As we all are familiar with the fact that the environment of cryptocurrencies is constantly growing and reaching to new places and undoubtedly what we as users anticipate with our favorite virtual currency. There are few tokens that have already gained an outstanding status in the market, currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The question is whether there are other currencies that are worthy to reach the top. Few reasons can be given to believe this.

In the past few months, both Tron (TRX) and Ripple (XRP) are the two coins that have shown noteworthy behaviors and have also set out few best strategies to gain a place in the market of cryptocurrencies, and all are very hopeful that they will very soon achieve their goal.

These projects have designed some action plans and that is fabulous, and very soon they may link the crypto world with the normal financial environment, which is the best part of all. Their few products are gaining popularity and are appealing for the financial industry. So we can say that in future these coins are likely to reach great heights.

Reasons why Tron (TRX) will hit the moon

  • Powerful partnerships

We all know that in the first quarter of the year, the whole market faced the major dips and this was perhaps not expected for the token. Tron (TRX) went from a price of $0.30 per coin to $0.05; even then it was able to remain one among the 15 top currencies in the market.


This arouses a question as to how and why this happened. And the answer is very simple that Tron’s partnerships with big brands and companies are the most influential. In fact, these companies are ready to invest and help the coin and this for sure generates hopes for the coin.

  • The utility of the token

The chief factor that affects the market is the advertisements or the hoarding actions where users desire to get involved. This is however very reasonable because they all are expecting a bullish change in the price from which they can gain. But the problem here is that they don’t have any idea as to what can be done with the token itself.

In this matter, Tron (TRX) gave huge steps by giving its users the real reason to use the token. Tron Dogs are such initiatives that lead the users to use the coin and also with the similar aim to interact with others and in addition, it has a retribution program.

  • Credibility

In this zone, Justin Sun seems to be reasonable. He is not only recommended by Jack Ma, the Alibaba executive Chairman who was his teacher at the Hupan University, he was also able to take the price of the TRX token to 0.30 USD, when China decided to ban cryptocurrencies.

In the industry, Justin Sun is the most honest person and this fact has granted his project great partnerships and even assures exceptional collaborations in the coming days.

Reasons why Ripple (XRP) will hit the moon

  • Partnerships

Just like Tron, Ripple also has worked very hard to develop compelling alliances with esteemed companies and brands. Though Ripple has reached some greater level because of its partnership with many important banks throughout the world, which may surely help in creating a union between cryptos and fiat currencies.

  • xCurrent popularity

Through its product xCurrent, Ripple has established an “enterprise software solution”, which lead to an unbelievable success as a platform through which banks are able to settle cross-border payments with prompt tracing end-to-end. Presently, many banking units are using the product throughout the world and have attained remarkable acceptance and hence Ripple’s mission is to take that authentication and redirect it to a major acceptance of the token.

  • Fintech niche

xRapid is considered to be one of the star products of Ripple, that builds a solution to give liquidity in the financial sector. Ripple has just completed its experiments regarding the project and has achieved remarkable results. It has proved itself to be highly scalable, fast and very fewer transaction fees and this is the reason for it to become a necessity among financial units and also a fast solution for liquidity problems. This can surely be the tool that Ripple may use in acquiring more traction and investment to XRP by convincing its xCurrent users to adopt xRapids which will undoubtedly increase the price of the coin.

Similarly, for Fintech companies, the new product has been very striking, because it is a ready-to-use product and also provides a solution for the heavy demand of liquidity in the developing markets that are facing liquidity problems.


There is a constant change in the cryptocurrency market and surely an assurance of evolution and reinvention. Ripple (XRP) and Tron (TRX) are intensely progressing on the path to become the leading cryptos, and this will definitely shoot the prices of these two currencies to the moon and further.

In case we wish to invest in virtual coins having bullish activities, then we should get Tron (TRX) and Ripple (XRP) because they are promising to do something remarkable and their prices are even rising with the current strategies.

Tron’s prime task is the launch of its long-awaited Main net and the assurance to the huge fintech adoption of xRapid. And so as per this situation, the future of these tokens seems bright and even more than that.


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