We are going to addressing the future of the Bitshares Coin (BTS) which will include price prediction in upcoming years along with major factors which play important role to attract investors for using it. It is known that price of the bitcoin is slashing day by day so people are finding reasonably low price altcoins cryprocurrency which will give them good returns and benefit in future by HODLing in long term. So let’s get started with yet another not the best but good cryptocoin named, Bitshares (BTS).

What is Bitshares?

BTS is the cryptocurrency coin and an open source public blockchain which provides decentralized bitcoin exchange kind of stock exchanges limited to only cryptocurrencies. Apart from this it is also provides a token called as “BTS” by which all users in blockchain can transfer and collect fees for network operations. BTS was launched in July 2014 by Invictus Innovations in Atlanta Bitcoin Conference.

Talking about price when BTS launched then it was about $0.009 and today it is $0.72 and recently in flash news we have seen that UN has also backed bitshares however predictions from various site stated that, BTS will reach about $10 within the end of 2018. This is unlikely to happen as users can’t buy it in quantity as limited exchanges have listed it for buy. We have placed direct CMC price below which will automatically updated as soon as any price change done in international market.

Bitshares(BTS) Price Today


Founder Dan Larimer has developed token system in blockchain network to create bitcoin exchange without fiat deposits and he presented this idea to Co-founder of ETH, Mr. Charles Hoskinson. After implementing it together they convinced Chinese bitcoin tycoon to provide financial support and on 4th July 2014 they have introduced Bitshares to the world and in March 2016, BTS has included in the Microsoft Azure Blockchain project which is still in working state.

Features of Bitshares:

One of the most back point of Bitcoin is that it is not capable to process several amount of transactions at a time whereas in Bitshares, developers are saying that BTS platform has developed in such a way that it can processed 100000 transactions per second with less fees and minimal optimization.

Users can directly trade in Decentralized exchange (DEX) whereas other cryptocurrency rely on their own private servers to handle and store all the funds. DEX idea is more secure same as private account as users have private keys encrypted with strong password so chances of being hacked and theft is absolutely nothing.

Future of Bitshares:

Users can also create their own custom token for private transactions which can be traded or kept by other users as a regular cryptocurrency. Token creator can also assign personal name to that token and also can decide trading fees of the same.

Many people are suspecting in various forums that BTS looks scam so just for their information, Chinese bitcoin tycoon, Mr. Li Xiaolai have backed up bitshares program and developers are trying to make it more efficient.

Bitshares Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020:

Based on previous records and stats we have tried to present you most accurate and likely BTS Predictions for 3 successive years 2018, 2019 and 2020. However you should not make any financial decisions based on that because past performance can’t give you future returns so only choose cryptocoins in which you trust the most. Further expected prices of the bitshares in future are as below shown in table.

Bitshares Price Prediction 2018

Jan-2018  0.76 USD
Feb-2018  0.85 USD
Mar-2018  0.98 USD
Apr-2018  0.96 USD
May-2018  0.89 USD
Jun-2018  0.95 USD
Jul-2018  1.02 USD
Aug-2018  1.12 USD
Sep-2018  1.15 USD
Oct-2018  1.27 USD
Nov-2018  1.39 USD
Dec-2018  1.31 USD

BTS Price Prediction 2019

Jan-2019  1.43 USD
Feb-2019  1.57 USD
Mar-2019  1.79 USD
Apr-2019  1.93 USD
May-2019  2.01 USD
Jun-2019  2.16 USD
Jul-2019  2.36 USD
Aug-2019  2.52 USD
Sep-2019  2.45 USD
Oct-2019  2.56 USD
Nov-2019  2.91 USD
Dec-2019  2.79 USD

Bitshares Price Prediction 2020

Jan-2020  3.01 USD
Feb-2020  3.36 USD
Mar-2020  3.78 USD
Apr-2020  4.05 USD
May-2020  4.59 USD
Jun-2020  4.45 USD
Jul-2020  4.68 USD
Aug-2020  4.95 USD
Sep-2020  5.52USD
Oct-2020  5.91 USD
Nov-2020  6.52 USD
Dec-2020  7.15 USD


  1. Are u taking into account supply and demand? Also the development to support larger and more purchase as BTS becomesore popular? I’m not so sure what will happen with this one. But it’s already hit a buck now so by the end of 2018? I think there is more potential than that. But we will just have to see won’t we?


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