What is the future of Ripple?

Being an entrant in the cryptocurrency is something like sitting in a Roller Coaster ride and screaming hardest as possible. The feeling is that can never be shared. The same feeling investors were feeling in last 4 months. Ripple’s XRP coin is changing its roots and is on its way to break the customs and beliefs i.e. “First comer is the Winner” concept.

XRP Coin has been amusing all the experts and investors from its initials backing to 2013. When in 2013, the coin was merely priced at $0.0058 USD. But at that time be it Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple was like alien concept to the general public. Hence there were niche market for the cryptocurrencies and cryptotraders. But following to Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ripple didn’t manage to be so high despite of being a very old cryptocurrency.



The sole reason, we can predict for Ripple not rising can be its market supply. At present, there are in total 21 million Bitcoin tokens and 98,306,043 Ethereum tokens available on the market. Compared to both these there are approximately 100 Billion Ripples that will be circulated in the market.

So it can be assumed that due to more number of tokens held by Ripple has not increased the value of XRP Coin.

Why will Ripple rise in Future?

Ripple, decentralized peer to peer based blockchain technology is very efficient has ample of scope in the market. Falling under the impression of a new comer, with more efficient tech, lower transaction fees and fast transactions the coin has attracted many. Moreover, the Ripple is constantly trying to pursue the technology that can be used by the banks for cross border transfers within just a few minutes.

There are many such institutions like Bexs Banco, TransferGo , AirWallex, Krungsri, Credit Agricole, Cuallix, RAKBANK, Currencies Direct, dLocal, IFX, Krungsri, and others. According to information website-Cryptovibes.com, there are more than 100 Financial institutions that have joined with Ripple’s Network.

Investor’s Appeal

Not just from the view point of corporations and companies Ripple to grow but there are lots of well-known public figures who are even investors have invested their handsome amount in Ripple’s XRP Coin. Listing them such as Accenture, CME Ventures, CORE Innovation Capital, Google Ventures, Standard Chartered Santander InnoVentures, SBI Group, Digital Ventures and the list still continues.

These all are aware of the power and future that lies in Ripple’s blockchain network. Even the board of directors that have strengthened the coin are very sure about the rise of the coin. In the recent past, the XRP Coin saw a rise and all the investors were in a start about Ripple gaining popularity and raising to the leading and trusted coins.

But it is not always like that. The just past of cryptoworld has shown a horrible kind situation wherein almost all the altcoins naming any was showing a downfall, so did in Ripple case. But experts and many-many website are forecasting the future of XRP coin to be reaching to new heights. Even there are many critics and experts debating on Ripple to be the New Bitcoin defeating Bitcoin.

Some also says that Ripple will surpass the total market cap of Bitcoin by the end of 2019. We also predict the price rise of Ripple, at present most of the banks are now joining hands with Ripple making it most favourite coin and network to transact in.


The cryptoworld is at its inception stage so is XRP Coin and that too Ripple is still under the process of development which means that we can expect lot more in the latest tech. and features which we can get from Ripple’s technology. Hence there is a clear message that Ripple is having a very bright future and the scope of rise is definitely there.


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