Ontology Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020

Ontology is a newly introduced cryptocurrency with a highly enhanced Multi chain Project and a distributed trust collaboration platform. Ontology is an open source decentralized platform and is open for everyone to join this ecosystem. It is currently available live on GitHub.

The framework designed on Ontology Blockchain systems supports public blockchain system and is able to customize different public blockchains for different applications. The collaboration between various chain networks is also supported by its various protocol groups.

Good news-

  • With the help of White Paper, Ontology has already come into this community.
  • Ontology has also announced to the venture capital cooperation to co-build a chain network for the next generation.
  • It is currently available live on GitHub.
  • Ontology has released various open-source projects to encourage blockchain technology development.

Bad news-

  • No negative facts so far

Ontology Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020

Quarter/Year       Min and Max Range

  • Q1 2019                            $25-$33
  • Q2 2019                            $34-$42
  • Q3 2019                            $42-$49
  • Q4 2019                            $49-$55
  • Q1 2020                            $55-$61
  • Q2 2020                            $61-$68
  • Q3 2020                            $68-$76
  • Q4 2020                            $76-$85

Predictions from other Websites

According to Coinliker.com, the price will increase from $4.04 to $147.19 within one year. This prediction might be a bit more than the relative price as an amount of $147 is quite huge for a newly introduced cryptocurrency. so it would be interesting to see how developers of ONT works to attract investors. However, all these forecasts depend upon bitcoin performance because if it bull runs then other altcoins will lift up as well.

According to walletinvestor.com, the price will go up to $24 from the current $4 in one year. This prediction is rational according to the situation of the market currently. But it might change by a huge margin if the market sustains and goes up to the mark. Recently during past week, ONT has been listed on Upbit exchange and this is the reason why it has done way better than other cryptocurrencies. Despite bitcoin being in a red zone, only ontology managed to keep intact it’s green zone last week.

According to tradingbeast.com, the price will be around $40 in a year. This prediction is very much similar to that of wallet inventor and has been made rationally as well. ONT has sealed a partnership with NAGA group so we predict that if ONT continues to convince giants then we see this prediction is not that far to achieve.

According to coinsmarketcap.net, the price will be around $15 in a year. This prediction is made probably taking into factor the current market situation and expected to go more downstream in upcoming future. One of the best addition to the ONT done in form of SmartX project which represents tools to operate smart contracts with minimal efforts. Users finding it difficult to deal with smart contracts but with this tool, they can easily handle it.


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