As we have promised to help all those crypto lovers to offer diversified articles everyday to help you choose best crypto coin for long term investment or altcoins for future. Today we are going to state in depth analysis and latest information regarding to shining star in the crypto sky, Proof of Existence whose official website is, future market of or Poe Price Prediction for years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

What is POE or Proof of Existence ( Coin? is one of the latest digital currencies booming in the cryptoworld and is been bought and sold very frequently. is full formed as Proof of Existence and is developed by’s technical architects, Manuel Araoz and Esteban Ordano in the year 2013. Proof of Existence is basically a blockchain with non-financial application. This coin is an open and shared script, a universal ledger that is designed to record all the medadatas and ownership data of all the transactions that are taking place.

The main intention of is to smoothen and simplify the publishing, licensing and time of authentication of the digital assets.

Current POE Price (


History of Poe coin:

Launched in the market by 1st September, 2017, was having no market cap of its own and was traded with a niche amount of $0.0214 USD and then it surged as the public now started accepting the coin and started trading using, by now the coin has grown a number of times.

At present the coin is having a market capitalization of $245,593,563 USD with the per coin value of $0.12 USD. The coin is expected to grow with a high volume and so the investors have stuck their eyes on Proof of Existence, commonly known as and are expecting to boom like anything. Though it is not the other Bitcoin or Litecoin or Ripple but the coin promises to be growing very much.

Poe Trusted Team

We do believe that whenever we invest we have to be rest assured of the place we are investing our money. As this digital crypto is also new the question of trust definitely rises. And it is natural that should be invest in this currency or not. What are the risk factors and what if the whole crypto is a scam and loop? What if we are not paid back? All these kind of questions rises in our mind.

Being an investor such questions are obvious. But don’t worry there are many reasons which will assure us that we can put our money in this cryptocurrency. The first is that the company has socialized all the details of its existence. Who are the members that are leading the foundation and even the roadmap is disclosed which in a way is the sign of a genuine firm that is not undergoing any scam.

Moreover the foundation has also listed the people who have joined the foundation and are joining. This shows that the company is much promising to its investors and clients. Hence we can say that we can invest in without hesitation.

POE ( Price Prediction:

We have seen frequent changes in the coin called Proof of Existence. Many investors are now hodling this currency and have expected a huge rise in the future. But on the other hand a huge number of investors are willing to invest but they are now very sure whether to invest or now. So we are going to share the future of coin.

Here we have listed the Price prediction for the year 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively. We have listed the tables of the mentioned years where the readers and investors can find the figures of various years with the months and the expected rise in the valuation of the currency.

We would also like to highlight that the figures mentioned are the expected figures given by our team of financial experts which are keeping their eyes on coin and shares the latest updates. However the future is always uncertain and so the figures may vary but inspite of this we have tried to give you the most accurate prices of the expected future price here in this article.

Here are the tables showing POE Price Prediction of 2018, 2019 and 2020.

POE Price Prediction 2018

Month & Year Price Prediction
Jan-18 0.09 USD
Feb-18 0.12 USD
Mar-18 0.10 USD
Apr-18 0.13 USD
May-18 0.15 USD
Jun-18 0.17 USD
Jul-18 0.16 USD
Aug-18 0.19 USD
Sep-18 0.17 USD
Oct-18 0.18 USD
Nov-18 0.20 USD
Dec-18 0.21 USD

POE Price Prediction 2019

Month & Year Price Prediction
Jan-19 0.24 USD
Feb-19 0.29 USD
Mar-19 0.32 USD
Apr-19 0.46 USD
May-19 0.58 USD
Jun-19 0.51 USD
Jul-19 0.68 USD
Aug-19 0.86 USD
Sep-19 0.80 USD
Oct-19 0.93 USD
Nov-19 0.98 USD
Dec-19 1.20 USD

POE Price Prediction 2020

Month & Year Price Prediction
Jan-20 1.30 USD
Feb-20 1.65 USD
Mar-20 2.15 USD
Apr-20 2.03 USD
May-20 2.87 USD
Jun-20 3.35 USD
Jul-20 4.20 USD
Aug-20 3.89 USD
Sep-20 4.60 USD
Oct-20 5.25 USD
Nov-20 5.15 USD
Dec-20 5.45 USD


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