Many of the world who are aware of the cryptocurrencies have left all their important works and stick in front of their computers. Those who are aware and the beginners, all of them are trying their lucks in the cryptomarket. We all have seen the cryptocurrencies changing the world.

There are many who have set examples for others showing the potential in the digital assets. For eg. Recently a cryptotrader holding Litecoin has purchased Chevrolet CORVETTE selling a part of LTCs.

This means that investors can invest in cryptocurrencies and can make money. But just have to take care of 1 thing and that is where to invest in.

Today we will discuss here about one such cryptocurrency that will give you the chance to fulfill your dreams and take full enjoyment in life. Being investor and putting our money in something, we check the background where we are putting our money and will be get something out of it? Will it be safe?

Breaking the suspense, today we will share the details about Komodo coin. Get the details of KOMODO (KMD) Coin and also find Komodo Price Prediction further in the article.

Komodo Price Today:

What is Komodo Coin?

Komodo Coin is a decentralized Peer to Peer blockchain technology based on pure mathematics. In simpler terms like other cryptocurrencies KMD is also a digital asset that can be traded using exchange and stored in wallets.

They also work with the vision to “bring financial inclusion to everyone through a blockchain-based ecosystem that will liberate and empower people around the world”.

The digital coin has 3 core values on which it works:

  • Hard Word and Perseverance
  • Transparency and Openness
  • Horizontal Decision making

The developers are allowed to use the Komodo blockchain technology with no restrictions. They want to develop the technology and wants it to be used by all with ease and simplicity.

Now let us see the Komodo Price Prediction for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively.

History of Komodo KMD Coin

They came into existence from 2014 and technology of Komodo is since then providing customized and tailored solutions required by the business clients and developers.

The coin came into the market with the market was already filled with many altcoins and had exploited the competition. Starting its journey on Sunday 5th February, 2017 the coin was valued at $0.12 with $0 USD Market Capital says CoinMarketCap.

But the next day itself the coin started showing its wonders and on 6th February, 2017 its market capital was $11,360,438 USD. This is really tremendous and appreciable. It is because it has the clear vision and mission with goals and future road map.

Then the coin has been appreciating its value and giving back the returns on investors’ correct investment decisions. In next 5 months of the release in June, 2017 the coin was valued at $2.4 USD with the market cap of $242,537,739 USD. Further in September, 2017 again valuation increased to $3.53USD.

This shows that the coin is able to give high returns to those who decide to invest in the Komodo coin.

Komodo Coin Price Prediction

Uniqueness is very important to attract investors to put their money in the cryptocurrencies. But now in this competitive market of cryptocurrencies the investors demands the returns on investments. Komodo KMD is one such coin that has given more than expected by the investors.

We can easily expect that within just 1 year the coin has rose to more than 6000%. Such a large figure is very hard to find in any other sector for investment. Hence we insist all the readers that are cryptotraders or the beginners who are stepping in digital world.

The coin has shown its record high on 22nd December, 2017 where it was marked at $12.24 USD. many experts and thinks who are in this field from more than 5 years expected that the coin is going to rise very high.

Komodo Coin Price Prediction 2018:

The investors are assuming that all the cryptos are going to rise in 2018 by at least 75% to 80% early or little last. Hence we can predict that by the end of 2018 the prices of KMD Coin was be traded somewhere around $18 USD to $22 USD.

Komodo Price Prediction 2019:

Similarly 2019 is also considered as initial stage for Cryptomarket and currencies can be valued by 50% more than existing in 2018. And KMD Price Predictions says that it would be valued nearby $34-36 USDs.

KMD Price Prediction 2020:

2020 is the year where we can face a little stable growth in the market because of various factors that can affect the market by price prediction of Komodo can be $45 USD to $50 USD.

These figures are assumptions and if we see the good atmosphere in the cryptoworld then the $45 USD value can be breached by end of 2019 and the coin can easily reach to $100 US by 2021.


As crypto investors it is very essential to predict the market and see the depth of the coin. So learning all the things about Komodo and estimating Komodo Price Prediction we came to the conclusion to invest in this coin. But the final decision of making investments completely depends on the investors.


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