If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies then this might be the best article to refer. Here we will share the details regarding a latest currency launched in the market called Bitcoin Cash abbreviated as BCH. We will also shared the Bitcoin Cash Price Today, Price Prediction and other information that will help you increase your wealth in short period. Also from the article, you can get best Bitcoin Cash Exchanges and Bitcoin Cash Wallets. So read the full article and get updated.

The history of Bitcoin is well known by all of us and being the explorer, Bitcoin has gained both, popularity as well as high price. Now it is the first cryptocurrency and is ranked at the top with a market cap of $2, 49,31,98,03,260 USD. But now the prices of Bitcoin are slashing down and other currencies are raising up. But still the price of Bitcoin is relatively such high that it is difficult for investors to buy a whole BTC. Hence we have another suggestion to invest in.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is a peer to peer blockchain based cryptocurrency that allows the users to transact directly with no middlemen or third party interference. Bitcoin Cash is the currency separated from Bitcoin Core only. But due to high fees and slow transitions made clients unhappy and slowly the customers of Bitcoin are now leaving Bitcoin.

It is because the transactions are taking hours to days to complete the transactions and the high fees of exchange which comes to around $30 USD makes it more difficult. So Bitcoin Cash came into existence on 1st August, 2017 making many updates and changes that makes users trade with lower fees and fast transactions. Compared to Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin cash has raised the block size to 8 MB which is the major change.

Should you buy Bitcoin Cash?

After the split, Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash are both trading separately and now have different individuality. Presently the price of BCH is around $2,395 USD which is comparatively less. So giving a piece of advice, if you are looking to buy any potential currency that gives you magical figures as returns in short span than Bitcoin Cash is the best choice.

We know that the price is relatively very high but the price is going to take flight in near future and it will not be false to expect Bitcoin Cash (BCH) reaching the new height of $5,500 USD by the end of 2018. There are many exchanges available for Bitcoin Cash such as Changelly, BTCPOP, Bittrex, Kraken, CEX.IO, huobi, KORBIT, Coinfloor, HitBTC, Poloniex, Binance and others.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Today


History of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

As the coin as having the name of Parent Coin, Bitcoin, the reputation of coin is already high and now with the upgradation, it offers more ease for trading. So the price of coin initiated with a height of $555.89 USD. Meanwhile on December, 2017, the coin was been traded more than $4,000 USD and this shows that the coin has much strength to raise. By then the coin is showing many ups and downs and the coin seems to be very volatile. In early January, 2018 the coin slashed almost by $1,500 USDs.

So there is a moment for all investors to buy BCH at present before the price springs.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction

Presently, Bitcoin Cash is leading at the fourth position in the list of all the available currencies in the world. The capital of the coin is, with days, appreciating with the present circulating supply of 16,901,975 BCH coins. For the investors, we have shared the future prices and Bitcoin Cash Price Predictions in the following tables. These prices are merely assumptions made by various financial experts which have an expertise in the crypto world. However the variation may be visible due to volatility of the coin. But these figures will help the investors and readers to decide to buy the coin or not.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2018

January 2018  2,615 USD
February 2018  1,300 USD
March 2018  1,600 USD
April 2018  3,785 USD
May 2018  4,210 USD
June 2018  4,785 USD
July 2018  4,468 USD
August 2018  4,950 USD
September 2018  5,375 USD
October 2018  5,109 USD
November 2018  5,468 USD
December 2018  5,915 USD

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2019

January 2019  6,065 USD
February 2019  6,647 USD
March 2019  6,950 USD
April 2019  7,387 USD
May 2019  7,165 USD
June 2019  7,787 USD
July 2019  8,225 USD
August 2019  8,605 USD
September 2019  9,120 USD
October 2019  8,978 USD
November 2019  9,354 USD
December 2019  9,735 USD

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2020

January 2020  9,800 USD
February 2020  10,300 USD
March 2020  10,965 USD
April 2020  11,287 USD
May 2020  11,760 USD
June 2020  11,450 USD
July 2020  11,987 USD
August 2020  12,375 USD
September 2020  12,640 USD
October 2020  13,360USD
November 2020  12, 498 USD
December 2020  13,050 USD


We assume the prices of BCH are going to appreciate than then $6000 USD in the near future. So we advise our readers to go further and if intentions then buy BCH.



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