As fast as the redaction of internet is concerned we all know about how China, Russia, and the Middle East has set their boundaries. But we have more formal, understandable and optimum censorship currently prevailing in the social media platforms recently. For example, some YouTubers with rigorous and conventional political views have been posting videos regarding this topic and getting their videos being demonetized. It means they aren’t able to generate any kind of revenue from those particular videos.

Twitter has been doing a similar job by banning account of certain people with such mentality. Though all these restrictions are contradictory to the fact the there are no such guidelines that which post is acceptable or not. A post is generally liberal and these hurdles are quite a nuisance. Both these social media platforms (Twitter, YouTube) has an established norm and procedure of filtering contents and post basically discarding posts which are sexual, harmful, or promotes terrorism.

Both of them rely on a single authentication AI system programmed for filtering of content. But these intrinsic contents can also be filtered using a team of human reviewers or the algorithm of a computer system. The censorship of Internet imposed by the government is almost parallel to filtering of content but this time medium is social media platforms which makes it different.

TRON has the caliber to withstand the censorship of the Internet and the current trend of centralization of information. The ways by which the online entertainment sector can be abandoned has grabbed a lot of heat from the market currently. We should always take a careful look at how the TRON’s platform is being affected and its usage is being avoided due to the slow restriction of content and information in prevailing platforms like YouTube and Twitter.

Direct Ownership of content by a content creator is promised by TRON

The objective is TRON is to create a comprehensive and a secure platform for ownership of content and its ability and potential to do store such massive information and contents. Any user posting anything on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other prevailing social media platform the creator cannot actually take any credit for that content. Once the content has gone out the creator cannot claim any absolute ownership upon it.

Any user is free to take its own and use it according to his own needs without violating any community guidelines and not even giving any credit to the creator. Colossal social media platforms like YouTube enhances the connection between content and content provider using direct promotion. But the problems uprights in a different way. The eligibility for posting on YouTube is agreeing to all terms and conditions of licensing and opening oneself to censorship.

Almost every user accept these agreements in return for the consideration, endorsement, and visibility without doubting. The final result was channeling of all internet content to some centralized and powerful distributors. This clearly depicts that most of the news yield from three gigantic social media platforms YouTube, Twitter and Facebook in which users have full control over whatever posted and what will be its price and how it will be monetized. All this opens up the doorway to incentive dependent feedback system which in turn results in rigid censorship.

TRON ensuring liability of content creator

There are many fake Facebook profiles as well as the fake Twitter bots and forum posts on Reddit and it makes it clearly difficult for anyone to keep it track of the actual source. TRON has come up with a solution of implementing blockchain technology with the social media platforms.

Though the purpose of complete anonymity cannot be fulfilled implementation of blockchain technology gives them a good base for secure content distribution among the users giving priority to anonymity. This radically implies that if a user posts content of any type regarding anything then the entire Network base of TRON will know about its existence and anonymity. TRON’s network helps the content creators to retain the right to that content and to have a distinct identification of that content.

A user posting anything regarding violence, terrorism but he cannot take any accountability for that post and content. As blockchain technology has been implemented with the likes of it, the post or content once gone cannot be even deleted. The blockchain technology keeps a track of all the created contents just like the blockchain technology of the cryptocurrencies keep track of all the transactions.


TRON cannot have an immediate impact in the way people posts content or information on the Internet but it can influence and even change the rules of censorship that have become a trend in all over the social media platforms. With emphasizing the liability of the content creators and their ownership, TRON could change the form of direct interaction on every platform.

Even with the prevailing haters, spoilers and plagiarists will ensure the widespread check of the censorship and also regard the distribution of all kinds of contents among the users. It has a great potential in the long run as their vision of the distribution of the content will motivate many users among the world to share their views regarding anything and create or post anything they want with any fear or restrictions.


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