Here is why Jack Ma’s Alibaba needs to be serious about partnering with TRON

The TRX community is very old to speculation and predictions. Whatever the case may be, whether it is related to the price fluctuations of TRX or regarding its future partnerships, it can be said about the possible partnership between TRON and Alibaba group (the E-commerce giant of the East). If this happens then this can turn the table for TRX price for sure in future.

What you need to know about the Rumour

If you are not aware of it then here is a review in short. The whole matter began when the founder of TRON, Justin Sun stated in its post on tweeter regarding the possible partnership between the top 10 ranked cryptocurrency and its biggest partner. And with this post, the whole community remained excited for few weeks.

In the previous months, Tron has been developing with the present team of more than 100 members in its Beijing headquarters including the plans to increase the team to 400 members working on the platform. And if by the end of the year, Justin Sun, Tron’s founder can attain this, then he may easily beat top organizations such as Ethereum, which claim to have more than 1000 members on its team.

And with such type of employees, the growth speed on TRON runaway will surely increase, which will include more partnerships with the top firms and units. Meanwhile, that partnership which TRON fans are eagerly waiting for is that with Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group.

There is already speculation and damnation that the intended partnership is fixed to take place in the middle of this month. Though, TRON is on course to introduce its Mainnet with the super representative election and ranking that Justin Sun spoke on twitter to handle.

Taking a closer look at the possibilities

Seeing Jack Ma’s beliefs on creating the future of e-commerce and permitting the young generation to accept the leading positions, it provides a clear reason behind the extensive speculation of the potential partnership between TRON and Alibaba. In public, Jack Ma has declared his aversion for Bitcoin, though he has trust on blockchain technology and says considers that it is promising one. Earlier he even talked about his close ties with the founder of Alibaba group. However, it is not needed to say about Justin Sun’s attainments as the finest graduate apprentice from Hupan University in which Jack Ma is also involved.

How Alibaba will benefit

However, for many weeks such rumors continued, and it may benefit TRON to carry a big partnership like this and even it may serve the Alibaba group in case they can work with TRON especially when the platform is developing with the young generation and a chain of expansions on TRON’s blockchain network, fixed for this month.

TRON with the introduction of the Mainnet is already set to make progress for a truly decentralized internet 4.0 on which Alibaba’s e-commerce empire may grow, and the latest test conducted by the TRON team ended successfully.

TRON’s focus is that creators can easily sell their content online and even easing efficiency for customers who want to buy content. In case Alibaba is partnering with Tron, then it may enable it to compete with other e-commerce giants like Amazon which is increasing its reach in the entertainment industry.


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