With the world changing its way to work, technology is overruling every traditional way. In the same way, technology has widened their feet to the way the economic transactions are taking place. Yes, we are talking about the cryptocurrencies and decentralized blockchain technology.

Presently, due to rising demands, many countries of the world have agreed to accept transactions made through blockchain. One of these altcoins using blockchain technology is Syscoin altcoin also familiar as SYS coin.

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2014, a year later to Bitcoin Syscoin was introduced to the world on 20th August. From then many of there are lots of investors have invested in the technology. Now they are getting the results with which they are very happy. To know the future of Syscoin (SYS) it is essential to know bit history too.

Syscoin Pirce Today


Introduced on 20th August 2014, Syscoin was valued at $0.0020 with the market capitalization of $743,804 USD. At present, the market capitalization of SYS is $221,492,314 USD with per coin valued at $0.4149 USD. Hence the coin has given a huge return to the investors since its inception.

Total 533,837,336 SYS coins are in circulating supply whereas the maximum supply is 888,000,000 Syscoins.

Positives about Syscoin SYS

There are many positive points due to which we price of Syscoin SYS is likely to uprise. These points are as under.

  • The coin is very old and is trustworthy.
  • From the recent graph, we can see that the price of SYSCOIN is increasing
  • The transaction fees of SYS is very less compared to other altcoins
  • There are multiple features and technology due to which the demand and price will increase
  • In 2018, the coin has reached its record high previously and will soar again

These are the strong points which will result in price rise of Syscoin by the end of 2018.

Negative about Syscoin SYS

There are few reasons which may result in the downfall of demand and price of SYSCOIN.

  • The recent graph shows that the coin is losing its value and market capitalization.
  • This may also create a negative impact in the minds of investors and may restrict in investing.

Should I invest in Syscoin?

At present we can see many altcoins are soaring at present and so is Syscoin (SYS). In fact, in the recent months, the coin has shown an impressive growth and is getting increment in its valuation. Moreover, the year 2019 is said to be a very good year cryptocurrencies. So I advise all the investors to must invest in Syscoin altcoin.

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I am sure now you will have a genuine thought about Syscoin Price Prediction or future possibility of Syscoin price. For this, I have also given the future possibilities of Syscoin price later in 2018.

It is but natural this question would arise as everyone wants to be sure about the future but future is always uncertain. However, I have tried to share the possibilities of Syscoin price in 2018.

Looking at the current flicks on the graph it is very clear the coin is gaining value and is reaching new heights. Recently on 13th January 2018, the coin stood at the all-time high at $0.92 USD per SYS. At present, the coin is valued at $0.42 and will be changed while you are reading this post.

Syscoin Price Prediction

Possibility 1: Hence the coin will reach $4 USD to $6.25 USD by the end of this year. There are no chances for the coin price to beat this price band as there is tremendous competition in the market.

Possibility 2: However there are 80% chances that the Syscoin could be reaching to $10 USD by 3rd quarter of 2019. Even in 2019, there is going to be increment is the circulating supply too.

Possibility 3: It can also happen that the coin may also reach $2.5 USD mark as the price is shrinking towards the bottom. But there are fewer possibilities for the coin not to soar in the near future.


I suggest all the investors and risk takers to consider adding Syscoin (SYS) in your portfolio. This is definitely going to be a great decision in the near future. For more updates stay tuned to us and get more news.

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