Hello Readers! We are back with the latest news of Cryptocurrencies. Today we will share with you another option where you can invest your money to get the best possible returns in short duration. So attention to all the investors that are ready to invest in digital currencies.

This article contains important details of new cryptocurrency called Populous Coin (Token) such as history and what is the future of it? Populous is one of the latest cryptos took birth in 2017 with its ICO. At present Populous (PPT) is the coin in talks which has given very good returns to the investors who had put faith in it.

The coin, on 1st of July, 2017 was valued at $2.81 and have 41 million coins in circulation. All the investors desperate to invest in cryptos can read this article and get all the updates about the future of the price.

Being an investor, we are always inquisitive to divert our money at a place where our funds are giving us greater value of returns. The main intention of investing funds is to bear the future inflation and to sustain our families. Hence it is very important to invest and get good amount of money as interest or returns.

Where to Invest? Is Populous Trustworthy?

Finding such investments is a difficult task. Hence for our investment buddies we have done their part. Populous (PPT) is one such coin which is predicted to be a safer investment option in the crypto field. Recently PPT Coin has offered 23% rise in its valuation in just 2 days.

Being in market not more than 1 year it is not easy to yield such high returns that Populous has given. No other coin has offered such coin like PPT coin has. Even Bitcoin, being the father of all had to suffer a lot before ranking the top coin with highest market cap.

And I imagine we being a small investor should invest in such low priced coin which tends to rise high in near future.

Populous price Toady

Populous Coin History

The PPT coin is the coin of the day though the coin was not in limelight till now but it has a great market value. With the initial day when the coin was valued at $2.81 within just few days price the coin increased more than 90% at $6.92 on 13th July, 2017. Meanwhile the coin was appraising the value the market capital of Populous coin was $229.90 million according to Coinmarketcap.

Then after the coin started to gain more popularity and the value started increasing. By the entry of December, 2017 the coin was priced at $12.5 and was showing a positive graph. And being an investor what we want is growth and constant appreciation.

The coin also gave a magical gift to all the Populous Coin token holders. Within just 15 days the coin showed a rise of more than 400% and was valued at $49.30. it also increased the market capital of PPT coin with $2.04 Billion.

According to my calculations any coin crossing 2 billion mark within 6 months is definitely a place which grows and gives good return. At present the coin is valued more than $53 USD with the market cap of 1.99 billion according to Coinmarketcap.

Now let us see the future of the coin and how will it go by the end of 2018 and will Populous Coin cross $100 USD mark?

Populous Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2019 and 2020

Here readers will find all the future predictions of Populous Coin and the growth of the coin. Here I will share all the updates of the cryptocurrency market in the near future and it will help to decide whether you should invest in Populous (PPT) coin or not.

Hence this will help you investors with less capital like me to generate more revenue in short time with calculated risk. So here are the Populous Coin price prediction for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

1st Possibility of Populous Price Prediction

The market is very likely for the growth of Populous coin. All the coins are showing a weak graph in the line whereas PPT coin gives a positive result. I presume that the coin market will be dull for the next 2-3 months and will give a clean chit to PPT coin to grow. I advise the readers to invest in this coin as the market share of PPT coin will go high.

I also estimate the coin to reach approximately at $147.23 USD with the market cap of $5.451 billion USD. It means it is the best change to invest in this crypto.

2nd Possibility of Populous Prediction

The investors who are reading this post, I not only advise you all to invest but also hold the coin for few years if you are looking for a greater value. Hence we can predict the coin to go even higher. I imagine the coin to cross $25 USD mark by the end of 2019.

3rd Possibility of Populous Prediction

The highlighting point is it has the maximum supply of 51 million tokens which will increase the value of Populous coin. Hence it is very simple for the coin value to grow high. I expect the coin to rise at $373.25 USD with the market supply of 48.5 million coin tokens. So the market cap of Populous coin will be $18.10 billion.


Hence I assume that it is the best time for us to invest in such a popular coin which has huge potential to boom anytime. The coin seems to grow very high as it is in its inception time and with limited coin supply and popularity in market, the future of coin is very bright. Still the final decision lies on the readers as these are my assumptions.


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