Today, the crypto market has created a havoc as the prices of almost all the currencies are slashing down. In fact Bitcoin, for the first time in past 4 months have gone down below $6,200 USD. This has led the traders, buyers and sellers to panic and think about end of cryptocurrencies. Due to this all the prices of altcoins are going down.

At present we have seen that many people are now selling their crypto coins and bearing huge losses. But what I feel is that this is the correct time to infuse your hard-earned money in cryptocurrencies. At present the prices of almost all the digital assets have shrinked by half or more. If you follow my directions then one of the altcoins with very low price is XPlay altcoin. Here are the basic details of XPlay coin.

What is XPlay Coin?

XPlay is a platform that provides the C2C and B2C entertainment. XPlay which is also famous with ticker XPA is a Peer to Peer blockchain technology and is working on decentralized network.

One of the most impressive factor is that XPlay ecosystem directly captures the market of growing entertainment with high quality features and services. The content offered is of high grade and standard.

Basics of XPlay Coin

The XPlay is also known with ticker XPA. There are 1 billion XPA tokens in circulating supply whereas the total supply of XPA is 10 billion. With the start of trade the market cap of XPA was $14,167,700 USD and at present it is $1.47 million. It means that it has increased a lot and it really commendable.

History of XPlay Coin

The coin started its ICO on 7th August, 2017 all over the world and started trading from 19th September, 2017. The coin was valued at $0.0145 when it was launched while trading. The XPlay coin grew very little the following months and till 25th December, 2017 the value of XPA tokens hardly doubled at $0.037 USD.

After then the coin got a start and XPA was valued at $0.35 on 14th January, 2017 which is the all-time high. Then the coin as swallowed due to the downfall at the global level and at present it has managed to balance itself and has started lifting little.

This is the reason that it is the correct time for us to invest in XPlay altcoin and get the chance to earn handsome returns. Let us now see the future of XPlay coin and predict the prices of XPA tokens.

XPlay Coin Price Prediction:

1st possibility:

As I said earlier that 2018 is a very volatile and unpredictable year. It is very difficult to see the trend turning any side. But according to the announcements by various world leaders, the crypto markets will face a rise latest by the 3rd quarter.

Hence I can imagine the XPA tokens also rise. It is because the coin is having very less value and anyone can afford it. So I predict XPlay tokens to price $0.63 USD by the end of 2018. It will come with the market capital of $65 million USD.

2nd Possibility:

I advise all the readers to hold their XPA token till 2019. I have got lots of tips though authentic sources that 2019 will see a great rise if there are no uncertain factors troubling the crypto world. If there are no disturbing factors then XPA will be able to reach $1 USD per token. If it reaches to $1 then the market capital will be $1 billion.

3rd Possibility:

If you are looking for long term investments that you have thought very rightly. Year 2020 will be proved as a year of growth for crypto market because many of the large corporate units will be using the technology and more traders will have joined hands with the XPlay technology.

This will help in increasing the value of per token by $1.18 and help the market capitalization to cross $1.2 billion USD.


I hope this article might helped you in gaining the proper understanding of the Xplay Coin. I have suggested to get your bag fill up with XPlay coin if you beginners or new to the traders who are dealing in various altcoins. I have read the whitepapers of XPA coin and it is very impressive and has lot to say. Stay tuned to us to get more on cryptocurrencies.


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