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Bitcoin Price Prediction | BTC might reach to $40K within 2020

All fuss about price dip in some cryptocoins is creating huge crisis in the crypto market and finding to know approx value of their owned coins. So finally today it’s time for daddy to come forward and stabilize the market hence today in this article we are going to share details about BTC Price Today along with Bitcoin Price Prediction and what will be the future of it? Everyone is in talks at present whether to invest in Bitcoin or not? Many financial institutions and money lending companies along with leading banks are wiping their sweat heavily.

It was the starting of 2017 when large number of investors came to know about cryptocurrency and a word stuck like chewing gum called Bitcoin. The market was confused as 3 words were repeatedly buzzing in the mind: Cryptocurrency – Satoshi Nakamoto – Bitcoin. Then as awareness came, general people and investors started buying this crypto coin which resulted in the price rise of the coin. As more people joined the community made few gamble in between.

Historical Price of Bitcoin

The gambling by many investors resulted in the price surge of Bitcoin and it became Father of Coins and Satoshi Nakamoto creator of Digital Currency. In 2017, hundreds and hundreds of coin made ICO and have surged high but it was Bitcoin that increased more than 50,000% in just 1 year. On December, 2016 Bitcoin stood at around $600 USD and by the end of 2017 the coin was ranging the cryptoworld at $18,000 USD.

What Bitcoin Investors think?

As Bitcoin has made many millionaires and billionaires, there are lakhs of people that are thinking that Bitcoin will rise and rise very high.

Quote: McCaffe

Bitcoin is one of the most important inventions in all of human history. For the first time ever, anyone can send or receive any amount of money with anyone else, anywhere on the planet, conveniently and without restriction. It’s the dawn of a better, more free world.

— Roger Ver, CEO Bitcoin.com

There are many other investors that also believes that the coin, despite in plummet stage, will again take fight and go high.

What is Bitcoin Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is world’s first digital and cryptocurrency that works on a blockchain. Due to the introduction of Bitcoin a cryptocurrencies that eliminates the middlemen and works on Peer-to-Peer network. The best thing is that it works very privately. With utmost security, it also transfers the money from one part of the world to the other within minutes with the lower charges compared to any other means. This made the world to use Bitcoin the most.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today:


Bitcoin Price Prediction

The current scenario is the investors are waiting for the price to splash down so that they can purchase Bitcoin or Satoshi (unit of Bitcoin). Moreover there is already the shortage of Bitcoins’ availability in the market and people are ready to buy at any price. But according to our predictions, we don’t think the price will fall as there is still a huge demand waiting to purchase Bitcoin (BTC).

To our readers cum investors which are waiting for right price to invest in. We have attached Bitcoin Price Prediction in this article which is lying as follows. This predicted prices are given by the financial experts and well known market watchers that are very close to the crypto world from last 8 to 10 years. Hence they quote the prices taking into consideration factors such as demand and supply, growth of coin, features and future roadmap, availability of competitor coins and many more.

We are sure that this Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction will help and guide our readers to think before waiting.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2018

January 2018 15,963 USD
February 2018 16,800 USD
March 2018 17,500 USD
April 2018 18,600 USD
May 2018 17,987 USD
June 2018 18,100USD
July 2018 18,958 USD
August 2018 19,600 USD
September 2018 20,700 USD
October 2018 22,400 USD
November 2018 21,700 USD
December 2018 22,400 USD

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2019

January 2019 22,950USD
February 2019 23,650 USD
March 2019 24,460 USD
April 2019 23,990 USD
May 2019 24,940 USD
June 2019 25,700 USD
July 2019 26,460 USD
August 2019 27,100 USD
September 2019 28,200 USD
October 2019 28,800 USD
November 2019 29,450 USD
December 2019 30,200 USD

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020

January 2020 29,700 USD
February 2020 30,750 USD
March 2020 31,500 USD
April 2020 32,750 USD
May 2020 33,600 USD
June 2020 33,190 USD
July 2020 34,200 USD
August 2020 35,660 USD
September 2020 36,940 USD
October 2020 38,210 USD
November 2020 39,450 USD
December 2020  40,600USD

Note: These figures are based on future assumptions and may vary from actual.


As there is demand in the market with short of supply, the prices are obvious to rise and hence we advise not to keep waiting for the right time and opportunity to come. If you want to enter in the crypto market trade then better to start today.


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