There are various ways to flirt with the women, here, in this article we have mention some original yet effective tips to be successful at flirting.

There are various ways to flirt with the women,  there are hardly any method which is unique and applicable to all. Flirting is in itself a personal experience, and where each and every style differ from person to person. Not only that, place where flirting takes place, person involved in flirting, and many more factors like these plays vital role in the success or failure of the flirting.

Though, there are hardly any fix criteria by which it can be measure that whether the flirting was fail or successful. So, it is always remains between both party or person involved in it. And many a times it remains mystery or secret forever about the conclusion of flirting.


1. First of all, find someone to flirt 

we all know flirting happens between two people, so first and foremost, find out someone, with whom you can flirt, find someone as early as possible for flirting. Because, when you have someone then and then only you can utilize all the tips and tricks you learned for flirting. For that, look around your surrounding and find out suitable person with whom you can flirt.

2. Try to understand where they’re coming from by really getting into their head.

For effective execution of flirting it is very much essential to know the whereabouts of the person from where she is coming and depending upon them you have to go in to her, try to understand it with basic geography attached of that area, so, if you are familiar with it, you will have a nice topic to discuss about it.

3. Don’t talk about yourself too much.

Generally, it is found that when you find someone new or with whom you have introduced recently, you tend to talk to as much as possible about yourself, the obvious reason for it, you are quite comfortable for talking about yourself, you are quite familiar with yourself, you know anything and everything about yourself, so, you talk endlessly about yourself.

But, this is the major mistake you are making, avoid to talk too much about yourself in the initial meeting and give the chance to opposite person to talk as much as possible.

4. Make eye contact

For effective flirting it is quite essential that you know and understand the importance of eye contact, it is a very useful, handy and effective tools or biggest weapon of your armory by which you can gain maximum benefit, so, use it in most beneficial manner. With the help of proper eye contact you can straight way make your case quite clear, which helps the opposite person to judge the situation.


Apart from above mention soft steps it is always advisable to take some firm and very bold steps along the way, because many a times soft steps may not generate the required result, so, for getting the required result it is beneficial to take some bold steps and see the miracle it does.

6. Tease gently

Flirting is art which combines your almost all the talents. Some time you should use your soft power, some time you use your bold power, some time you use your both the power so for that matter you should know where & which power you should utilize.

7. USE body language effectively

Usage of body language plays effective role in the success or failure of the flirting. Because flirting is all about verbal and non verbal communication, how you utilize it effectively makes the major difference between creating right chemistry  between both of you.

There are some certain aspect of body language which should be kept in the mind while flirting.

First of all pay major attention on your stance. While communicating with opposite person do not cross your arms or legs, because, these are the usual stance of isolated person, or the person, who wants to be with himself.

8.  Offer an original compliment

Gone are the days when compliments generally remained around the body, look or eyes of the girls. It is commonly observed that the people of old time or old timers generally compliment their lady love about their looks only.

But now that method is widely used and sometimes it seems, it lost the original charm, so, try to do something different, something new, something innovative, something fresh anything which seems original will do.

Find out something, that seems true or original compliments like her nature, like her, make up style or like her unique dressing style, anything which is original in nature and completely associated with the personality of the person will do magic.

9. Make her feel like the only one

While flirting take every precaution or measure to show her that she is special someone in your life, she has some solid and special place in your life, do not hesitate to claim that your life revolves around her and by each and every means she is the most important person in your life. Go extra mile to prove your point, by your gesture and posture prove that she holds special place in your heart.

10. Remember every detail

For making your flirt real and meaningful you have and have to take every precaution, you have to take every step, by which you can really prove to her that you are very much interested in her and for that you need to take mental note of her behavior, what she likes, what she dislike, what are her hobbies and interest. The more information you have about her, the more you can convince that you are truly interested in her.

11. For making your flirting fun and completely successful keep some ground reality in check. First of all, while flirting Don’t use your phone or taxing someone because, the more you do such thing it clearly send the message to opposite person that there are someone who is more important to her and it creates wrong single signal.

12. For effective flirting ambiance or place also plays the vital role, so choose it wisely. Choose the setting which gives you enough opportunity to open up, where you can talk freely, where you can express yourself freely.

Setting or place like library or funeral or loud music hall or work place are not preferable for flirting,  because these are the place where generally people don’t talk too much and often talks are related to the points only, so, choose it wisely.

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