Beginning OR Starting,most essential step towards any journey. Stuck somewhere in life? Life has become stagnant? Rejuvenate life with 5 best beginning quotes :


Stuck somewhere in the midway of life? Life has become stagnant? Failure has completely ruined your soul ? Lost the courage to start it once again? Destination seems to much difficult and don’t know where to start ? Read these quotations which will not only inspire you to start it all over again, but help you to start it slowly & steadily with small,tiny, single step.

(1) “There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning”.
by Louis L’amour 

Most of the people, when met with some disastrous natural calamity, life shaking loss in personal or professional life, thinks they are finished, down and out, it’s end. I do understand under the circumstance like this it is quiet true. But remember lifelong controversy of ‘is the glass half full or half empty?

If you are  pessimist person, the glass is not half but completely empty, it is absolutely true that you are finished, Down and out, End of everything in your life.


If you are optimist person the glass is not half but completely full, because

You have lost everything so,there is nothing more to lose. Isn’t it a best situation in life? Because now you can start from scratch, improve all the mistakes you have committed in past, wipe out all the bad memory of past from your mind, erase all the setbacks from your mind’s hard disk, delete all the bitter & failed attempt from mailbox of your mind.

Don’t you think that, it is high time to thank almighty for giving an opportunity for new beginning?

Just thought for a while, I hope, I may be right.

(2)  “Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again.”    -Henry Ford

There will come a time when you experience the failure, you start to believe everything is finished.

Have you ever tried to know the benefits of failure? Why almighty many a times failed us?

First, Failure makes you humble, So you can be a better human being.

Second, Failure gives you opportunity to begin again, so you can analyze & rectify your mistakes and intelligently begin again.

Third, Failure makes you familiar with who are with you and who are not with you. So, your judgment power sharpen.

Fourth, Failure makes you, familiar with yourself. So, you can understand yourself better.

Fifth, Failure makes you philosopher, so you can understand the basic philosophy of life.

So,why we curse failure.Accept it with open arms,thank god for giving you the opportunity to know yourself from inside to outside, which in normal circumstances never happens.

(3) “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”  -Maria Robinson

You might have wasted your entire youthful years in unnecessary activity,so, no prosperous career,you might have lost the opportunity to construct your social life during adult hood, so, without family & friends, you might have missed the opportunity to enjoy the retired life ,so lots of regrets.

Everywhere series of losses. If it is the story of your life, there is one good news for you.

Now, one thing is quiet clear, past has gone, either you can remember & regret about it.

OR, You can go back and start a new beginning and make a new ending.

Choice is yours, Time is running, Every moment is precious, No matter how many days are left in your life, but you can start today and make a new ending. So, when almighty call you in his kingdom, you have less regrets and more content in your life.

What are you thinking? start it from not today but from this very moment.

(4)  “Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect”.   by Unknown

‘Yesterday is a cancel cheque, tomorrow is a post dated cheque and today is bearer cheque’. This is the story of our life.

From childhood I had fond of drawing & painting, but burden of study never allowed me to do it. During my teenage years I found writing is my passion but I hardly got the time to fulfill this passion, I was very much interested in study but my family never allowed me to do it. Social service is always the activity which I would like to do but my professional commitments never gives me spare time to do it.

Every now & then we speak, we listen this kind of statements, the ultimate theme of all these statements is that I had hobby, I had the talent, I had the passion, I had ambition,


My circumstances were not favorable, the conditions were never perfect, my family members were not supportive, my financial condition was not up to the mark, I was not ideally located to do the things which I would like to do.

If it is the story of your life,

Okay whatever have happened till today, no issue but from today start to think differently.

Do not wait until the conditions are perfect, hardly there is a moment called as a perfect condition comes in life, so what to do? Begin with whatever you have and see that beginning will make the condition perfect. Any doubt ? If yes, from today start to do what you wish to do, no matter what your circumstance are, and see the miracle that beginning does in your life.

(5)  “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”.    by Lao Tzu

Can you imagine to climb the mount Everest from top to bottom ?

Absolutely no, because every journey of a thousand miles starts with single, small and tiny steps.

Initially, it is not the journey or end destination which matters but it is the small beginning toward it matters most. One single step towards the destination, slowly & steadily picks up the momentum and once what seemed impossible task at last comes to the successful ends.

Thanks to that that first, most important single step.

Have any unfulfilled dream, unachieved ambition or child wood wish about anything?

Don’t you think that today and this very moment is a most wonderful, auspicious moment to begin it with a small, tiny single step.



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