With the change in time, we can find many things changing and getting upgradations more than we imagine. The same happened with the currencies round the world, previously we use to use coins and notes to transact, later came the digital apps and cards that directly transfers the money from one account to another.

But now we have the latest technology where the currencies are Digital. Yes, there are many in the market such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others. Today the trend is following to these currencies and major economies of the world such as United States, United Kingdom etc. have granted the cryptocurrency trading.

Hence today we are going to talk about Ripple (XRP) Coin and Ripple Wallets available in the market.

What is Ripple Coin?

One of the leading digital currencies is Ripple Coin. This is digital coin that is based on the Blockchain technology and can transfer funds from one place to another. In simple terms you can transfer value of money from one place to another, cross business within seconds that too with utmost security and privacy.

If you are willing to buy Ripple coin then you have to purchase it from the exchanges online. There are many exchanges where Ripple (XRP) coin is easily available. If you are confused How to Buy Ripple (XRP) Coin then we have step by step guide where you can learn. The exchanges to buy Ripple are as under.

  • Bitstamp
  • Binance
  • Changelly
  • Bitfinex
  • Bittrex
  • Poloniex
  • Koinex and many others…

But after purchasing the Ripple coins another question arises and that is where to store the Ripple coins? Again we have to see that the place to store is trusted, handy and mobile, providing privacy and having nice user interface. The solution to this is Ripple Wallets. Yes, Ripple Wallets are the wallets that provides privacy, security, safety, and are mobile, easy to use. And where storing Ripple Coins is very easy and trustworthy. So here we have listed few Ripple Wallets were the readers, investors, traders and buyers can store their Ripple Coins.

What is a Ripple Wallet?

Today the world is diverting towards digitization and we are enabling more and more advancements on technology. With this technology comes the threat of cyber-security so comes the fear in many investors’ minds of getting their digital coins stolen. So Wallets are the place where your purchased cryptocurrencies will be kept safe and secure. There are many types of wallets such as…

Hardware wallets

Hardware wallets are the wallets that has physical existence and we can store our digital assets in this wallet. We can touch, carry and see these types of wallets.

Desktop wallets

The wallets that can be operated and optimized using computer with the best usage are Desktop wallets. Here internet connection is must to trade the funds.

Paper Wallets

Paper wallets are the wallets that are storing the cryptocurrencies on the papers and the holder of the paper is the owner of the cryptocoins.

Mobile Wallets

Like other mobile applications, mobile wallets are also the applications that enables the users to trade and trade their funds as and when needed. They can see and share the funds when they want.

Best Ripple Wallets

Now let us see the best Ripple wallets available in the market. The list includes hardware wallets, desktop wallet, exchange wallets, and others. We insist you to read the details carefully refer to the official website and then follow the instructions.

Rippex Wallet – Desktop

One of the wallets supporting Ripple coin is Rippex which is a desktop based wallet. Rippex wallet is very much popular amongst most of the Ripple (XRP) traders in the trading cycles. This wallet is loved by the XRP lovers because of the features that are provided by the wallet.

It is very easy to create an account in Rippex, following to this the users get a handsome features accessible to them. Using Rippex, the users can rest assure with the 2 factor authentication, their privacy policy, moreover they store most of the holdings in the cold storage which eliminates the changes of coins get stolen. The handy and easily understandable interface makes it more appealing.

Hence you can store your Ripple coin in Rippex wallet.

Ledger Nano S Wallet – Hardware

If you are not willing to have your wallets with you for always then one of the best wallets available in the market is Ledger Nano S. This is a hardware wallet that stores multiple currencies and gives a look of Pen-Drive.

The wallet is one of the best wallet which is impossible to hack. The only two buttons available on the device adds to the security of the wallet and secures any transaction from happening.

Exodus Wallet – Desktop

Another multicoin storing wallet is Exodus wallet. Many of the crypto traders are giving positive reviews on Exodus wallet made us put in this list. The wallet is famous for showing a diversified portfolio of the users on the home screen and the neat and clean appearance of the wallet front is just amazing. Known for its privacy and security Exodus has created an impression in the users mind.

Exodus also features many services and is a 3 in 1 wallet. It offers the basic wallet facility and also offers the exchange service and also acts as a portfolio manager.

Binance Exchange – Exchange Wallet

Binance, we are all aware of is an exchange. Being the most used exchange, it offers the customers, buyers and traders the Binance wallet which is inbuilt and is within the account of Binance exchange. If you are a regular trader and often trades in the cryptos then Binance exchange is the best exchange wallet store your Ripple coins in.

For this Binance is not charging anything from the customers for holding their Ripple coin in the wallet. But on the personal basis we insist our readers not to store your Cryptos on any exchange for more than 3-4 days at a stretch. There is no particular reason for this but after all keeping currency in any exchange is not a good deal.


These are some of the best Ripple (XRP) Coin wallet available in the market. There are few others but we found these wallets more featured and trustworthy and now you can choose a Ripple wallet from the above listed. However the final decision relies completely on the traders and buyers where to store their currency but these Ripple wallets are trustworthy and safe.


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