Tron (TRX) Promises 10,000 Transactions Per Second With MainNet Launch

There is good news from the Tron foundation from the time of the issue of Tron’s Testnet on the 31st of March. For the venture, such news is like welcome news and this may be the reason for the latest rise seen in Tron (TRX) in the market. This has made dealers rejoice and others to desire to have bought TRX before. The enjoyment seen in the markets around this token has been lessened and to some extent, it has been helped by a feeble Bitcoin dealing at the levels lower than $9,000.

The news that reaches Ethereum World News shows that the Tron Network along with the issue of the MainNet on 31st of May will be able to help thousands of transactions per second.

On the Tron network, the number of Transactions Per Second (TPS) is likely to reach 10,000, as per a session of Question and Answer on the Tron medium page. And this can be done by further upgrading the network as soon as it is issued. The objective of Tron foundation is to enhance the network every quarter of the year. In the second quarter i.e. Q2 the MainNet will be launched and it will concentrate on security and performance. I

n the crypto world, the feature of security is quite essential, particularly after the discovery of Ethereum smart contracts having weaknesses that pose a threat to the fund of users. And this same condition is not needed to the Tron Foundation. At the end of third quarter (Q3), the objective of the network is to help the third-party Apps totally and also to give stable and reliable system level support to the third parties which may contain high performance pluggable smart contract virtual machines and improved peer to peer network systems.

Cross-chain communication and privacy protection will be the main focus of the Tron network in the last quarter of the year. At present, there is a rise in TRX and has reached the level of $0.08. This shows that for the token it will not be tough to reach the level of ten cents ($0.10) going upward. The important dates that are to be recorded relating to the Tron project are as follows

  • 31st May – MainNet launch
  • 21st June – the migration of platforms
  • 26th June -the Super Representatives elections

This says that in the market there will be some thrilling moments for TRX.


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