Welcome readers, the present article is about NAV coin, one of the latest coin that has hit the market and very alive. You can get latest updates about nav price today, NAV Price Prediction and future forecast of probable prices. This will help the investors to judge and predict the market and demand of the coin. Refer to the full article and earn handsome returns in short run with utmost safety and security.

As mentioned earlier, the article is all about NAV Coin. You may be wondering why we are writing this article where there are already many coins available in the market with high market capital. The answer is very simple, this is the best time to invest in the crypto-coins as the whole market is tumbling down. If you are an investor and willing to earn good amount of returns with low principle amount than this is the best place where you can get the best value service.

What is NAV Coin?

One of the newest cryptocurrency in the digital currency market is NAV Coin. NAV Coin is a decentralized crypto build of the newest Bitcoin Core function with the updated features and services. The coin network is very new and is meant to decrease the time gap of the transactions. With the use of NAV coins, the payment has become so easy and now it just takes 30 seconds to transfer the money to any part of the globe with the lower fees.

There are many benefits of using NAV Technology such as Proof of Stake where we can earn upto 5% interest on the investments made. The optional private payments of NAV coin is recommendable.

NAV Coin Price Today


History of NAV Coin

The coin was released long back on June, 2014 with a niche price of $0.004229 USD. After the initial steps the coin showed some progress and by January, 2015 the coin was having the appreciated price of $0.005775 USD. After then the coin showed a slow downfall decreasing the price and market value.

It again showed signs of positive approach from August, 2016 when the price was around $0.018117 USD and then the coin started progressing. First time on 1st September, 2017 the coin crossed the benchmark of $1 USD and has shown a high of $1.72 USD. Not only was this, the 1st week of January, 2018 the progress was very positive and coin was at the height of $4.31 USD. At present the NAV coin is priced at $3.35 USD with the market cap of $208,393,689 USD and circulating supply of 62,280,693 NAV tokens.

Advice to Investors

As we all saw the NAV Coin, though, is now having much rise as others did. But the coin has given the returns to all those have invested in the coin. Even the coin has started rising and now it is constantly growing day by day. Within very short time period the coin can enter into top 50 coins market of CoinMarketCap.

NAV Coin Price Prediction

Giving a piece of personal advice, the NAV coin seems to have a high potential and which is going to fly high in the market as this is true growth of any currency. Hence on the demand of the investors, we are sharing various forecasted NAV Price Prediction for 2018, 2018 and 2020 respectively.

In the article down here, you will see the growth as well as downfall forecasted by the crypto world experts that have almost passed a decade in this field. Though all these prices shows are predicted considering various facts and figures. We insist you to refer these prices and after thinking you can invest in NAV Coin.

Nav Coin Price Prediction 2018

January 2018  3.85 USD
February 2018  4.09 USD
March 2018  5.60 USD
April 2018  6.15 USD
May 2018  6.79 USD
June 2018  6.40 USD
July 2018  7.12 USD
August 2018  7.45 USD
September 2018  8.34 USD
October 2018  8.89 USD
November 2018  9.74 USD
December 2018  10.75 USD

Nav Coin Price Prediction 2019

January 2019  11.60 USD
February 2019  12.47 USD
March 2019  13.15 USD
April 2019  14.05 USD
May 2019  13.85 USD
June 2019  14.60 USD
July 2019  15.06 USD
August 2019  16.12 USD
September 2019  16.89 USD
October 2019  18.02 USD
November 2019  18.97 USD
December 2019  19.74 USD

Nav Coin Price Prediction 2020

January 2020  20.45 USD
February 2020  22.47 USD
March 2020  23.97 USD
April 2020  25.78 USD
May 2020  25.01 USD
June 2020  26.26 USD
July 2020  27.50 USD
August 2020  28.78 USD
September 2020  29.35 USD
October 2020  28.90 USD
November 2020  29.74 USD
December 2020  31.47 USD

Notice: So many readers asking us from where are we coming with such numbers? Forecast of the prices are done based on statistics and we will keep updating these numbers on regular basis. Please note that predictions are meant to be assumed so we can’t guarantee about future because neither us nor you know what is going to happen in future. Thus, we advise that you should invest only after properly analyzing and thinking about future gains.


According to our reports, the coin is going to surge in a year and many investors will start investing in this coin. This will increase the demand of NAV coin so don’t be late and start investing in crypto world.


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