Get all information of about Trezor Hardware Wallet including how to use it, what kind of currencies are supported by it, what are the specifications and features of it, how much trezor wallet is secured and what kind of security it is offering?. It is in human psyche to check each and every aspects of the products before buying it and why not? We must investigate before make any purchase or investment so that at least you should be aware as well.

Welcome Readers, this article is featuring Trezor Wallet, the uses of Trezor wallet and all the information related to this wallet. From this article you will get all the details of Trezor and things you need to know. The article will also break the belief that Trezor is just a Bitcoin wallet and it does stores many other cryptocurrencies. To get all the information read the full article.

Trezor Hardware Wallet Review:

After the rise of Bitcoin cryptocurrency, there is an increase in the hacking of funds of these digital currencies. As the price of Bitcoin has seen a rise, half the world is behind this coin thinking it as a personal property. Hence this increased the ratio of cybercrime, and there was a need of some wallet which stores the Bitcoin and keep it safe and secure.

This was the rise of Trezor wallet being the first ever hardware wallet introduced in the market by Satoshi Labs. The Trezor Bitcoin Wallet was the first to shore Bitcoins in it. People liked it a lot, it is very safe, works offline and was visible. Moreover it was compatible because there is nothing going to be wrong as it does not require internet to work.

Product Specification of Trezor Wallet:

The product design of Trezor wallet is very dynamic, by looks and features it is given makes it a very elegant piece to use. The Trezor Wallet is made to carry the cryptocurrencies with it so it is to be made handy, mobile and light weight so that it is carried easily. Here we have shown the specifications that shows the technical details due to which it stands up-roaring compared to others.

  • Product Name: Trezor Wallet
  • Product Type: Hardware Wallet
  • CPU: 120 MHz embedded ARM processor
  • Screen: OLED 128*64 P
  • Size: 2.4*1.2*0.2 inches
  • Weight: 12 grams
  • Connection: Micro USB to Desktop/mobile
  • Desktop: Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Mobile: Andriod

After this, let us look over the other details of Trezor Wallet.

Cryptocurrencies supported by Trezor Wallet

Initially, Trezor Wallet was only made to store Bitcoins and was meant to give security only to Bitcoin. But later with time and demand, Trezor wallet now accepts more than 10 cryptocurrencies. Here we have listed the table which shows the list of supported cryptos that you can store in your Trezor wallet and make them secure and private. Not only this, the wallet is still under process and in short time will also accept other cryptocurrencies to store. So we advise you to get a Trezor wallet today itself.


Wallet Interfaces for TREZOR by Currency
Bitcoin (BTC) TREZOR Wallet
Litecoin (LTC) TREZOR Wallet
Zcash (ZEC) TREZOR Wallet
Bitcoin Cash / Bcash (BCH) TREZOR Wallet
Bitcoin Gold (BTG) TREZOR Wallet
Ethereum (ETH) MyEtherWallet
Ethereum Classic (ETC) MyEtherWallet
ERC-20 Tokens MyEtherWallet
Expanse (EXP) MyEtherWallet
UBIQ (UBQ) MyEtherWallet
NEM (XEM) NEM Nano Wallet
Bitcoin Testnet Custom TREZOR Wallet

How Trezor Wallet is different from others?

Compared to any other wallet or storage device, there are more functions which makes it more safe and secure. Trezor Wallet is very hack proof, backdoor proof, it has the system by which the device signs the transactions directly preventing the private keys to go to computer. It has a disaster recovery system which can be used if your Trezor wallet is theft or lost and the private keys are very protective that will not allow anyone to misuse your funds. With the recovery system you can get your funds back; each Trezor device is having a unique Code Pin that differs from each other and makes it more safe and private.

From this we can proudly say that you can store all your funds and cryptocurrencies at one place without and hesitation and doubts and make them safe and secure.

How to buy Trezor Wallet?

There are many ways from where you can buy a Trezor Wallet. You can buy the wallet from local traders, from online exchanges, from online e-commerce websites or from the Trezor wallet website.

The process of ordering the Trezor wallet is very simple and easy. You just have to follow the teps that are listed as under. These steps will take you to the final page of placing an order and within some days Trezor wallet will be in your hands.

  1. Go to the official website of Trezor Wallet i.e.
  2. After the website is open, you can see Buy option in green blocks, it is to be pressed to move forward.
  3. Now you need to select the colour variant you want to have (Black or White).
  4. Then click on Add to Card, this will show a pop up and you will have to select the type of delivery from the 2 given.
  5. Finally you will be shown the Shopping Card where you will be shown all the details of the order given. The default shipping company is DHL, select the country to want to get the wallet delivered in. Then click on Proceed to Payout.
  6. Then enter all the details asked in the page and then verify the details that are filled in the form.
  7. Lastly you can select the mode of payment. You can pay through Bitcoin (BTC) or with Credit Card/Debit Cards.

Select any of the options you want and then the order is placed.

The users who are not willing to purchase from the website can also get Trezor wallet from website and you can also get all the product description there.


Trezor wallet is a hardware wallet which is highly recommended in present time. Those who are willing to keep their funds very safe and secure are advised to use Trezor wallet and ensure the safety of their funds.


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