Built up Lifelong, Lasting longer relationship with the help of these very small but solid, splendid & superb 7 relationship tips. Rejuvenate your relationship.

Seven Golden Retriever Puppies 

Life long, Sweet, Durable, Sustainable,Relieving, relationship is what we all expect, Want, Wish, Desire & Urge in our life. And there is nothing wrong in it,because it is backbone of our life which helps to stand us erect in our social life.

  • Can you imagine your life without having a single relationship?
  • Can you imagine yourself living in Isolated Island alone?
  • Can you imagine to complete this journey called life aloof ?

 Absolutely  No,  is the most probable answer of all.

Why ?

Because we are human being, who is by nature a  social animal. which always like to live in, breathe in social life, For every single moment of our life we need some one around us. Laughing, Crying, Fighting, or consider any other human feeling we need some one around us with whom we can share most of the moments of our life.

  • That may be one of the reason why we have form the family system.
  • That may be one of the reason why we have created various social tradition where we can share our joy, sorrow  with someone.
  • That may be one of the reason why throughout the world people celebrate various festivals.
  • That may be one of the reason why we become members of many groups,activities.

It is our social life, which plays vital role in our overall life, In most of the cases from our birth, it is decided that what kind of social life we will have. Because, our birthplace, our parents & social surrounding plays significant part in our upbringing and that upbringing shape our life or at least mold our life around it.


If you brought up by loving parents, caring relatives, sharing friends, surely it will make sound and very much positive impact in your over all life and each of these virtue helps you to built up sound, strong, supportive, solid relationship.

But, if you are less fortunate soul and from beginning you found yourself at the receiving end of the each relationship, chances are that each of these relationship ruin your life.

If it is the story of your life, no problem, still you can improve it.

So, here we have mention seven small, solid &  superb tips to improve your relationship,

In theory it seems very small but indeed it is very much solid & superb tips.


If you want to win friends, make it a point to remember them.

This is very small but significant step towards making your relationship more powerful. Especially when you are dealing with unknown person, when you are dealing with post, designation or nature of work wise small person. It strongly creates positive vibe in the opposite person’s mind.

While visiting the restaurant regularly try to remember the name of the waiter who serves you regularly, When frequently visiting any office try to remember the name of the peon over there. By this small gesture you can won the heart of many.


You have mother, you have wife, you have friends and likewise you are connected with many people on this earth & each of them have some specific day, date in their life which is very, very special, and it is most important day of their life.

If possible try to memorize some of the important day & date of your all near & dear one.

Generally, Birth day, Anniversary day, & Many first’s in their life like first college days, career days and many  more so, if possible try to remember it and whenever you will greet on that day don’t forget to see the happy, stunning & smiling face of people,it certainly creates very much caring kind of the person image for you.


May God stay with you this day,
and give you peace of mind…
May He give you a happy heart, and His love all the time…

Greet whenever it is due, for greeting you don’t need any special efforts, there are thousands of occasions comes in life which are relatively very small from your perspective but from other’s perspective it is very much important so, whenever you find such a opportunity do not forget to greet. First time for the college, First time for the job interview, First day of job and like these there are numerous occasions on which you can greet the person.

By greeting the people on their big day you creates  the image of the person who cares about others.


The moment you start taking someone for granted is the moment you start losing them.

These is the most common reason for death of any deep relationship, Ideally, when your relationship becomes much deep and solid it should be treated with more love and caution but in reality the picture is absolutely opposite. Your most loved ones are always most ignored ones, just take the example of your mother, how many sacrifices she made to bring up you ,but as when you become older, mature and independent she is the most ignored or take it granted kind of the person, so if possible avoid this mentality and see the change it made.


Never pass a chance to say I love you to the people you care about, because we aren’t promised tomorrow.

Many a times in life it is not important how much you love but how much you express your feelings are much more important. There may be thousands of relationships has been spoiled due to lack of expression part of other person. So, whenever due do not hesitate to show physical expression of your feeling to your loved one.

 Kiss, Hug, Holding hands, Caressing hand, Hand on shoulder are some of the commonly accepted physical expression of feelings use it.


There are many a times in your life when your loved ones badly need you physically there, your presence is desperately needed, your physical presence most essential so during that session make it point of your life to be there at any cost, because this is the time when you clearly express to your loved one them that whenever you are in need I was, I am and I will be there.

For example during the delivery of wife , during the major & serious illness of your loved ones, During the major career events of your child  your physical presence needed badly, So, be there. Remember, Action always speaks louder than words.


Many a times relationship deter rioted because of the ego problems of one or both concern person. Ego in general is harmful it ruins your life but in relationship it is the most cruel FACTOR which spoils many relationship, so whenever found in this situation and if you genuinely feel that you are at the fault for whole break-up of relationship, without a moment’s delay apologize. Sorry is the sure word which repair the damage which is caused by false ego, so whenever possible use this small but very significant, solid & Superb tips.

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