Hello Friends! Eager to get information regarding to Best Dash Wallet or dash hardware wallet information, and many other things? If yes then this article is to provide the information of Dash coin, and the best wallets to store your Dash coin in it. Here you will get the info on which wallet is best to store your coins and secure your funds from various coins available in the market.

We all are aware of the surge in the prices of Bitcoin last year has led to a drastic change in the crypto industry. The whole market of digital currency have seen an upside down rotation. It is all due to the boost increase in prices of Bitcoin, known as the father of every coin. Today we are going to discuss about Dash coin which is always seen as a progressive and trustworthy currency.

Brief of Dash Coin

Released on 18th of January, 2014 with the name ‘XCoin” and later known as ‘Dash’ on 25th March, 2015; Dash coin works on the same core code on which Bitcoin works. The main intention on Dash is to be as liquid as the common currencies we use as hard cash in our respective countries such as Euro, USD, Pounds, Yen, Indian Rupees, Franc and others.

It is said to be a Peer to Peer decentralized electronic cash with the features more advances compared to Bitcoin as Privacy and Quick Transitions. Similar to BTC, Dash is also an open source technology and has its own Blockchain, wallet and own community. The only difference is the transfer fee is very less.

There are in total 18 million coins’ supply and at present 7.4 million Dash are in circulation. And it will take approximately 2300 to supply all the remaining Dash in the market. Moreover Dash coin is minable and takes 2.5 minutes on the Dash Blockchain to mine. That means it is 4x faster than Bitcoin.

At present Dash ranks at 7th in the highest market cap round the globe.

Security to DASH Coin

From this it is very easy to understand that keeping our DASH is very much necessary in this era of cybercrime. There has been instances where there are number of investors and buyers whose Dash coins are been stolen away and so we advise all our readers to have a private wallet to store your Dash Coins.

But don’t worry, because in this article we have listed a few best and most secure Dash Wallets that will be very less expensive and will give utmost security to your Dash coins. These wallets’ specifications are listed as under.

Best Dash Wallet 2018

Dash Wallet – Mobile wallet  

The Dash Wallet is a very impressive wallet available for free. this wallet is for the android users only and offers various unbelievable features. You have to go to Google Play Store and download Dash Wallet. There we need not to register or nothing will be asked. This app is decentralized and peer to peer app. It displays Dash amount in DASH, mDASH and uDASH respectively.

There is a feature of converting currency to DASH and DASH to respective currency via this app. We can send, receive dash using NFC, QR Code, Dash URLs and via Bluetooth also. Even we can sweep paper wallets.

Hence we are very much impressed with Dash Wallet mobile app.

Jaxx Wallet – Mobile Wallet

As Dash Wallet is for android users, Jaxx wallet is especially for iPhone users. Jaxx can be used as an app in mobile phones as well as on computers to. Jaxx wallet supports approximately 13 cryptocurrencies including Dash coin. It also gives the security of utmost level with 12 word backup seed key feature.

Moreover we can also export – import the private keys when required. The UI of Jaxx is very descent and user friendly. Not only can this but you also exchange the cryptocurrencies with each other.

Hence Jaxx is very much like an exchange offering wallet services. Moreover users can use JAxx on Mac and Linux versions.

Coinomi Wallet – Mobile Wallet

Similar to the former wallets, Coinomi wallet is also a mobile based Dash wallet. The wallet comprises of various features such as the private keys are stored in the device itself. It allows to exchange altcoins internally within the wallet and no need to go to exchange to purchase other coins.

The fees of Coinomi are charged dynamically and as per the type and amount of transitions and are comparatively low. The wallet also gives the backup facility and strong encryption and cryptography gives security of the funds. The best feature it that it allows the user to select the language as per the user’s convenience. Coinomi supports more than 50 cryptocurrencies so you can exchange any altcoin with Dash and store your DASH in the wallet.

Ledger Nano S – Dash Hardware wallet

The most trusted and advised wallet is Ledger Nano S which is suppose to be a hardware wallet and protects your Dash coins. There are many features of Ledger Nano, it is very mobile and can be carried easily. It is very light in weight and shapes like a pen drive; this Dash wallet is protected by the security of high level and can’t be hacked. The wallet has a backup seed key which can be used if it stops working properly and funds can be restored.

It works offline also as it has an OLED display. The Dash wallet costs $65 USD. There are many other specifications which can be found from our former article available at our website.

Trezor Wallet – Hardware Wallet

Another hardware wallet that comes with high level of security is Trezor wallet. Trezor can be used for Dash coin security as it is very safe and secure. This was the first hardware wallet made in the world. There is a small OLED display in the wallet and it shows 9 random dieted Pin Code and 24 word recovery seed for making the stored Dash coins more safe.

This wallet works offline too and there are many other specifications also. The users can get 3 colour variants and Trezor Wallet costs $99 USD which is nothing when it comes to safety of Dash coins.


Hence these are the best and well known Dash wallets that can be used to store your Dash Coin. It depends on the users which Dash wallet to use and which not; you may use any one of them or more than one but we advise not to use more than 1 wallet for storing Dash.


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