Tron Prediction: The present world is changing its interest from the traditional views and is going digital. So we are also going to talking about one of the latest booms of this times and that is cryptocurrencies. In the present article, we will discuss TRON Price Prediction. So we insist all the readers and investors read the full article and get all the details of TRX. Keep sharing and keep spreading this article to all TRX lovers across the globe as we need your support in order to rise from the bottom.

TRX Coin Future Forecast:

After the big and sudden rise of Bitcoin and people going crazy behind Bitcoin the prices of BTC went to the unexpected price of more than $18,000 USD and was still increasing. So investors we are bit tensed as all can’t purchase BTC and can’t take such a huge risk. This is a hindrance for those investors who are having less amount to invest compared to others. They have to look for some other cryptos which have just entered the market and has less price but have the potential to grow high.

So here we are going to give information about TRON which investors can invest in.

Tron Coin Price Today

What is TRON Coin?

There are several altcoins that have recently garnered the attention of investors and cryptocurrency experts in recent days. One of these crypto coins is Tronix Coin. We have noticed the performance of Tronix coin from last 3-4 months and the results are very much progressive. No one has ever imagined that a coin with such huge circulating supply and surrounded by controversies will perform so rigorously.

Tron – Recent Performance

The Tronix Coin often known as Tron Coin is the talk of the town because of its recent results which have grabbed the attention of the whole world.

If we see the graph of Tron coin from January 2018 then it was priced at $0.049 USD with a market cap of $3,221,003,949 USD on 1st January and was continuously rising towards heights. It was 6th of January, 2018, after 5 days the coin reached to a new and expected height no one would have ever expected.

Yes, the Tronix coin also known as Tron Coin was valued at $0.25 USD with the greatest ever market cap of $16,752,047,709 USD with the trade volume of $2,437,350,000 USD. It is a huge growth ever seen after the rise of Bitcoin and Ripple’s growth.

What has made such a big rise of Tronix Coin? What will be Tron Price Prediction in near future? Will Tron be the next world crypto leader?

There are lots of questions and turmoils that the people related to the crypto world are having in their minds. But it is obvious to say that Tron has gained much popularity within a very short time period.

Due to the transition Tron is going through from Ethereum Blockchain and is itself going to become an independent blockchain is major reason Tron is getting such a price rise. Also, the launch of Odyssey 2.0 by TRONIX coin on 31st May 2018 was the initial step which moves over $4 billion USD cryptocurrency into a free network. Due to this 25th June is to be called an “Independent Day” for Tron blockchain.

Hence these latest steps taken will be loved by lots of people and obviously, we can see Tron coin even on new heights and there are equal chances of TRX coin to be traded even more in the world market.

At present Tron coin is the 10th largest currency by market capitalization of $3,767,465,419 USD with volume of $249,966,000 USD. At present there are 65,748,111,645 TRX in circulation.

Few merits and demerits investors must have a look at will also help in Tron Price Prediction and certain TRX future.

Positive points related to Tron Coin

  • Recently it will become an independent blockchain
  • It has been renounced and trusted by several crypto community investors
  • One of the most return giving crypto coins
  • Is now the 10th largest crypto coin in the market
  • Very high trade volume

Negative points related to Tron Coin

There are not much critics and flaws I have found. However, its huge circulating supply can be a reason for its price plummets in the future.

The Tron coin has always been the matter of talk in multiple ways. The most was the number of TRX coins it has in circulating supply and total supply that can directly affect the price and restrict the coin from gaining value. But from the recent performance, TRX has proved it all null and void.

There is end number of websites and crypto experts who have given their Tron Price Predictions to the world. Out of these here are few glimpses of few websites and experts that will definitely help the investors to decide before taking a blind step.

The well-known website has predicted Tron to be priced at $0.168 USD in 1 year whereas says that it can rise up to $0.28 USD with a change of nearly 266.46% in the price. Amongst these has the lowest price prediction which stood at $0.139 USD by January 2019. On the other hand, has the highest price which says Tron price to soar up to $1.47 USD within 1 year.

All these websites have a different price prediction for Tron coin, but one thing we found is that the price of Tron coin will definitely to rise again and can help TRON to rise back, reach to its actual position. This proves that it is a perfect time for the crypto investors to invest in TRONIX coin and wait for some time.

There are few possibilities that can arrive in the near future related to TRON Coin that can help the investors in predicting the future.

