Find all information about GDAX Review which includes some of the most important things and features we should check out before using it such as how is the user interface of it, what kind of services it offers, how is the wallet features, what is the fees they charge and other things so let’s get into it straight away with brief information.

GDAX Review:

This post is all about the latest exchange that has been introduced in the market. The name of this exchange is GDAX exchange. In the following article we will share all the detailed information about this GDAX exchange. So stay tuned to this article and read it till the end to know all about GDAX and this is going to be very useful to all the traders that are trading in the digital currencies.

What is GDAX Exchange?

GDAX is the latest exchange that was introduced in the market in mid-2016. The exchange GDAX is actually owned by Coinbase, the first licensed Exchange in United States and the most trusted for Bitcoin exchange. Back in 2016, the founders of Coinbase Exchange gave a thought of separating exchange into 2 parts, 1 for the retail and the other for traders.

Hence currently Coinbase is now used for all the clients that are making trade with these digital assets in retail form whereas GDAX is used for the ones which are trading as traders with huge figures and dealing especially in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. GDAX is the exchange made specially to trade for institutions and professionals in short.

With this there are number of benefits given to the professional and they get the trading tools and much more at very cheap rate. So we will see each and everything in detail here in the article further.

GDAX Design

GDAX is the latest exchange that allows the professionals and institutions that are offering the exchange services to their clients. Being the sister concern of Coinbase, the exchange offers a very distinct and intuitive user interface with very supportive tools that are allowing the users to trade with ease in their trading activities.

The exchange offers various tools such as Orderbook, trade history, price chart, buying and selling with and without limit and much more. Hence the user interface of this exchange is very much supportive and offers a wide range of symbols and tools that enables the buyers and sellers to trade smoothly. The exchange is created with such an interface that any first time can also understand it but this website is solely for professionals to trade.

Hence the design of GDAX made by Coinbase is very attractive and elegant.

GDAX Fees Structure

GDAX allows professionals to trade on the exchange at a very distinct level. The exchange offers a wide range of cryptos to exchange for these professionals clients. GDAX is one of those websites that are offering the exchange services at a very less price. Here is the list of prices that are charged by GDAX exchange.

The best thing to see about the exchange is that GDAX is not charging anything from “Makers” that are trading on this exchange. Here is the list of the price table with the percentage rates charged by the exchange.

User 30 Day Volume Taker Fee Maker Fee
>0% (~0.00 BTC) 0.25 % 0 %
>1 % (~10,365.13 BTC) 0.24 %
>2.5 % (~25,912.82 BTC) 0.22 %
>5 % (~51,825.63 BTC) 0.19 %
>10 % (~103,651.27 BTC) 0.15 %
>20 % (~207,302.53 BTC) 0.1 %

Note: Taker trades are charged tier one fees at the time of trade but a rebate for the previous 24 hours of trading fees will be credited to your account each day at 12:00am UTC.

Products offered by GDAX

GDAX exchange offers various products to the professionals to trade in for the trading purpose. Those traders that are professionally working and trading on daily basis are offers the pairs to trade in. These traders can trade in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and others with their exchange pair and with the fiat currencies. In the following list we are going to share the list of products that GDAX is offering.

As it is a new exchange in the market with just 1 year there is a lot of potential and is expected to increase the range of products offered by the exchange.

Pairs of Products

  • Bitcoin(BTC) 
  • Bitcoin Cash(BCH)
  • Ethereum(ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

Security by GDAX

Most of the times there is a risk factor always rising in the minds of the traders of the safety of the funds. This is natural as we can’t directly put trust in something new comes in the market. But here in the case of GDAX exchange it shows some other story.

GDAX gives us 3 strong reasons to trust this exchange. The first reason is that it is a sister concern of the well-known exchange Coinbase, 1st exchange licensed by the Government of United States. And the 2nd reason of trusting the exchange is providing the insurance cover of all the digital assets traded and held by the clients online. The insurance cover is provided upto $250,000 per client.

The third reason for trusting GDAX is that 98% digital assets of GDAX’s clients are stored offline so that there are no chances of funds getting hacked and stolen cryptographically.

This shows that GDAX exchange is very much focused to ensure the security of their clients and customers.


Looking and testing GDAX exchange from all the dimensions, we can rest assure all the clients that if you are an institution or any professional and is trading regularly. Then you now have the best option of trading with GDAX where the fees is very reasonable, cheap and the safety is at priority.

We can say that you can safely and securely trade using GDAX Exchange and can save much.


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