Should I invest in Reddcoin? Find out what will be the future of Reddcoin or Reddcoin Price Prediction and others forecast done by trading websites. Over the past months, we have noticed a great change in the tradings carried out by the crypto investors. Compared to past there is a tremendous growth in the trade of cryptocurrencies despite of downfall in the prices of all the altcoins.

Interestingly traders are not pointing to purchase the well-known altcoins but are investing in the coins that are having less value but with high capacity and potential. One of these crypto coins is Reddcoin. In this article, we will discuss Reddcoin in detail.

Reddcoin About

Like others, Reddcoin is a cryptocurrency addressing people to transact with fewer efforts and fees although at a high speed with utmost security and safety. It uses blockchain technology and focuses on the social platforms.

The Reddcoin technology was launched back in 2014 and the project was launched in the open market on 10th February 2014. From then the Reddcoin is traded in the open market and gradually the Reddcoin has shown an uprise from the value $0.000035 to $0.0058 at present.

In recent past, there were lots of critics about the technology as it was losing its value due to the global crypto downfall. Hence to come out of this critical situation where traders were not interested in trading Reddcoin (RDD) the technology entered into a partnership with another blockchain tech namely Phore (PHR).

Name Reddcoin
Abbreviation: RDD
Launched on: 10th February 2014
Market Capitalization: $166,453,576 USD (as on 19 June, 2018)
Volume: $5,331,020 USD
Circulating Supply: 28,808,713,174 RDD coin
Total Supply: 27 billion RDD coins
All-Time High: $0.029 USD
Trading Platforms (Exchanges): 20 crypto exchanges
Current Rank on 65th Rank (as of 19th June 2018)
Mining Status: Minable
Partnerships: Phore Coin (320th Rank)

Reddcoin History

If we look at the graph of Reddcoin from the beginning then the coin was steady for a very long time of almost 4 years starting from its launch till May 2017. From then there was a sight of change shown and it was an uprising. The value per coin was never increased because of the unlimited supply of Reddcoins.

Due to no limit of Reddcoin supply in the market, the Reddcoin Price Prediction was not possible and also there was no hike in the prices too. But as the crypto boom took place there was a visible soar in the Reddcoin price and more number of traders started trading RDD as it was in the lime light.

It so happened that all of a sudden the coin took a flight and from $0.0016 on 11th December, 2017 it rose to all time high at $0.029 USD in January, 2018. This also means that coin grew over 500% in just 1 month. At present, the coin is valued at $0.0058 USD with the market capitalization of $166,453,576 USD.

As investors, we recommend you to also study the negative and positive parts of the technology which will help you in deciding for your investments. It also helps to predict Recddcoin Prices in the near future.

Positive points of Reddcoin

  • Recently the coin has partnered with Phore blockchain technology
  • It has survived in all the climates of blockchain till now and is stand still
  • It is one of the oldest currencies
  • There are growth options predicted in Reddcoin

Negative points of Reddcoin

  • The coin has only once given value to money
  • It has seen a stable coin for years
  • The coin has lost its customer base to an extent
  • It has lost its value drastically after the boom period is over.

Here we can see that the coin has both the sides i.e. negative as well as positive due to which there may a situation of confusion for the investors and they may also be doubtful for their investments in Reddcoin technology.

It is said that when we are confused than better have a look at what others’ opinions are and what Reddcoin Price Predictions they have to give for the near future. Here are few known websites who have given their Predictions for RDD coin in next 1 year.

  •, a familiar prediction site expects RDD price to soar to $0.0066 USD from its current $0.0058 USD price. The site also claims RDD to reach up to $0.013 USD by the end of 5 years.
  •, another website also forecasts that the coin may reach to $0.1 USD in 2018. However, the website is not very clear with their statement.
  • On the other hand, claims Reddcoin prices to soar as much as to $0.01 USD by December 2018.

Here it seems lots of confusions and disruptions as different websites have different opinions. It seems like these are making assumptions. Hence we took Reddcoin Price Predictions on our hands and we have met several crypto experts who study these altcoins in details and share their views. Here we have narrowed to 3 possibilities that can arrive in future for RDD coin.

Possibility 1: Reddcoin Price Prediction

As the coin has entered into a partnership with Phore there are chances of RDD to grow high and take back its actual position. Eventually, after the news was spread in the market of Reddcoin joining hands with Phore coin the value of RDD turned onto the green and there was more than 10% rise visible till now. Hence we expect the coin gaining the value to almost $0.025 USD in a short period of time.

Possibility 2: Reddcoin Price Prediction

Another possibility says that the coin has got price rise only when the market soars and goes down when the market is low. In the meantime when the market is low the coin grows at a very slow speed because of the circulating supply increasing. Hence the coin will be gaining value in 2019 as the year is said to be very bright for the cryptocurrencies. In 2019 we can expect the coin to break the benchmark of $0.01 USD.

Possibility 3: Reddcoin Price Prediction

A few crypt experts expects that despite of all the things the RDD tech is not able to hold the attention of the traders and this will lead to the downfall of the technology and in the future the coin may gain value for a short term but there are possible chances to fall down and reach to $0.0015 USD also.

We hope that we are able to give you a good view over Reddcoin Price Prediction and this can help you in designing your portfolio. We will be back with some more coins and more Price Predictions here on this website so stay with us.


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