About Jira software

Jira software tool is designed with an intention to help the software team plan and to keep an eye on their project by using the agile project management. It is a software that focus on the efficiency releases of products along with customer feedback and many more services.

A software ream can use this tool for planning, tracking, releasing and reporting of new software that has launched or keep software upgraded. The software team can also use this tool to detect any issues in the services.

This tool supports several kinds of agile methodologies such as scrum boards and kanban boards. The users of this tool can enjoyy the feature which is in-built workflow of templates or customize their own work also.

You find out many of the solutions with this amazing software such as confluence, bitbuckey, bamboo and stride. It also works with other tools using Atlassian Marketplace. Some of these services also offers time tracking, document management or asset management to their users.

Some of the other services offered by this tool is Jira service desk which is designed for IT teams for managing support requests and the other service is Jira core which is designed to support marketing, HR, finance or operation teams.

JIRA Software Features

Here are some of the features of Jira software so that you can see what services this tool offers.

  • It support for scrum boards and kanban boards.
  • Jira tool also supports the Jira query language for giving out the custom filters that are built-in agile reporting tool.
  • It uses real time data to show real tume progress and report of the projects.
  • Jira tools is also a portfolio management tool whose activities can make the team to help plan their roadmaps to get solution of their projects.
  • It’s amazing feature such as real time visual roadmap, multiple scenario planning and it’s capability to estimate the starting and ending dates of projects.
  • It also offers a feature where you can see the resource management and unlimited hierarchies of your projects.
  • You can make a portfolio using this tool but you have to pay fees for that because this feature is not offer in-built.
  • It allows 30 days free trial to those companies who are already in collaboration with Jira Software. While the new customers have only 7 days free trial.
  • User can submit their requests by using email or any embedded widgets.

Steps to install Latest Version of JIRA Software on Windows 7/8/8.1/10

You can get an idea to install Jira Software and quickly get into that. You can get thus tool with an external database by using the Windows installer support.

Thus tool has made it easy to set up your production and run on a Windows server.

You can also install this amazing tool in other ways also such as evaluation through Whuch you can get free trial and running in no time. Through zip, you can install this tool manually using a zip file and lastly you can install this tool on a Linux system also. Here are some of the steps you have to follow.

  1. Download the Jira app.
  2. Take a tour to the JIRA official website.
  3. You need to Run the installer but we recommend you to use the Windows administrator account.
  4. Press yes to install Jira in your device as you will see a popup on your screen.
  5. Once you have installed the Jira on your device it will start up automatically on your device.
  6. To set up JIRA application on your device, you will have to choose the option which says i will set up myself.
  7. Connect your database in case you have not done with it yet.
  8. You will see a prompt on your screen you can click ok to accept all the agreement.

How to use JIRA application

Making out the ticket

While it’s impossible to use the create new users feature through small number of users. In or to to install it on a large scale, you can use the JIRA service desk which will offer you the tools which uses simple CSV file. This CSV file contain all the required and essential information for your project.

You can see the administration page on the official website also. This administration has lonks to other websites also such as managing group and accessing application. This tool also uses plugins which open up with further functionality as well.

You can create a request by the starting point of making your new ticket which will be used also by your team in future. You can make a request by an email or any electronic form taken through customer portal or it has also a feature where you can embedded widgets to do so.

Uses of Services

When a primary customer facing UI in JIRA service desk, then they are having customer portal on their screen. When any action has taken against your request, you will recieve an email regarding at and you will be notified through out the updates and status. While a link embedded in your email will open up the request in JIRA desk which will include ths description of the status and comments by the agent.

You can enjoy this application for free with the services such as creating, organizing and publishing the articles through using readymade templates by providing them a well structured base team.

JIRA Review

If you are interested to use it for free let me tell you that it won’t let you use for free more than seven days. While the dashboard are impressively customizable and integrated with defined reports with fine list which include the widget which are supported.

You can purchase this tool at the official website of Atlassian. It is a solid desk for small and even large scale business. You can use it with other products that are offered by the services also. It offers a very nice customizable and advanced reporting platform and essy to handle for anyone.


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