At present, the world is discussing about one of the hottest topics and it is Bitcoin vs. Altcoins. Due to the entry of Bitcoin and other altcoins in the market there are huge changes taking place in the financial world.

This Bitcoin is a digital coin (cryptocurrency) that works on the blockchain technology which is decentralized in nature. This technology has made the leading financial institutions and Government of various countries into tension. But technocrats, on the other hand has made the optimum use of these altoins.

Nowadays, the people and techno savvy are using these altcoins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and several others for their purpse of earning. They do kind of investments in these cryptocurrencies and gets handsome money in return on the sale of these digital assets. There are at present more than 1500 altcoins and one such coin used for earning money is Golem (GNT) coin.

So let us see briefly what Golem (GNT) coin actually is.

What is Golem Coin?

Golem is an open source decentralized supercomputer working at global level which can be accessed by anyone. It is a synergy of multiple computers with its combined powers and the entire data centers. And Golem Coin is a decentralized sharing economy of the computers for computing power, it also supplies software developers a flexible, reliable and comparatively low priced computing power.

Golem coin is also known with the ticker GNT. In a nut shell, Golem coin in a Worldwide Supercomputer which can be used by all for supply of power and data, it connects with all easily and at cheaper rate. Golem blockchain technology is based on Ethereum network.

Details of Golem (GNT) Coin

  • Total GNT Coins in supply: 1 billion tokens
  • Currency Circulating Supply: 83.43 million tokens
  • Current Market Cap: $28.29 million USD

The Golem (GNT) Team

The Golem coin is supported by the team of more than a dozen that actively works and scrutinizes the technology and are upgrading the tech every second. A few of them are as under.

  1. Julian Zawistowski – CEO & Founder
  2. Piotr Janiuk – CTO & Co-Founder
  3. Andrzej Regulski – COO & Co-Founder
  4. Aleksandra Skrzypczak – LSE & Co-Founder
  5. Marek Franciszkiewicz – Senior Software Engineer
  6. And many others

Hence we can see a group of experts are supporting the Golem technology and their blockchain with latest features and improving with minutes. This will help the network of Golem coin to grow even more and due to this the value of Golem (GNT) coin is appreciate in the near future.

History of Golem (GNT) Coin

Past of everything is very important for the predictions on future. If we look for the past of Golem coin then it is very positive. The coin made an entry in the market on 18th November, 2016 with the price of $0.015 USD per token. With the passing days and months, the price of coin has gradually increased and there were no super natural factors involved in the price rise of Golem coin tokens.

By 20th of June, 2017, per token price of Golem coin was valued at $0.68 with the market cap of $56.18 million US Dollars. But due to certain factors the coin was a downfall by the end of June, 2017. But coin went all time high on 2nd January, 2018 at $1.16 GNT per token and the market cap also raised.

What other websites have to say about Golem?

At present, the price per token of GNT token has fallen by 4/5th part of its all-time high. By this time there are several websites and blogs that says that Golem coin will take few years to reach the $2 price per token. Some websites such as says that Golem will be priced at $0.86 per token by the end of 1 year and forecasts $2.37 USD after 5 years.

Contradicting to this, has a complete opposite views. But I have a completely different view point and I predict the coin to be far more valued as said by these altcoin news websites. So I have predicted few possibilities that could possibly arrive in the near future. These Golem Price possibilities are as under.

Golem Coin Price Predictions

As I disagree to several other website contents and what they have to say. I feel that these predictions are completely made up. It is very simple to say that if a coin that has crossed the $1.1 USD level from $0.35 within just 30 days, how it will take more than 1 year to reach just $0.85 USD. GNT coin is falling because the whole crypto currency market is sinking down. So here is what I strongly believe the prices of Golem coin within a year or two will be.

If market goes negative

Let’s take the first possibility when the market goes down. Looking at the past performance of Golem coin, the coin started rising in the late November, 2017 to early December, 2017. Otherwise the coin was rising without any support or factors involved with it. So the coin prices were raising everyday by at least 10% to 20% in a month. So if the market goes down then also the coin will appreciate every month and easily the coin will reach upto $1 dollar by the end of 2018. Because the market will start recovering in short time and the number of buyers are also increasing with the increase in popularity of Golem coin. Hence the market cap anyhow will be valued at around $85 million.

IF market goes Positive

The market saw a downfall and almost all the coins got crashed where even Bitcoin lost more than $10,000 dollars within just 1 month. But this is a cycle, now within some days the market will again start soaring and all the altcoins will start gaining its values back. With these coins, Golem (GNT) coin will also get its value back which was $1.1 USD and there are more 8 months in 2018. So there are 100% chances that Golem coin will reach upto $3.25 USD by the end of 2018. If not $3.25 USD then also it can reach upto $2 per GNT token which is a very good option. So if it grows then we will see a 1000% plus rise in the valuation of GNT coin. The market cap can also be raised at $2.09 billion mark.


Here I have predicted the future possibilities of Golem Coin prices that can come true according to my belief. Overall I believe Golem Coin is a good deal and readers should hold over Golem coins and can make good money in the near future.


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