Find out the most possible Litecoin Price Prediction here as so many LTC forecast has been done by several websites. There are several cryptocurrencies available in the market and most of the crypto traders are trading these crypto coins to earn a profit. Several people including layman and investors are trying this field as we can see growth and price rise on daily basis.

Hence it is very essential for the people to study about the altcoins’ performance before investing. If one is buying any altcoins randomly then it may result in a heavy loss. For them, we are going to share one good option where they can invest and earn good money within 1 to 2 years.

Shocked? Read the article further and get amazed.

Terms viz. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain have changed the world in terms of trading and investing. One of these cryptocurrencies that have given a good profit to the investors in the past is Litecoin.

About Litecoin

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency like others that deal with monetary transactions taking place over the world digitally on its own technology. This crypto coin is currently having $122.98 USD per coin and is 6th largest currency according to the market capitalization.

There are 56,809,648 LTCs in circulation out of maximum supply of 84,000,000 LTCs. At present the market capital is $6,986,507,332 USD with the trading volume of $310,697,000 USD.

Histroy of Litecoin

Litecoin knows with the abbreviated name as LTC was launched in 2013 and started open trade in the market on 28th April 2013 with the price at $4.3 USD and the market cap of $73,773,400 USD on the very first day of launch.

From then the coin was trading very silently and had no major changes. The coin was trading from $1.5 years to $5 USD ending of March 2017. From April 1st, 2017 the coin started an upward scale and the coin had now started gaining value. From April 2017 the coin has been traded between the price band of $6.5 USD to $16.5 USD.

Then the coin didn’t show any downfall and was getting its value high and high. On 2nd September 2017 the coin showed a high at $81.78 USD with the market cap of $4,313,174,239 USD. Then again it went a record high at $366.15 USD on 19th December 2017 with the market cap of $19,909,059,746 USD. From then the coin has fallen apart and has seen a huge downfall.

Litecoin – Present

Now the price per LTC is $122.98 USD and is again scaling up with average growth of 2-4% on daily basis. More and more trades are taking place on daily basis and a number of transactions and investors are investing in Litecoin technology.

Currently the investors are relying on the technology of Litecoin which eventually will lead Litecoin to scale its rank upwards from 6th of maybe 4th or 3rd in short time. The market capital is also increasing with high pace.

As investors, it is very essential to know and study about the assets in which investments are to be done. Hence it is equally important to have equivalent knowledge of Litecoin. Here are few things which as investors you should know.

Positive points of Litecoin

  • Litecoin is currently 6th largest coin in the world according to the market cap.
  • Due to the less number of LTC max supply, the coin is gaining value very fast.
  • Daily the coin rises upto 4% to 5% or goes down upto 3%a which is a good sign
  • Now it is next to impossible for Bitcoin to crust Litecoin down

Negative points of Litecoin

One set backing point about LTC is the value of Litecoin changes very frequently and is very difficult to predict.

There are several websites and crypto experts who have given Litecoin Price Prediction on their websites and so have us below in the article. I feel that as investors we have to analyze the details about Litecoin which are available as under.

An altcoins predicting website claims Litecoin to rise further till $400 USD by the end of 2018 whereas predicts LTC to range between $64 USD to $82 USD. Known crypto predicting website thinks Litecoin has potential and can soar up to $268.16 USD which can be visible on their website. They too have shown their prediction LTC for 5 years which is $910.84 USD.

There are several websites such as,, and more claiming Litecoin to be valued between $250 USD to $300 USD.

Here are few possibilities which, according to us, will likely to come in the near future.

Possibility 1 Litecoin Prediction

It is sure that the coin is struggling at present but we can expect by the end of the year, it will increase significantly. I expect the coin to be valued at $250 USD to $285 USD. We can also predict the coin to be gaining more value in 2019 as it is also a bright year for cryptocurrencies. Hence it is a good time to invest in altcoins.

Possibility 2 Litecoin Prediction

Investors need to wait for some more time to get the prices a little lower maybe $100 or $105 USD. This is a good price to buy Litecoins as we can predict 100% rise in a year.

Possibility 3 Litecoin Prediction

As investors, it is a good coin that comes with high risk. Hence there are chances that the LTC can face a downfall too. But as we can see the positives and negatives then the coin and its technology is very sound and will prove to be a good investment in long-term.


The decision of investing in altcoins and Litecoin is sole of investors and it is up to them in which coin they want to invest. We are here to introduce you investors to the potential coins that will give you the good price in the future and options good for you. Hence our predictions says Litecoin is a good investment.


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