Are you looking to enter into Crypto world or willing to buy any small valued coin with high potential? Don’t worry. You will get everything you are searching for in this article.

Hereby I will introduce you with an altcoin viz. Steem coin. If you are looking for a small coin for investments and are confused then I suggest you reading this article will be very helpful.

We are all small investors that are getting latest updates of something new from our known people and we try to get into it. For most of us, we do because we want to invest in such tools that gives us high returns along with the safety. It is bruise we belong to the average class and have lots of tasks to complete.

Not only you but I do belong from the same category and even I also got awareness of Cryptocurrency and altcoins from my friends. And today I got interested and I am trading in the market. Like you all I also invest altcoins and trade with smaller amounts. I always look for small cryptos that are affordable and easy purchasable.

Most of the readers reading this article also feel the same. So I have one altcoin for you all where you can invest and gain high profits by investing in it. I am talking about Steem (STEEM) coin.

History of Steem Coin

The Steem Coin was introduced on 18th April, 2016 few days after the entry of Lisk coin. Like lisk coin, Steem is also very potential and has given back to the buyers of Steem coin. After the introduction, similar to Lisk Coin, Steem also felt down but had recovered very early.

In July 2016 the coin was valued under $1 on 11st and on 12th July, 2016 the coin was valued almost 3 times at $2.75. Then after the coin was having a very high market value and it started increasing with the days as people started accepting the Steem coin. The coin has crossed $7 USD mark which is the all time high made in January, 2018.

But then the market conditions led the coin to face a downfall however it again recovered by the end of 2017. Steem coin, in December, 2017 has performed very well and have given investors a very handsome amount in just few days. Here is the chart that shows the statistics.

Steem Coin Price Today

Steem Coin Price Prediction

After all the references and details of the past. Let us now move forward and see the future predictions of Steem coin. As an investor it is very essential for us to know where we are investing our money and whether it is safe or not.

Here I have shared with you the Steem Coin Price Predictions for 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively. Here I have shared all the expected details such as the future price of Steem Coin, circulating supply and predicted market capital for these 3 years.

Here are the Steem Price Predictions mentioned as under that may help the readers to decide for their investments in altcoins in crypto world.

Steem Coin Price Prediction 2018

As I have said at many places that 2018 is very unpredictable and is difficult for us to decide the market trend. However I can clearly say that the trueness has reflected about the potentials of the altcoins. I strongly believe that in near future the coin is expected to grow to $8.75 USD.
Predictions also say the coin will have a market supply of $2.17 billion dollars. I think it is very good for an altcoin in such small duration.

Steem Coin Price Prediction 2019

Again in 2019, I am firmly in belief that the coin market of all altcoins is expected to grow over at least 30% and there will be an increase in the inflow of buyers and sellers and number of transactions will be increased tremendously.

This will help the coin to gain more value per token and can cross $13 mark. This will affect the total market capitalization and it will also increase approximately to $3.22 billion mark. We can still expect more in the same year.

Steem Price Prediction 2020

I advise all the readers to store their Steem coins if they want to gain more returns. 2020 seems to be a golden year in which many more coins will be introduced and exchanges to increase the trade of these many altcoins. In 2020 the coin can reach up to $19.1 with the market supply of 251,950,211 tokens of Steem coin. So the market cap could be doubled in comparison to 2018 at $4.81 billion market.Hence you can hold the Steem coin tokens till 2020 and can get good returns by the end of 2.5 years.


Comparing many factors I think that Steem coin is a good deal and purchasing in early 2018 and selling the same in 2020 is a very good option. As readers it now relies on you where to invest your money. I hope I am able to share some valuable information.


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