We have stated ICON Price Prediction purely based on previous records and history along with forecast done by various sites. As we can see the world is having a great financial crisis over lots of things the cryptocurrencies have changed the world’s system of transactions. These cryptocurrencies are one of the fastest and probably the easier way to transfer the value of money from one place to other.

One of these cryptocurrencies today we are going to talk is ICON Coin. At present ICON coin is in talks over the crypto world and is considered a great tender. Listed on Coinmarketcap.com it is ranked at the 23rd position with the value price of $2.54 USD with the market capitalization of over $983,796,092 and still increasing. Lots of crypto-lovers are having great expectations from ICON coin.

All our readers who are investing in cryptocurrencies I deeply suggest that you should invest in ICON coin that has great potential and will surely give you good returns. No matter ICON is presently seeming RED but consider it a chance to invest at a low rate, get benefited in a long run.

About ICON Coin

ICON Coin is a cryptocurrency listed on several Crypto exchanges works on blockchain technology. It is a valuable deal for all the investors trusts ICON technology.

ICON coin is also known as ICX and is currently at the 23rd position on the list of Coinmarketcap.com website. It has the market capitalization of over $983,796,092 USD with the circulating supply of 387,231,348 ICX coins over the world. Currently per ICX coin is valued at $2.54 USD.

ICON Coin – Graph Study


From the above graph, we can see that ICON coin has lots of fluctuations starting from 26th October 2017, right from its market launch. On the first day of release, the coin was valued at $0.41 USD. The coin showed its first high on 6th November 2017 when it was priced at $2 USD. The coin then slipped more than half for few days but immediately got balanced and rose again. In December 2017 Christmas was really good for ICX coin and was at the newest height of $7.16 USD with the market cap of $2,045,578,867 USD. Again the coin was at its peak, which is its highest ever, at $12.11 USD.

From then the coin started declining like all the other altcoins traded over the world. It was a great depression. The coin went as low as $1.64 USD. From then the ICX coin is traced between the price band of $2 USD to $5 USD after.

ICON Coin – Present

At present, the coin is doing a little low and showing a downward graph. However, the coin has managed to stabilize the 10 digit dollar market cap and has kept its 23rd position secure. But looking at the way the management of ICON coin is working it seems that the coin will be in the top 15 in near future from its current position.

As crypto investors, it is essential for readers and necessary for us to guide you properly and show you all the details related to any crypto coin. So are we doing and here are few advantages and disadvantages related to ICON coin or ICX Coin.

ICON (ICX) Advantages

  • The coin is doing well and has a 10 digit market cap also it is from the listed top 25 cryptocurrencies
  • Lots of world known business firms are joining hands with ICON coin
  • Several institutions have started using the technology of ICX
  • Investors have a high trust factor over ICX coin
  • From the beginning, the coin has risen over 300% till now.

ICON (ICX) Disadvantages

  • The coin has a very weird graph and is going down
  • It has a very imbalanced growth
  • It is full of uncertainty

These are the things that must be in the minds of investors as they should know everything about in what they are going to invest. If we try to scale the coin from its merits and demerits then I must say that it has a hand of merits and is also supported by well-known Business Firms renounced over the world.

Here are few Business Units that have full trust and faith in ICON coin and have joined hands or have signed MOUs with it.

ICON coin is originated from Korea, has signed an MOU with the Korea Customs Services after which recently the cryptocurrency has entered into an MOU with the world’s biggest Accounting Firm viz. DELOITTE (Deloitte Startup Advisory Group). Giant names in Corporates such as Samsung, Pantera Capital and others like LINE, Wanchai, Hyundai from Japan and several others.

The coin has collaborated with Nomad Connection, Matrix2b, CJ Korea Express, Lotte Global Logistics and several local universities based in South Korea.

The coin is also renounced as the ‘KOREAN ETHEREUM”.

ICON Prediction by Others

Now I am sure that you would not only be excited to buy ICON coin but would also be trying best to calculate how much will you invest in ICON coin and what will be your return in a year from now. Will it give you high, low, or will soar like Bitcoin did? Well here are few known sites that have given their ICON price Prediction that will give a good guidance.

  • Coinliker.com, a crypto website given its ICON price prediction that stands at $77 USD in 1 year. The site also predicts that if you are lasting your investment for 5 years than your investment value rises to more than 23,840% to $305.31 USD.
  • Opposite to it, Walletinvestor.com forecasts ICON price to be at $4.6 USD by next year and can rise more than 4 times to $13.11 USD.
  • Tradingbeasts.com also shared their prediction about ICON coin highest at $11.86 whereas low as $9.48 USD.

Thinking as an investor I found given ICON Price Predictions not reliable so I took it to myself to study the matter and I have got few possibilities for ICON (ICX) coin in the near future. These forecasted possibilities are as under.

Possibility 1: ICON price Prediction 

If we compare Bitcoin and ICON then to reach to $15,000 USD ICON has to grow by more than 295, 168% to reach this value. And it is impossible for ICON in the near future to have a growth like this. But from inception, there is a change of 636% in ICON pricing. Hence we have also seen the coin going to a great height. Looking at factors my 1st possibility says that the coin could reach up to $7 USD by the end of the year.

Possibility 2: ICON price Prediction 

another possibility says that the coin has good potential due to which these many companies and lot many in the line are joining hands with ICON and using the technology offered by ICON. If this continues then within a period of 12 to 15 months the coin can gear up and be valued at not less than $20 USD. IF this comes true then there are full chances of coin to be in the top 10 crypto coins.

Possibility 3: ICON price Prediction 

Not all the times it is good, lot many have also lost their money in gambling too. I suggest not to try this as a gambling option you may earn once or twice or maybe thrice but possible that you lose all. Similarly, the coin has the probability to rise but it can also happen then in short run it loses even further and be valued at $0.75 USD but the investors have to show their patience as the coin is surely going to top after a period.

Hence it is up to you readers cum investors want to make money from it but with safety. So if you look at the information given and take steps accordingly then I am sure you will make in bulk. Stay tuned to us for more of cryptos.


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