Get in depth analysis of OMG Coin Forecast in terms of OmiseGo Price Prediction, history and other things. OmiseGo, a cryptocurrency that is aiming to fix the real world problem is an extension of the Omise Company based in Thailand. Today we are going to talk about OmiseGO crypto coin, its details and OmiseGO Price Prediction which will include its future prices.

We all are aware of the crypto boom took in the initials of 2017 that was termed as a revolution in the market. These cryptocurrency coins have now attracted lots of tech-savvy people who are desperate to go digital. For them, OmiseGO is a good option.

OmiseGO – About

OmiseGO is an extension of the company Omise based in Thailand which uses this as a project to address the real world problem and fix them. The coin is was aired in the market on 13th July 2017 and was priced at $0.53 USD. OmiseGO is also referred to OMG coin.

OmiseGO is one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies and is placed at the 20th position according to the market capitalization.

OmiseGO – History

It is essential to know the history of OmiseGO coin to have a proper OmiseGO Price Prediction and know the future. OMG Coin started its journey from 14th July, 2017 in the open cryptomarket. The opening price of OmiseGO coin was $0.53 USD with the volume of $750,698 USD on the very first day.

Then for a week the coin was going little up and down but was simultaneously gaining more volumes days after days which is a noteworthy achievement. On July 24th, 2017 the coin directly jumped and gained doubled value in just a few hours from $0.88 USD to $1.51 USD with the volume of $12,526,000 with the market capitalization of $148,581,000 USD.

Then after the coin took a rapid rise in the market and grew very fast. On 18th December, 2017 the coin reached to $21.51 USD with the market cap of $2,195,302,641 USD. The OMG coin reached to its all-time high on 7th January, 2018 with per coin priced at $26.14 USD. From then the coin has seen been losing its value but it can’t be blamed as all the coins are seen sinking low.

OmiseGO – Present

There are numerous currencies there in the market but only a few are trusted ones. OmiseGO is one of those currencies that are trusted by the traders and lots of tech savvy people. At present OmiseGO coin is ranked 20th most valuable and trusted by the people.

OmiseGO coin has the market capital of over $945,274,393 USD with the volume of $44,424,100 USD and circulation supply of 102,042,552 USD. The current value per OMG Coin is $9.35 USD. I must say that this is the time for investors to invest more into this technology to earn more profit from it.

Before investing in any asset it is always better to investigate and acquire complete knowledge of it. As investors, we also have to have knowledge of altcoins and especially OmiseGO as we are going to invest in it. Here are few advantages and disadvantages related to OmiseGO coin.

Advantages of OmiseGo Coin

  • OmiseGO team has a very futuristic goal and the roadmap is also very sound
  • Lots of tech savvy people have supported the tech of OmiseGO as it is “Real Problem Solving” tech
  • It has gained high price in less time
  • It is growing rapidly and has gained 20th place in less than 1 year

Disadvantages of OmiseGo Coin

  • OmiseGO is sinking from last 3-4 months (as such all the coins are sinking)
  • The graph of OmiseGO is very uneven and is difficult for forecasting the future
  • It may affect the future traders restrict trading OmiseGO or OMG coin due to high variations

These possibilities will help investors know and predict the future of OmiseGO. To help the investors and cryptotraders there are several websites that gives ready predictions on their pages and directs the investors. Here are few of them as under.

  • Popular website on its website have given the OmiseGO Price Prediction which goes double and OmiseGO will be valued at $20.6 USD per coin in 1 year from its current price. The site also says that coin can raise to $60.73 USD in 5 years.
  • Another site also agrees that OMG coin will go high in the future however there was no price given by the website.
  • The coin will go up to $69.11 USD in 1 year and $362.01 USD in 5 years says on its official website.
  • also has given its OmiseGO Price Prediction and is forecasting OMG coin to be valued at $27.4 USD per OMG coin.

Here we can notice that there are variations in the OmiseGO Price Predictions given by these websites which rather confuses the investors for investing. Hence I have taken this responsibility on my shoulders and have studied the matter further in depth, resultantly there are few possibilities of OmiseGO that can arrive.

OmiseGO Prediction – Possibility 1

The first possibility that can arrive is that OmiseGO can be priced at around $25 USD by the end of the year. It is because the coin has once crossed this mark when the coin was soaring up. Predictions says that 2019 is going to be a good year for altcoins and at present also the volume of OmiseGO is rising resulting to which OmiseGo will reach upto $25 USD.

OmiseGO Prediction – Possibility 2

Another possibility says that we can expect a 100% growth by the end of the year to $18 USD from its currenct price of $9 USD. But before growing to $18 USD we can expect a downfall once or twice and then see the coin go high.

OmiseGO Prediction – Possibility 3

The 3rd possibility also came which I believe is likely to occur. Under this, the OmiseGo coin is going to reach upto $20 USD but with lots of complications and hurdles. There are chances of coin going as high as the roadmap of OMG Coin is very sound and new things are going to come in the near future. Hence the rise is obvious but with lots of ups and downs.

These are the possibilities that can arrive and we hope we are able to address you properly what you are looking project. Keep visiting us for more from cryptocurrencies.


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