The whole world is currently crazy with the prices of cryptocurrencies surging and down fall with days. Previously, people were mad at purchasing Bitcoin (BTC) and after the news of Ripple circuited in the market have diversified the investors towards Ripple (XRP) coin. This article will tell you how to buy Ripple Coin from various exchanges from any part of the world. In the article, we will also be talking about the exchanges from where we can get Ripple coin instantly.

We are all aware of the new market that is getting developed day by day and with every passing moment, the price of these currencies are moving like the heart beats-up and down. Hence we saw sparkling trill in the eyes of the investors that are wanting to invest in Ripple coin. For them, we have written this article that addresses to the needs of the readers. So let us start the process of How to buy Ripple Coin?

How to buy Ripple Coin from various exchanges in the world?

Here we will be sharing the whole process of purchasing Ripple (XRP) coin from various exchanges available in the world. The readers are requested to read all the points very carefully and after reading you should undergo purchasing. We will be sharing the steps of How to buy XRP in various exchanges as under.

Note: For buying Ripple (XRP) or any other currency you should have Bitcoin (BTC) to trade.

Buy Ripple Coin from Bitstamp Exchange

Another exchange to buy Ripple (XRP) is Bitstamp Exchange. The process to buy is as follows.

  • Here too, we have to open an account in Bitstamp exchange. For that you have to go to
  • After the page opens, we have to enter the details such as First Name, Last Name, Email and Country and then click on Register.
  • Then the verification mail will be sent on the Email ID entered by the applicant. We have to click on the link to validate our account.
  • Now you have to enter the Login ID and Password to enter into the newly opened Bitstamp Account.
  • As soon as you login to the account a page of Password Change will be prompted. You have to enter the old password and then new one.
  • Then the verification of account has to be done. And then comes the part of Deposits.
  • Search for the Deposit option, and click on it. Then you have to choose the bank payment method you want to go through.
  • Following to this, fill the information asked by the exchange i.e. International Wire Transfer as shown below. Then press on Deposit button.

  • The next page will provide Bitstamp’s Exchange banking details, you have to transfer the amount in the given bank account from your bank account.
  • After the funds are credited to the exchange’s account, you will receive notification on the registered E-mail. And now you are ready to buy Ripple (XRP).
  • Now decide and select the market such as XRP/USD, XRP/EUR, XRP/BTC through which you want to buy XRP coins.
  • Then go to the Buy/Sell option and click on it. Choose Buy XRP and enter the amount of purchase and click on Buy XRP.
  • Lastly the purchased balance of XRP will be shown in your account balance of Bitstamp account.

With these steps, the whole process is over on regard how to purchase XRP from Bitstamp.

Buy Ripple (XRP) from Binance Exchange

Another popular exchange to buy Ripple Coin is Binance Exchange. Here is the process to buy Ripple Coin from Binance.

  • First of all, we have to open an account in Binance exchange by registering with an account.
  • For that, we have to logon to and click Register button.
  • Following to this, we have to enter Email ID, Password, Confirm Password, and click on ‘I Agree’. Hit Register to continue.
  • After this, go to your mail id and click on the verification mail sent by the Exchange. Following to this, the verification process will be done and you need to login to the account.
  • Then search for Funds option and hit the Deposits-Withdrawal option and wait for the website to continue.
  • Then search for the Ripple Coin and hit the Trade option. Then the exchange will show available Pairs for trading. By this you can easily buy (exchange) your BTC with Ripple coins.

This is how any user can buy Ripple using Binance exchange.

Buy Ripple Coin from Changelly Exchange

One of the renowned exchanges available to buy Ripple Coin is Changelly. With this exchange, you can buy Ripple coins easily and with not much hesitation.

  • Similar to other exchanges, in Changelly also we have to create account by opening the website and enter the personal details.
  • Then going to the email, click on the verification link and verify the account to continue trading.
  • Now reload the Changelly exchange website and enter the Login ID and Password.
  • Following to this, we have to feed the number of Bitcoins we have which will be used to buy Ripple (XRP) coin.
  • After deciding the number of ripple coins to purchase, and feeding the details, we have to hit on Exchange button in green colour.
  • The following page will show the details of exchange such as Exchange Rate, Fee, and Estimated Arrival time. Then if you agree, click on Next button to continue.
  • Finally you have to enter the Ripple (XR Address) and a Destination Tag (not necessary) and press on Next button.

This will deposit the XRP coins within short time in your wallet.


Here we have listed few exchanges with the process by which you can easily buy Ripple (XRP) coin with ease. Moreover in all the exchanges, the users have to have BTC to transact.


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