Invest in crytpocurrency only after thinking about it’s future so those who want to know what will be the price of Ethereum in future then you should read Ethereum Price Prediction or forecast shown here. Its 2018 and we can see people are now crazy about the altcoins and cryptocurrencies. It was 2017 when we noticed cryptocurrency to uprise. Then after two altcoins viz. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most trending crypto coins that have ruled the market space with their popularity and market capitalization. At present Bitcoin, it ranked top and followed by Ethereum coin.

Today, there are crores of people trading in altcoins and one of their most likely coins is Ethereum Coin. So we are going to talk a brief about Ethereum coin and then will also discuss the future of Ethereum.

What is Ethereum Coin?

Ethereum is a platform build on blockchain which allows the users to use the network and allow make to make various application, make digital payments with safety and security. it allows the users to use the network in multiple ways and in return charges very low-cost fees.

The coin was introduced in the market on 7th August 2015 when each Ethereum coin was valued at $2.83 USD. On the very first day, only 164,329 coins were traded. But on the next day, it increased to almost 3 times at 674,188 Ethereum coins day with the market capitalization of $167,911,000 USD.

Ethereum coin is also known as EHTER and is ranked 2nd on the Coin Market Cap list. At present ETHER is valued at $717.5 USD with the market cap of $71,442,143,163 USD and volume of $2,240,690,000 USD and circulating supply of 99,569,266 ETHERs.

Ethereum Coin Price Today 

All-time high and all-time low

Ether Coin, when launched was priced at $2.83 USD hardly and was then slowly moving ahead with very less price rise. For a long time, the coin was increasing at a very low pace.

But on 15th January 2018 Ethereum coin has gone to the all-time high at $1389.18 USD which is the highest value till now. Hence we can say that the coin has huge potential to go high.

Let us see the positives and negative sides of Ethereum coin. This will also help in Ethereum Price Prediction for the future to decide whether a good investment or not.

Positive points of Ethereum Coin

The positive points for Ether coin are as under which can work positively for the technology.

  • Founded by Vitalik Buterin in 2014 is an old technology hence trustworthy.
  • The due to the technological and others aspects the coin is valued at a very high level and is ranked second in the cryptocurrency market.
  • There are various investors and business tycoons who have invested in this technology.
  • The coin is promised to give back to investors
  • Price of Ether is going by up day by day.

Negatives points of Ethereum Coin

There are also few negative points that are there for Ether coin in the market.

  • Many of the investors have lost the value due to a decrease in the prices of Ether.
  • Many had to bare the loss too.
  • The graph before some days was showing the negative slope.

These are the threats by investing in Ethereum coin. But from the other aspects if we see all these negative points are now been solved and the coin is showing a profitable investment.

Ethereum Price Prediction

What other Ethereum Price Prediction experts and websites say about Ethereum price in Future?

There are various expects, reviewers and websites that forecasts Ethereum Price Predictions for the upcoming days. Form those, here are few who have given the forecast of Ethereum Price by the end of 2018.

This is the list of forecasters who have predicted the future prices of Ethereum coin:

  1. $3,763.52 USD
  2. $1,216.960 USD
  3. $2,500 USD

These are the top ranking websites where we can find the forecasts for various coins. But somehow I found these prediction somewhat unrealistic ones. Hence I by myself have studies all the graphs and taken various factors into consideration and have come to few possibilities due to which there will be price change in the Ethereum coin.

possibilities Ethereum price prediction

1st possibility Ethereum Prediction

If we consider the latest statement given by the famous Blockchain advisor and Entrepreneur Mr. Brian Schuster, then the price of Ethereum is likely to reach $100,000 USD. But if not that much then also the ether can also reach to new heights of $25,000 USD which is quarter of the predicted value.

I am predicting this figure because in 3rd Quarter of 2017-2018, we all have seen the cryptocoin market that had soared to such a high. And moreover the year 2018 is also a year where the demand of altcoins has seen a rise. Hence there are ample of chances of Ethereum coin rising to this figure.

2nd  possibility Ethereum Prediction

At present Ether is valued at $717.5 USD and as the technology of Ether chain is very sound, there are lots of opportunities for ether to be used by other technologies too which in itself will increase the value of Ether coin. Hence if nothing happens then also we may see an increase in prices of the coin reaching to the mark of $1,000 USD by the end of 2018.

3rd  possibility Ethereum Prediction

There are many rumors coming from the sources that 2018 is a very healthy year for altcoins and we have seen the altcoins on a revival stage. And there are tremendous opportunities for the altcoins that have sound technology as their demand will also rise. One of these altcoins with sound tech and performance is Ether so the price will be rising to new heights and can stand still at around $2135 USD, 3 times of the present stage.


As investors, it is up to you guys where you want to invest and at what price to invest. But we are here to guide you and show you a better path, better option to choose. Hence Ethereum is one of the most likely altcoins that will definitely rise in the near future. And also the Ethereum Price Prediction and possibilities will help you for the same. Stay with us to find more about altcoins.


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