Out of many investing options, a lot of tech enthusiasts have chosen Cryptos as their most favorite investment option. However, the crypto market is a hot topic for the market to debate on but has also shown the potentials to grow itself and the investors’ money.

While talking about the cryptos, first pop up in our mind comes is Bitcoin. Yes! That’s something really matters as it has changed the imagination and brought revolution in the financial and banking industry. Today we are to talk about a family member of Bitcoin, guess which! Bitcoin Diamond.

Bitcoin Diamond with the short form as BCD is ranking on top 30 most valued cryptocurrencies in the world at present. After huge speculation and ups and downs in the cryptocurrency market in last 3 to 4 quarters finally they are all rising and becoming popular and one amongst these is Bitcoin Diamon Coin.

Sounds interesting? Let us know the potential of the coin.

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD Coin) Price Today

Birth and Evolution

Bitcoin Diamond coin first stepped in the market and started commencement on 24th November 2017 on Friday with the price range of whopping $61.7 US Dollars. And due to volatility, the coin reached its all-time high on the very next day crossing $85 dollars.

Bitcoin Diamond – Recent Performance

Looking about the recent performance of BCD (Bitcoin Diamond), the coin has been able to survive the crypto crash that the whole world has recently seen. The coin has seen a downfall from $80 USD to present value of $.075 USD to $1.5 USD. The coin marketcap.com, a leading website showing the latest valuations of cryptos shows that the coin is ranked at 37th rank.

Now, this is quite impressive as the coin has entered the market just before 2 years and after a steep fall in the cryptos’ prices, the coin is able to gain popularity. This also means investors and traders have faith in Bitcoin Diamond and are ready to take the risk. However, the coin is undervalued and good crypto to bet on.

Hence the million dollar question arises is Bitcoin Diamond the next big Bitcoin?

Well if we see the potential of the management of team behind BCD crypto then they seem to be highly promising to the people. They are increasing their technology and looking at the official website of BCD www.bitcoindiamond.org it looks very promising. Looking from investors viewpoint then we can analyze that the founders are looking to target bigger markets like China, India and other Asian and African continents where more number of individuals are exchanging the coin.

Hence we can conclude that the coin in the medium term can attract very lucrative valuations and benefit the investors which also justifies our question, Bitcoin Diamond the next big Bitcoin?

Let us also go through the basics of Bitcoin Diamond

Keep a table of Bitcoin diamond details here

Bitcoin Diamond Price $1.37 USD
Bitcoin Diamond ROI -97.78%
Market Rank #38
Market Cap $255,365,649 USD
24 Hour Volume $7,795,137 USD
Circulating Supply 186,492,898 BCD
Total Supply 189,492,898 BCD
Max Supply 210,000,000 BCD
All-Time High $104.84 USD
(Nov 25, 2017)
All Time Low $0.654327 USD
(Dec 07, 2018)
52 Week High / Low $5.29 USD/
$0.654327 USD
90 Day High / Low $1.78 USD/
$0.726643 USD
30 Day High / Low $1.78 USD/
$0.810132 USD
7 Day High / Low $1.78 USD/
$1.04 USD
24 Hour High / Low $1.46 USD/
$1.33 USD
Yesterday’s High / Low No Data
Yesterday’s Open / Close No Data
Yesterday’s Change No Data
Yesterday’s Volume No Data

Technical Analysis of Bitcoin Diamond

If we technically analyze the coin, the crypto after its launch and initial boom gain valuations which then were dropped to ground levels. One of the reasons for losing value is because of speculations in the market and negative thoughts of a few investors who got panic about the coin. But later on, at present, the coin has now placed itself by getting investors on its side.

Yes, you heard it right. No business which is capable to do well can be in loses for a long time and so is Bitcoin Diamond. And we can see the same by looking at the chart for the last 6 months. The coin is slowly gaining its valuations per coin. From an all-time low of $0.70 USD, the coin is now valued at $2 USD. It means the coin is organically up by 175% in just 6 months.

Bitcoin Diamond Price Prediction 2019

Many crypto-investors and techies have mailed us to share the future forecasts related to Bitcoin Diamond thus we are sharing our future price predictions for 2019 and 2020. However, the predictions are only based on current valuations, investors, factors affecting present valuation.

We firmly believe the BCD is a very imperial coin and has the potential to grow because of what they offer. Moreover, the founders’ seem the mass to use this coin which in the medium run will increase the popularity amongst the people. At currently the coin is ranked 37th in coinmarketcap.com.

We predict the coin to be valued at $7 USD and $15 USD by the end of 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Note: DO not use cryptos as an investment option to earn thousands of % returns, or we may lose our values too. Happy investing!


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