Tron (TRX) is giving so many good news in the past week. This can be said form its listing on LBank exchange to the launching of main net; This makes clear that Tron is currently one of the most circulating coins in the market  at present. Though this publicity does not provide a reason why one should invest in this coin.

From its primary rules you should try to understand this coin. It gives rise to certain questions as can this coin survive in the competitive crypto market? What value will it add? But the good point is that even while considering the primary rules, Tron (TRX) proves to be an outstanding coin. Many matters affecting the digital economy can be resolved for sure as Tron has a use case potential. Let’s have a look on some of those issues or matters.

The never-ending issue of Net neutrality

A person in touch of technology news will be aware that before few months, there was the big news related to the issue of net neutrality. There was a proposal passed by the FCC to kill net neutrality. Recently, there was a fight between the Democrats in the U.S. with Washington State, and a law has been passed to protect it. But this matter cannot be solved by politics; its solution in such a technology that will create a fully decentralized web space. And this technology is with Tron.

The aim of Tron is to make a democratized web space, where the content creators are totally in control over their content. So here undoubtedly, the corporate giants will have no control over the content as they did not play a role in its creation. This feature of Tron’s primary mission will definitely be a leader in Web 4.0 in which all will have a post in the web economy. So the corporations or government officials will no more have the power to decide what content gets importance in the digital world.

The Advertising industry

The internet users have become very violent against the advertisements that are shown in the middle of the content, and it has become a nuisance for the media companies as well as the internet giants. This happens because they are in confusion as to how to earn money through advertisements without disturbing the content. It is not at all easy to create a balance between making money and simultaneously giving worthy content.

Tron (TRX) has a solution to this, and this solution is very simple and also will earn money from the comments section of web content. Generally, after watching the videos online people go through the comments sections. Some people may pay a price for their advertisement to be shown as the top comment.

This will let the audiences watch the advertisements without getting upset, which used to happen earlier when advertisements were shown in the middle of their favorite videos. And this gap has been met or to say achieved by Tron. All this is because it is very fast, its transaction cost is also very less, and it has provision for micro payments, which is to be paid for advertisements occurring in the comments section. This is like a revolution which makes Tron (TRX) the default tool for web advertising.

The music industry

In the past ten years, as there was an increase in the streaming services, the music industry has met with a fall in the revenue. In the past, Taylor Swift had a fight in public with music issuing services, and if an artist like Taylor Swift felt in such a way, then what can be said about the pain of the small artists. This does not mean that in music there is no money, but the larger amount is rolling into the hands of the corporations.

Here Tron (TRX) comes in picture; it allows the artist to take control over their content and also to earn revenue from it. This will definitely, bring a good change in the aspects of music industry. So undoubtedly, Tron (TRX) will be the leading coin in web 4.0, bringing a good change in our interaction with content on the digital economy. So just wait and watch.


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