upon final decision of user itself whether they want to use or not. According to experts, first you must experience any thing you want to use and then you should only trust on or buy it so read very carefully subsequent part below.

Introduction to Monero (XMR) Coin

Monero is one of the most brilliant coins considered in the crypto world. With the finest technology, quick services, cheaper transaction fees and excellent privacy having security, and untraceable elements makes the currency fall in A class.

Even the returns that XMR is offering is very much impressive and is stood from stash and is currently placed at 10th position is not losing its position like other currencies are seen. This quality of Monero Coin makes is one of the most brilliant and popular coins in the market.

But still there are only a few wallets that are available in the market that are storing Monero coins in their wallet. We tried finding it from various sources but there is no specific reason that there are very less sources to store your Monero coin.

Hard wallets are considered to be one of the most secure ways to store the cryptos but even Ledger Nano S and Trezor, the most popular Hardware wallet are also not storing XMR in their storage tank. Ledger Nano S claims that the process is in the pipeline to allow Monero to be stored where as there are no claims from Trezor. Still there is hope that Trezor Version 2 may be supporting Monero in the wallet.

Best Monero Wallet 2018

Here is the list of best wallets available for storing your XMR with utmost safety and security.

  1. Monero Wallet – Mobile Wallet

The first in our list is Monero Wallet creased and offered by Free Wallet. This is a mobile based Monero Wallet that offers exciting offers to the users. With this application, users can transfer Monero coins with altcoins offered the Free Wallet company.

With Monero Wallet, seekers’ majority of the funds are stored in the offline mode by the company. Using this app, you need not to take any kind of backup and when you lost your device, the app allows you to login with other device and freeze the account and with extra/additional security levels you can enable extra security by verifying email or phone number.

The Free Wallet charges very nominal fees for these transfers, android and iOS users can easily download this app from their stores and use it instantly.

  1. MyMonero Wallet – Web Wallet

One of the most trusted and reliable wallets is MyMonero wallet. This is a web based wallet which is developed and managed by Riccardo Spagni, a member of Core Team of Moreno coin. Though this is not an official wallet by Moreno but the wallet is created looking for all safety features.

MyMonero Wallet provides upmost security and also allows the wallet to run on any device. The wallet is encrypted with private keys. But MyMonero wallet never asks you for these private keys and thus they aren’t able to misuse your funds and cheat any of the users of MyMonero wallet. Hence we can say that this is one of the trusted Monero Wallets to store your XMR.

  1. Monero GUI Wallet

The official wallet that is launched by the Monero (XMR) foundation is available on the official website. To get the wallet, you have to visit the official website and have to select from the versions that are suited to your desktop Operating System. On the page you can get various options that are listed as under.

  • Windows 64 & 32 bit
  • Mac OS X – 64 bit
  • Linux 64 & 32 bit
  • ARMv7
  • ARMv8
  • FreeBSD 64 bit
  • DragonflyBSD 64 bit

These are the available options for download from the official website of Monero (XMR) coin.


These are the most trusted and reliable wallets available in the market. There are other wallets in the market but their trust factor is not found. However many other wallets are in pipeline and are soon going to be introduced in the market. So you can wait and see or you can use any of these wallets.



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