Should you buy the zrx coin or invest in 0X? In this article, we shall talk about the 0X coin, its future and ZRX Price Prediction. This article will answer and address most of the queries from the minds of our investors and readers. Being readers and investors in cryptocurrencies you may be having several questions why have we on our website have suggested you to invest in 0X coin. But while reading the full article we are sure you will get all your answers.

ZRX Coin About

There are various coins that are using the technology of Ethereum and are offering peer-to-peer exchange services over ERC 20 tokens and one of those is 0X coin. 0X coin is also referred as ZRX coin over the world. It was introduced in February 2017 to the world.

But not going into much detail let us go to the main content that helps in predicting the future of the technology and also affects its valuation.

ZRX started its first ever trade on 16th August 2017 with the price at $0.112 USD with a high volume of $5,232,600 USD and the market capitalization of $67,034,800 USD on its first day. There are very few altcoins that have got such a good response.

Currently, the price of ZRX is $0.88 USD per ZRX and the current circulating supply of ZRX is at 531,643,248 ZRX and market cap is at $465,617,410 USD. The total supply is restricted at 1,000,000,000 ZRX coins only.

Name: 0X
Abbriviation: ZRX
Launched on: 16th August, 2017
Market Capitalization: $465,617,410 USD
Volume: $9,382,920 USD
Circulating Supply: 531,643,248 ZRX
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 ZRX
All Time High: $2.53 USD
Trading Platforms (Exchanges): 45+ exchange platforms
Current Rank on 31st Rank
Mining Status: Non minable

ZRX Coin History

It is always necessary to have a look at the historic performance of any altcoin because it is much helpful for the future decisions. Looking at the historic performance of 0X coin is not very different from others. At the time of launch ,the coin took high a little and then slowing came down and then was growing at a very slow pace. After the 1st week of December, 2017 the coins started getting back its value.

At that time even the trading volume also grew so grew the 0X coin market capitalization. It got recognition over the world and that made it come up leaving rest aside. From December, 2017 in just 2 months the coin soared for more than 1000% percentage from $0.234 USD to over $2.4 USD. This was the time that the coin is valued at its all-time high.

After that, the coin came down due to the effect of the overall cryptocurrency market facing a trouble in the start of 2nd quarter of 2018.

With this, we insist the traders to have a look at the merits and demerits of 0X or ZRX coin that is equally important for decision marking.

Merits of ZRX coin

  • The coin is considered as comparatively new in the market
  • It has a limited coin supply out of which only half coins are circulated
  • It has given value to money to its investors in both i.e. short and long term till now
  • The coin yet has quite a good volume of trades every day which is very commendable

Demerits of ZRX coin

  • If we look at the graph then the coin is merely growth to hardly 80% since inception.
  • However, it has failed to hold its position in the market thought every currency is lost their value.

These demerits as well as merits are to be studied by the investors and traders those who have to make money with utmost safety while investing in Cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, I also recommend all the viewers and readers to see what other websites and web portals say about their 0X Price Predictions and what they expect of ZRX in the future. Here are few of the websites that have given their expected valuations for ZRX coin.

  • Cryptoground, a website for forecasting says that ZRX will be at $1.39 USD in 1 year.
  • expects the double of Cryptoground i.e. $2.39 USD.
  • On the other hand, also expects the coin to go as high as $3.3 USD and then come to $1.85 USD by the end of 2018.

ZRX Price Prediction

Looking at these many ZRX Price Predictions I was a bit confused which to rely on while investing as all have to say something different. Hence I took it on my shoulders as I have many concerns for my readers and they have come to few possibilities can arrive in the near future.

Possibility 1

If we look at the current growth of the ZRX price then it is growing steadily and all the traders that have a shortage of financial resources but want to earn much ZRX is the best alternative. It is because still it comes within $1 USD and within 1 year the coin can reach up to $1.75 USD and still I will insist you all hold it for at least 3 years to get very good earnings.

Possibility 2

Another possibility says that the coin is not to be invested now at the moment. The investors should keep their eyes on it and when it plummets to $0.5 USD that will be the correct time to purchase. But in a nutshell the ZRX coin is worth investing in and so I recommend all of you readers who are investing must invest in ZRX coin.

I hope you are satisfied with our ZRX Price Prediction. We will keep updating our articles on this website so keep reading and keep growing your wealth.


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