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Ripple Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 | XRP Coin Forecast

In the present article, we are going to share all the latest news and information related to Ripple (XRP) coin. We will also suggest the investment strategies and will give you statistics where you can invest your money to get the best returns and good profits at reasonable rates. We have also shared the Ripple Price Prediction 2018, 2019 and 2020 that will help you in taking decision for investments.

Ripple (XRP) Forecast:

Present situation of Ripple Coin

Recently, the world market has seen the price surge of Ripple which is in the crypto race. So called and known as Baby Bitcoin-Ripple Coin recently has seen a flight rise of more 35,000% to $2.3 USD and then again raising 67% to the all-time high @ $3.84 USD. This has not only made many investors profitable but to few many, this rise has made Millionaires and Billionaires. Yes, Ripple’s Co-Founder Chris Larsen is now on the top richest men’s list of America.

He not only managed to be one of the richest, but also stood above the Social media giant Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerburg. This is due to the surge in the prices of Ripple coin having the market capitalization of $118,930,336,855 USD according to CoinMarketCap on late Saturday. At present the coin is leading on the 2nd position on the list of cryptocurrencies and now investors are eyeing on Ripple as the next Bitcoin.

Why Ripple is going down?

Now it’s time to talk about present situation after analysis and to answer those who are thinking why ripple is going down? Then according to latest reports, Coinmarketcap recently decided to exclude korean prices thus investors are thinking that other peoples have started to sell out their XRP and shifting to other coins. Actually some people started panicking and they are selling and they are also talking that big banks have only adopted technology used by Ripple not ripple coin itself so it is obvious that whenever banks start to transact in XRP coin then it price of the ripple will be skyrocketing.

Ripple Coin Updates(16-1-2017) : We would like to suggest all those who have invested in XRP and thinking to panic sell it that right now whole market is down so just wait for few days once correction done then everything will be fine. You can also check out latest post related to why the prices are going down?

Why Cryptocurrency Market is going down?

XRP Updates: Recent partnership with netflix and yesterday’s news regarding to agreement with moneygram has pumped up XRP market thus XRP price today has slightly improved. We will share XRP updates daily here as soon as any good or bad news arises so bookmark this page for instant access.

Ripple (XRP) Price Today: 


Growth of Ripple (XRP) Coin

Based on Blockchain Technology, Ripple coin is a payment network that transacts money’s value digitally from one place to other, including cross border payments within a couple of seconds or at the max a minute. The coin also rose because of the series of investors planning to invest in the coin and banks working on the Ripple system to accept as a mode of payment.

Last year in October, the company announced that there are more than 100 companies, financial institutions (to be precise) are going to use Ripple’s payment network and are using the network is some ways. These named institutions are such as Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizhuho, Credit Agrocole, Nordic bank and others. The digital currency company, in November-2017, also added that American Express FX international payments and Santander will be using the digital currency’s network in near future for the cross border payments from US to UK. At present various banks from Japan and South Korea are under the checking process of Ripple network system for cross border payments.

From the above stats. we can imagine the potential of Ripple coin, the company and its future.

Investors in Ripple (XRP) Coin

There are series of investors that are joining hands with Ripple coin and investing in it. These investors includes Accenture, Andreessen Horowitz, CME Ventures, Core Innovation Capital, Google Ventures, Santander Innoventures, SBI Group, Digital Ventures, Seagate, Standard Chartered and the list goes on and on. Hence we suggest our readers if they are willing to invest somewhere then buying XRP is the best call. Even to the beginners in the digital world of currencies we would suggest them to buy and hodl XRP and see the wonders the coin shows to the world.

Apart from this recently in ab interview, CEO of Ripple said that XRP is thousand times faster and cheaper then bitcoin so that it took about 3 seconds for every transactions to get confirmed whereas in BTC, it takes hours. Most of the banks have shown positive sign towards ripple for future transactions due to same reason so we made XRP Price Prediction based on these factors and also from crypto experts opinions for upcoming years.

Ripple Coin Price Prediction

Now as we have already discussed a lot about XRP, here we have listed the tables showing various figures and data related to the future prices of Ripple coin. The data and figures we input are given to us by the cryptoworld experts that regularly checks the updates happening round the world. The prices are estimated on the basis of various factors such as performance of coin, technological up gradations, change in volume, investors, foundation and maintenance team and much more.

So here are the expected Ripple Coin Price Predictions for 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Ripple Coin Price Prediction 2018

Jan-18 2.74 USD
Feb-18  3.75 USD
Mar-18  4.39 USD
Apr-18  4.45 USD
May-18  5.47 USD
Jun-18  6.26 USD
Jul-18  6.80 USD
Aug-18  6.98 USD
Sep-18  7.76 USD
Oct-18  7.15 USD
Nov-18  7.86 USD
Dec-18  7.16 USD

Ripple Price Prediction 2019

Jan-19  8.39 USD
Feb-19  8.69 USD
Mar-19  9.73 USD
Apr-19  10.17 USD
May-19  11.47 USD
Jun-19  12.87 USD
Jul-19  11.98 USD
Aug-19  11.04 USD
Sep-19  12.57 USD
Oct-19  13.65 USD
Nov-19  15.78 USD
Dec-19  14.74 USD

Ripple Price Prediction 2020

20-Jan  16.85 USD
20-Feb  15.57 USD
20-Mar  17.64 USD
20-Apr  20.47 USD
20-May  22.56 USD
20-Jun  24.87 USD
20-Jul  22.98 USD
20-Aug  24.15 USD
20-Sep  25.74 USD
20-Oct  24.97 USD
20-Nov  24.08 USD
20-Dec  23.55 USD
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    Thanks, this Ripple Coin Price Prediction But I Want to buy Ripple XRP please share with me the link where I to Buy Ripple.

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      You can use shaprshift to convert btc to xrp

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        its Shapeshift*

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      buy (XRP) ripple in binance..

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    How to purchase Ripple coin. Please let me know.

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      Io sto provando (plus 500)

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    OK, what’s this about a Netflix partnership? I have not heard anything about that?

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    I work at a Big top five Bank (un-named). Our team is working on said coin.

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