Is TokenPay Partnering with Verge (XVG) a Real Deal?

The whole excitement on this matter initiated with the first crowdfunding introduced by Verge (XVG). The team specified through Twitter the reason behind their request that they want the said amount to get an essential partnership. The excitement that they carried out in the public did a wonderful job for the team because they were able to accumulate the required amount very quickly. In order to disclose the secret partnership which cost investors a frail 75 million XVG, we are at present waiting for Verge.

Is Verge Partnering up with TokenPay a real deal?

From the time the declaration made by the XVG team that they are beginning with a very vital crowdfunding through which XVG would rapidly increase and this will also aid them to gain a key partnership which the crypto fans were eagerly waiting.

The disclosure of the secret partnership that was stated by Verge in their movement through Twitter as it is considered to be the widespread social networks for crypto fans, is the prize for all those investors and holders who assisted in gathering 75 million XVG before the movement ended.

From that time we are eager to know the amount behind the secret partnership, hence many have begun to presume about the secret partner. And as this assumption was not controlled, even now Verge is getting funds in their crowdfunding movement because investors are pushing XVG; despite that, they have achieved the goal of 75 million. And when the movement came to an end, their expectation rose, and so it turned into an overall view that TokenPay is positioning after the secret partnership.

You are mistaken if you are one in the mass of crypto fans that consider that TokenPay is smacking behind the mystery which has been built by XVG. Surely, TokenPay is not behind the secret partnership and this confirmation will be official as soon as the CEO of TokenPay, Derek Capo tweeted back on this topic.

By saying that TokenPay is by no means the secret partner which the XVG is preparing to disclose, he rejected the accusations. However, he added that TokenPay is preparing to pair up with XVG because the TokenPay team is functioning on numerous projects which will surely contain XVG in the story.

Finally, in his official pronouncement, Capo said that crypto societies must stay united so that they can push cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based technology and making such assets relevant in several “real life” objectives.

Verge and the Unveiling of the Mystery Partnership

A pronouncement was made of the crowdfunding movement and it was believed to help in the additional progress of Verge and also its features. Along with this, another declaration was made that the 75 million XVG may reveal a secret partnership. And through Twitter, another pronouncement was made that the partnership which was attained was because of the devotion of the investors and holders.

Each day, it is coming nearer to the day that is stated, and so the expectation is increasing. As it was previously decided that TokenPay is not at all the secret partner about which all are talking, we just have to wait for 17th April to know about a 75 million XVG partnership.

It is for sure that the crowdfunding movement was declared at the right time when XVG was growing in the market and rising in its value and also mounting in the globe of most demanded and widely held cryptos. Because of the increase in expectation, XVG is growing in agreement with the buildup that is surrounding this mystery.

How is Verge doing at the Current Moment?

As XVG is very successfully dealing in the green at present, it looks that XVG is doing quite well in the market. We can perhaps thank the crowdfunding movement for increasing the value of Verge in the market. After the recent change in the market, in the last 24 hours, Verge has moved up to 0.15%, and this one is among the several increases that this currency has gained in the previous week.

Along with the latest change in its value, Verge is continuing to deal against the dollar, while dealing in the green. Also, XVG is trading up against BTC, rising around 2% which says that Verge is developing with a very fast speed competing with the first currency on the list of global coin ranking. Currently, Verge can be purchased at 0.094$ per one XVG unit, whereas it is slowly and steadily going closer to its greatest of 0.23$ per one unit, as was recorded in December 2017.


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