Read subsequent part of this article which will lead you to know Ethos Price Prediction or forecast. With the change in time, we humans have also taken a step forward. We are replacing lots of things with technology and machines is not a new thing. The same way days are not far when we will be replacing the currency from physical cash to digital cash.

Yes, now we are moving more digitally and want everything instantly and on demand. Hence digital currency popularly known as Cryptocurrencies are now taking on the world. Many countries now have started trade using cryptocurrencies and altcoins over the world.

This technology is latest, safe, fraud-free, extremely fast and cheap compared to various other means. With this, there are lots of people who have started trading these altcoins and cryptocurrencies of which Ethos is in trend.

What is Ethos?

Ethos is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and several others that work on blockchain technology and Ethos coins possess value for money. These coins can be tradable over the world and give value to the transaction.

Hence people are now making money from altcoins and Ethos has been giving the value to investors over the period of time.

History related to Ethos Coin

On 18th July 2017 Ethos started its trade for the first time and was valued at $0.069 USD. at that time the coin was traded with the volume of $61,497 USD.

The coin has then started getting attention and was getting popular. The coin was priced with doubled valued at $1.22 USD per Ethos coin after completion of 1 month i.e. on 18th August 2017. This made investors and crypto traders look at the Ethos coin and thrust to invest in Ethos technology.

Ethos at Peak

The coin was doing well and more traders were now trading Ethos in the market. The coin actually took flight between Q3 and Q4 of 2017-2018. On 15th December 2017 per Ethos was priced at $1.36 USD and market cap was $102,181,535 USD.

On 8th January 2018, the coin was at its all-time high at $11.04 USD with the huge market cap of $832,265,000 USD with $13,314,400 USD as 24 hours volume.

A decline of Ethos coin

From then the Ethos coin started losing its value. It was due to the recession faced by the whole crypto market where almost all the coins were losing its value including the leading coin Bitcoin and Ethereum too. This made the coin going as low as $1.85 USD.

We are here to share the details regarding Ethos Price Prediction and future of Ethos coin to our readers and investors that will help them earn money safely and securely.

Merits of Ethos Coin

Here are few merits of Ethos coin that will help you decide to invest in Ethos coin and its technology.

  • Ethos coin is introduced in 2017 and was able to compete with the great recession
  • It has a huge circulating supply and trading volume is also high makes you benefit investing
  • The coin has managed to get $11.04USD hence here are sure shot chances of getting the same price back
  • Comprises of the latest technology and trusted too

Demerits of Ethos coin

As merits, there are few demerits too that may affect the price value of the coin. As investors, it is necessary to have a look at it.

  • As Ethos has reached its heights then the coin has faced a huge downfall.
  • It may happen then that the coin may even lose further

As we entered 2018 there are lots of experts and advisors are predicting a bright future for the cryptocurrencies. They are saying that in 2018 and 2019 the altcoins can have a good fortune.

Here are few experts advising altcoins predicting websites listed and have a look at what they have to say about the cryptocurrencies.

  •, a leading prediction website says that Ethos is an awesome option to invest in for long-term or for 1 year. Their projection says that the market cap can reach up to $424,682,317s USD at $5.54 USD per Ethos coin.
  • Another website has to say that if you want a fantastic return within 1 year then you must invest in Ethos coin. Ethos Price Prediction projection by is $38.4 USD in 1 years’ time period.
  • also has to say the same but there is a mere price change. They are projecting per Ethos coin price $11.08 by December 2018.

I think you as investors you may have a turmoil in your mind that which Ethos Price Prediction to rely on. Well I did felt the same and so I learned various factors which affect prices in the future and see what I found.

Possibility 1 : Ethos Prediction

I feel that the coin is having a very fantastic future and so investors and traders should buy a bulk coins and hold for up to 1 year and wait. The prices are to soar up to $12 USD in next 9 to 12 months due to the healthy environment for altcoins.

Possibility 2 : Ethos Prediction

Another possibility also says to invest for now and then hold the coin for next 6 months who are not willing to take the risk. The coin is to rise high and then I advise them to sell the coin when the coin reaches the price range between $6 USD to $9 USD. This will surely prove a profitable deal.

Possibility 3 : Ethos Prediction

I recommend all to invest in Ethos coin for a longer period of time. I strongly feel about the Ethos Price Prediction to reach as high as $21.75 USD within next 15 to 18 months. You are if ready to hold the coin then that will surely be a highly profitable deal.

I hope this article has helped investors to decide on Ethos coin and its potential technology. Stay tuned to us and subscribe to us to get notification of all the latest articles related to altcoins. Stay healthy and earn profits.


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