Team Behind TRONIX (TRX)

Justin Sun, who is the founder of Tronix coin, notable is the Chief Representative of Ripple coin in Great China. Following to the foundation of TRX and becoming the CEO, Sun has made a partnership with Chinese E-Commerce Giant And then later again making an official announcement of Lucien Chen participating as On Board as an advisor in TRX. Hence all these promises that they are having a great team to raise TRX at the world level.

Security of Investments

As we have seen the Sun, Justin Sun is the founder and CEO of TRX; who used to be the Chief Representative of Ripple (XRP). He is the one to nurture this coin and also have the capabilities of strengthening Tronix in the cryptoworld. He also made partnership with Alibaba, Chinese Ecommerce giant and called Lucien Chen on board as an advisor.

All these gives a security to the investors enabling their funds and investments to be very safe and secure. Moreover the will be yielding huge returns to these investors who are trading in TRX. The future of these investors will be very bright.

TRON Coin Price Prediction

Being one of the most surging and rising crypto, TRON has very high potential and caliber to grow in the present market. Tron, backing to almost a couple of weeks, was ranking somewhere at 56th rank is now ranking stands at 14th rank on CoinMarketCap website. This shows that the future of TRON is very bright and has very good potential for huge benefit for long term investments.

I would suggest all the readers to refer to the road-map of TRON Coin which will help you in clear understanding about the future projects of TRX. Here are the Tron Coin Price Predictions for successive years as follows.

Possibility 1

We can see the graph of Tron coin which has been very volatile from the 1st quarter of 2019 and is still not settled. Hence at present, the market is not favorable for Tron as it recently emerged from Ethereum. It also means that it can be a good time for you to put money in and buy a lot of TRX coins and wait for future.

There are chances that within 15-18 months the coin can reach up to $0.7 USD from its current $0.06 USD. Hence I advise you all to invest in Tron at least for a year.

Possibility 2

If you are not ready to take a risk then I am sorry to say but Tron coin is not you people like you as TRON has always been into talks because of its valuation per coin in the market. The coin can give you best returns but again “higher the risk, higher the return” is what it is. So if you are not ready then please don’t take any risk and play blindly it may harm you badly.

Possibility 3

If you as then I personally feel that TRON is a very good technology and is a future-oriented coin. So I should definitely invest in it. Rumors also say that the coin can reach $0.3 USD in 1 year so this is the right time to invest in it. The can give you up to double returns in such a short span. One thing I also would say is that the coin may even lose its value to a certain extent in between but that will be the time where investors need not panic and stay calm and show your patience.

This coin is the future of entertainment and will surely give unexpected returns.

Tron Price Prediction 2019

MONTH & YEAR TRON Price Prediction
Jan-19  0.23 USD
Feb-19  0.30 USD
Mar-19  0.25 USD
Apr-19  0.27 USD
May-19  0.31 USD
Jun-19  0.37 USD
Jul-19  0.32 USD
Aug-19  0.40 USD
Sep-19  0.42 USD
Oct-19  0.45 USD
Nov-19  0.49 USD
Dec-19  0.51 USD


As we have seen the future forecast of Tron Coin which is expected to rise high. This is the correct time to make an investment in TRX Coin, based on your decision, there are chances to earn great returns/

Note: We have assumed the circulating supply as constant. If the supply changes i.e. increases or decreases will result in the change in market cap and token price.


  1. Reply with your wallet address and if TRON hits 0.85 USD in February 2018 I will send you the contents of my TRX wallet for free.

  2. This is just crazy! If this comes to reality, and I HODLed all the way to 2020, I could travel the world and not to worry about anything. 🤑🤑🤑 Please say it’s going to happen, please! 😂😂

    • The withdrawal fee is based on the current median market price of the token at that time. This fee changes with the value of the token. A week ago, TRON TRX was only 10 TRX withdrawal fee, as the token was valued against the USD at a higher rate at that time. As TRX grows in value, the # of tokens charged at withdraw will reduce, but in the end the value is still the same. 100 tron tokens today could be worth 10 tokens next week if the value increases. So, in essence, the withdrawal fee is always the same value. It just appears to be higher when the # of tokens charged at withdraw increases. This ‘fee’ is simply based on value at the median rate at that time.

  3. What? What algorithm did you use to come up with these hilarious numbers? Did you use all your potcoin to buy some, erm, “product” before writing this? I got in at $0.04 and sold most at $0.35 and felt like a boss. I’m hodling some in the hopes it gets anywhere back to the $0.30 mark. The ONLY way it will get even break $0.40 is if Alibaba decides to take it as payment and opens a secret black market.

