Tron [TRX] & Tron Dogs Update – 5 Days Launch

In order to decentralize the internet and give back the power to the creators, the Tron Foundation, before five days, hurled the first part of their team’s supercilious project roadmap. In the month of September of the previous year, it has been concluded back by the Tron’s ICO and has been carped the team for taking such a long time to issue a Tron test net. When the coin increased in price in mid-December to mid-January, many investors poured their money in TRX, but soon within two weeks, they were to complain and sell when the coin dropped close to 80%. Many new investors without examining the project or its roadmap jumped on altcoins observing major profits due to “FOMO”.

The very first step for the team and also the most awaited was the Tron test net. When there was a ramp up to the launch the previous week, TRX grew to 75% in its price going beyond $0.0514 which is the maximum. At the time of the issue of the test net, TRX rectified and it looked as the investors gained from the latest point.

In five continents, within three days, the Tron team issued 126 nodes and the greater part of it was in the United States. However, China is presently administrating 24 nodes on the Tron network. Encouraging news for the launch of the test net; the main net for the Tron Foundation was lifted up and is expected to be launched in the current year on 31st May.

Big news has been declared by Justin Sun that he graduated from Hupan University as the first millenarian graduate. Jack Ma, the co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group founded and also administer Hupan University. The Tron Testnet Announcement Transcript can be viewed through Medium. There is a possibility that the coin may have the same price gains in the coming weeks until the launch if the main net in May.

At press time, TRX is trading at $0.0349 a coin, up 0.60%, in 24 hours.

TRX is dealing at $0.0349 per coin, rising 0.60%, in 24 hours, as per the media.

>> Tron Test Net Launched

Love.Pet & Tron Dogs Merge

Pet Planet and Tron Dogs presently have joined, so now you can buy pets by means of ETH, TRX and GTC tokens. You can see the recent exchange rates in the game.

5000 GTC = 1 ETH

1 GTC = 5 TRX

The Crypto assets and pets have been combined and they had gifted 130 Tron dogs to your old ETH pet stores.
Earlier today, game users were having issues logging on but it seems this issue has been resolved.

The Crypto pets and assets are merged and your old ETH pet stores had been gifted 130 Tron dogs by them. Previously today, game users had disputes of logging on, but now it has been solved.


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