In the last two days, there is a very small increase in the price of most of coins in the cryptomarket, but TRX has achieved a significant surge in its price. Investors are investing their money into TRX, even though there is a wide spread fear and uncertainty prevailing towards Justin Sun and the Tron project. There are few reasons which are responsible for this.

Looking Past Fear and Uncertainty (FUD)

There is a false belief about TRON, that it is only a concept that has been advertised but still not available. But we observe the market; we can see that it has been spoiled by the top 50 currencies because of the lack of working products. All the cryptocurrencies work only on assumptions with an assurance the technology is being advancing day by day and it will be totally new and innovative. Because of the many use-cases, coins like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin are considered blue chip cryptos. Cardano and many such coins are still in the process to create its real usefulness.

TRON, steered by Justin Sun, is not only making future promises, but has started a huge user base partnership at a unique rate in the market and also trying hard to convince investros for its execution. TRON has partnership with, Peiwo, OBike, UpLive. There is no doubt about the ability and skill of Justin Sun. The CEO of is confident about the prospective of Justin Sun to measure TRON as he himself is the latent technology of TRON (TRX).

As there will be continues price rise in TRON and also after creating more use cases, the fight against TRON will come to an end. Crypto Dogs seems to be a fraud of Ethereum CryptoKitties, but it is an important part for TRON as it lays the path for more betting operations. As there are valid reasons to buy and sell TRX, the belief that TRON is mere a currency and nothing more than that will no more be applied. In the late 90’s, Google was struggling to record and trying to make the search easy, same way one can consider TRON.

Same way we can say TRON is also very determined. This does say that TRON will surely get success or even will achieve the same levels as Google has achieved in the past where it was only used for search internet depth. It has been marked in the history that all the big projects always have to deal with the protesters. The struggle for Justin Sun and TRON will not be easy and they are not in the market to become the next Bitcoin, but their wish is to modernize the entertainment industry of the internet.

Though it is unimportant as well as unclear as to how the execution will take place, but this is the topic of unpredictable investing. To invest in TRON is just like trusting Justin Sun and investing in his dream and also to have faith that he will achieve all the aims and goals of the TRON project. There is a hope that even if TRON fails to meet its designed goals, it will not be a total disaster. It will attain a remarkable amount in terms of utility and execution, resulting in a price rise, taking it above the present 0.05 USD.

TRON Down 80%? More Room to Grow 

Depending on the past actions, no one can assure you for the future and this is always true whenever investment is taking place. The real value of all the cryptocurrencies has been buried by the bear market, this point has to be considered. The prices of all the currencies went down as TRON dropped from the highest 0.30 USD to 0.05 USD, i.e. a fall of more than 80% in its value.

Cryptocurrency has passed through such a phase in the past. Starting with Bitcoin, its decline destroyed the smallest fraction i.e. the satoshi valuation of all the currencies present in the market. Bitcoin dropped continuously creating a type of disorder in the market. The picture was like, fear and doubt was seen all over the market leading the people to rush to sell-off and to take whatever return they get.

In January graph shows that the price of cryptocurrency were over-valued and the present market is under-valued. Majority of the coins perhaps drop down at any place in the middle of their pricing before they met the crack. This way the market gets rid of the bad investors and bad assets.

TRON has hopefully many chances to develop. It will show 200% return from the present price, if TRON can reach to even half of its past highest valuation. As compared to this, Bitcoin has to reach 24000 USD to gain the similar price rise. TRON gives greater chances of profit and the profit making can be amazing, though it is more risky and doubted currency for investment.

Last year Ripple and TRON were dealing at the same price, both of them have reasonable amount of liquidity as well as market attitude, both share a 100 billion coin supply. Ripple have strong partnerships, also other promises as well as it shows a very slow price trends of increase, all these will not allow the price to move.

TRON also can display the same design, assuming a slow and continuous rising periods before unusual jumps in price. There is an assumption that at the end of the year, if TRON gains even half of the value of XRP, than its value per coin will be 0.50 USD, which is 900% rise in price. So to summarize, the future profits of TRX is really convincing.


  1. pretty solid write up, thanks.

    i agree. tron is just at the beginning. have been strengthening my position ever since the price dipped.


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