  4. I’m all for the positive thinking! get that damn coin to 1000 dollar!! xD It would be great if it could even reach 1 dollar in this year. If it becomes higher than 100 dollar the market cap would be unrealistically high, although I wouldn’t mind lol got some myself at 0,02 dollar. Saw it rise to 0,31 and now its back at 0,11 again since the start of January. I’m just gonna hold ’em all. I think you should just invest in all those damn coins and just hold it and hold it until your retirement somewhere in 2050 o.O”

      • haha who knows what it will bring in 30 years, I personally do see a future in all this cryptocurrency stuff it’s just that it’s a hype now and everyone (most people) is doing whatever the hell they want without really knowing what they’re doing, only a handful of people know trading and the risks of the game. There are millions of coins shooting out of the ground right now and I hope and think that in a few years it will be more calm among the coins and people signing up for this, literally this year every exchange has problems with the traffic. I myself am also still learning about this whole cryptocurrency stuff, this is probably the 7th or 8th month that I’m into the crypto’s and I do try to understand it and follow the news and companies etc. I actually really enjoy it instead of blindly diving into it put some money in and never look at it again (the ‘hold until retirement’ thing was more meant sarcastic), I try to keep myself up to date with the news and of course I like to read on forums like this and what people have to say about it 🙂

  5. if you are buying with euros i think many people use this one in us dollars people use and trade on cryptoia or binance.. it will NOT rise in price as fast as they say,,, trade carefully please,, bon fortuna =) sorry i can only read italian, i have to type in english

  6. The market cap alone makes these predictions crazier than Donald Trump awake for 10 days on a meth and twitter bender. However, if Justin sun does a dramatic large scale coin burn we could see this pump close to $2 this year. Maybe that’s why Tron made so many tokens to begin with….the intention of burning half for momentum

  7. All this hope for a partnership with Alibaba… TRX doesn’t need Jack Ma to achieve the things that he’s set out to achieve. If you take the time to read about the project and understand the ambitions of this incredible young man then you’ll realise that purchasing TRX at $0.06 is a really clever, long term investment that could make you a really wealthy individual.

    The predictions on this blog page are actually quite realistic given the plans to burn coins in March and given the fact that Tron will be partnering with Spacety (the Chinese SpaceX). Also, TRX isn’t listed on many exchanges but it will be on Coinbase soon and Bittrex too, not to mention the Japanese exchanges they’ve applied for.

    Remember, this project is only 4 months old. Pause to read Justin Sun’s resume. He wasn’t listed in Forbes under 30 list of people to watch for nothing. He has very impressive credentials and the team he has working on this project is just as impressive. I can see this coin ranking in the top 5 in the very near future and yes, we could all get rich if we invest in the project and support this young man and his team. I for one will be holding my investment in Tron.

  8. Anything can happen in Crypto! Let me set the stage, we get into March news of coinburn gets TRX rolling, Exodus kicks in and is big success then Justin announces Alibaba as a partnership and I guarantee you Trx would see $5 bucks. And your saying Bullshit! Well same thing happened with Ripple, I saw it at .10 cents in early December, had some great news three weeks in a row and it was a $3.30 I missed out on the run up cuss I know there was no way it would happen! So yes crazy shit happens in Crypto, count on it!!

  9. first you need to buy etherum or bitcoin on a site. I recommend coinbase couse it is reliable. Then you have to create an account where you can trade coins with your investment in bitcoin/etherum. Personally i use coinbase

  10. I find the first prediction to be legitimate and the 2nd prediction could probably happen if people do the same thing they did on December 2017. We can see Stellar, Ripple and Cardano as the most obvious examples. Ripple was $0.03 in around March 2017 and we saw it rising to $3. Stellar was $0.004 around March 2017 and reached almost a dollar. TRON, 0.04 in March 2017 and by this year end? who knows

  11. Cryptocurrencies will be there in the mainstream for the coming years. crypto is a great asset for diversification. It isn’t real estate. It isn’t the stock market. It isn’t like most other assets you’re likely invested in. It is variety. Have a look into cryptocurrencies Growth Predictions and cryptocurrency price predictions based on Total Worldwide Money flowing into the cryptocurrency market.

  12. Cryptocurrencies are volatile, irrational beasts.
    Simple methods of forecasting grossly over/underestimate the potential of a volatile currency.
    It is one of the most risky thing to make predictions on crypto currencies or anything as such. We must make sure that we have logical reason behind what we do. it’s easier with help of Crypto price forecast, as they provide me non-stop news and updates along with trending stories, so this makes everything run incredibly well.


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