At present, the cryptocurrencies are changing the world. They are now replacing the traditional ways of transactions that use to take place. Banks and financial institutions are now joining hands with these crypto technologies to fasten their services and offer fast services to their customers.

Other than this, cryptocurrencies are also been traded with the purpose of investments and earning money. One of the best examples is of Bitcoin and Ripple Coin, the users have bought the coin in the initials and have earned handsome amount when they were at their height.

Daily, new digital currencies are coming up with latest services and upgradations that people require by rectifying the faults in the prevailing cryptos. One of the latest coin that has come up in the market is VeChain Coin. So all those who are beginners and researchers thinking where to invest and which Cryptocoin to buy must read this article.

What is VeChain (VEN) Coin?

One of the most attractive technology based blockchain I have found is VeChain. It is a peer to peer based decentralized blockchain technology that offers a global information transformation platform on technology basis. It replaces the real people, product, and events by linking the APIs with the technology to the real world. They also include the events and activities taking place in the real world.

Here the blockchain technology is used to offer the service as well as products and information to the general people.

History of VeChain (VEN)

VeChain Coin has been rolled out in 2015 and then started the Initial Coin Offering. They started and finished the ICO with $0.23 on 22nd August, 2017. Then coin has appreciated itself by jumping from one stand to another and there is an increment in its valuation.

Details of VeChain Coin

VeChain Coin is also known as VEN in the symbolic language. It is based on the Blockchain Thor tech and was introduced in July, 2017. The foundation has the maximum coins in circulation is 867,162,633 VEN tokens. The present market capitalization is $2,231,167,514 dollars with supply of 277,162,633 tokens.

The VeChain Foundation is based in Singapore, where at present the demand and market of cryptocurrencies is taking rise. There is a huge market of cryptocurrency in Singapore.

Availability of VeChain (VEN) Coin

We know that the beginners are desperate to know where to buy this coin and so here are the listed exchanges from where you can purchase VEN coins.

  • Binance
  • HitBTC
  • Huobi

At present, there many exchanges are available and more exchanges are in process to list VEN in their portal.

Where to store VeChain?

Another question arises that after buying VEN, where to store the VEN tokens. Here is the answer, we have listed Best VeChain (VEN) Coin Wallets that are allowing users to store the coins in the wallets. They are very safe and stores your coins with privacy.

  • Trezor Wallet
  • Ethereum Mist DApp
  • MyEtherWallet
  • Ledger Wallet
  • MetaMask

VeChain Price Today

Team behind VeChain

The team that works constantly behind VeChain (VEN) has vast experience of various technologies and have ample of knowledge into it. The team members are as follows

  • Richard Fu – PR & Marketing Director
  • Sunny Lu – Project Leader
  • Jay Zhang – Finance Director
  • Bin Qian – Blockchain Development Director
  • Jerome Grilleres – Director Business EU & SEA
  • JianLiang Gu – Technical Director

Not only this but the team of Backers are even more and all these making a team constantly developing the technology to the public use.

VeChain Coin Price Prediction 2018,2019 and 2020

Being an investor, we have to be very conscious and alert about our funds. Where we are investing our hard-earned money and what are we getting back from it? All these matters a lot and here also we have to look at many aspects.

Thought we have seen the background of the coin. Who are the promoters of VEN? What is the roadmap of VeChain Coin? But we also have to see the future of VEN and VeChain Price Prediction on the basis of which we can invest to know the rate of returns.

Here we have predicted the expected future price of VEN by analyzing various facts and figures. Read and refer the expected future prices of VeChain coin listed as under.

Vechain Price Prediction 2018

The present market of cryptocurrencies is little mild and the market volatility is very little compared to the market in 2017. However the experts suggests that the market will take a rise within some days. So we can expect that VEN will be priced at $17.3 by the end of 2018. With this rise in the pricing of VEN this will be a direct rise in the market capital of VEN Tokens around $7.96 billions.

VEN Coin Price Prediction 2019

The next year is going to be a hub wherein most of the investors will be trading the whole of their days and will be trading on regular basis compared to present year. Hence we could easily see a rise in VEN coin’s market cap which possibly will rise to $16.23 with the market circulation of 460,892,475 VEN tokens and it would be somewhere around at $35.21 USD per token.

Vechain Coin Price Prediction 2020

Those who are new comers are advised to store their currency for a little longer duration and they should invest in VEN coin. As these are beginners and they are just entering in cryptoworld, we expect the future of VeChain coin to be very bright. In 2020 the VeChain Price Prediction is assumed to be around $61. I also predict the rise in the market capitalization and circulating supply which will is expected to be $28.41 billion USD with 465,731,625 tokens respectively.


As we can see a gradual rise in the near future and with the rise, the investors also earns a handsome amount of return. Though it depends on the investors where to invest but if you follow us then VeChain Coin is the coin of Future.


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