Get in here to know about future of EOS coin by reading EOS Price Prediction done by various forecasting websites. There are multiple markets from where one can earn money. From these, the cryptocurrency market is the latest place which is been came to the world all of a sudden and millions have earned handsomely from it till now.

The cryptocurrency market is a very large market in which more than 1500 cryptocurrencies are traded all over the world. It has become a new means for the investors to earn money. In this article, we are going to introduce with one such altcoin. A crypto coin that can yield you high profits in short duration.

We are going to talk about EOS altcoin that has outperformed in its life history and have yielded more than 13 times profit in less than 1 year. So attention to all the investors who are thinking where to invest that can give you a good return.

About EOS Coin

Like others EOS is a cryptocurrency like others that world on blockchain technology and gives an access to the people to use its currency over the world. There are already 894,064,656 EOS coins in circulation out of 900,000,000 EOS coins which is the total supply.

EOS coin is presently the 5th largest crypto coin in the market as per the market cap of $10,854,391,958 USD and $1,087,640,000 USD trading volume. This makes the EOS coin a standalone coin with a large market cap and potential coin that can compete with the market and give best results.

EOS Coin – Historic Performance

EOS coin started its trade from 2nd July 2017 when it was priced at $1.03 USD per EOS. From July to October, the coin was not very active and was going dull. It was November 2017 when the coin started gaining more attention and value per coin. 4th November 2017 the coin was $1.21 USD with the market cap of $54.15 million USD.

From then the coin was highly volatile and was showing an uneven graph. The coin showed the graph with high uncertainty and started gaining more value per coin. On 13th January 2018 per EOS price stood at $18.16 USD which was highest until that time. Even the market cap was $109 million USD.

Then there was a downfall in the graph and went as low as $4.08 USD on 19th March 2018. The coin then went an all-time high at $21.46 USD with highest ever market cap at $176.6 million USD on April 29th.

EOS Coin Price Today


EOS Coin – Present Performance

With the arrival of May 2018, the coin again showed a negative graph and started losing its value per coin. At present, the value of 1 EOS coin stands at $12.14 USD and the market cap also broke down to $108.54 million USD. But with the passage of days, the trading volume is increasing positively which means that people are now trading in EOS with utmost faith.

Currently, almost 98% of the total currency supply is been in circulation which is good for the technology. This will also create demand for the EOS coin and lead to price rise. We hope that this information and details are relevant to investors as it is very essential to know about the merits and demerits of EOS coin. These aspects help us to get authentic EOS Price Prediction.

EOS Coin – Merits

  • 5th largest crypto coin in the market as per the market capital
  • Limited coin supply in the market
  • Almost whole coins are into circulation
  • Has a very good trade volume on a daily basis

EOS Coin – Demerits

  • The graph is very uneven
  • It does not give instincts to positive future
  • Currently falling down and losing value

Apart from these, there are several sites and crypt experts have given various EOS Price Predictions for the near future. Have a look at it.

Outrageous crypto expert known as John McAfee has predicted that EOS will reach $36 USD by the mid of July. McAfee also claims that we would see 188% rise in EOS coin. Not only has this well-known site expected EOS to reach up to $30.24 USD in 1 year and says that EOS will settle at $82.55 USD by the end of 1 year. Another website also claims EOS coin to reach $21.67 USD within 1 year.

Looking at these many varied prices I am not much content about the EOS Price Predictions and so I by myself have made a detailed research and came to few outcomes that can possibly arrive. These possibilities are as under.

Possibility 1 EOS Prediction

At present the market is dip and so the altcoins are not gaining much value. It is like a recession period for these cryptos and so is for EOS. But as EOS has immense potential it can gain its reputation and position back in short span. So I recommend the investors to invest in EOS coin as per their convenience.

EOS is likely to be back at $21.5 USD in a year and can also gain more value. Hence it will be a good investment option.

Possibility 2 EOS Prediction

Looking at the graph it is visible that EOS is at its declining stage and I recommend all the investors to invest their money in the EOS coin as this is the perfect time to buy the coins. According to the above-mentioned websites and investing experts the coin is likely to rise as high as $31 USD which is 300% more than the current price. Hence this can prove to be a good deal.

Possibility 3 EOS Prediction

I strongly feel that EOS will be valued at $25USD by the end of the year but before reaching to this height there are possibilities that it will still show downfall once or twice in the year. But I advise all to keep patience and keep cool. This will definitely result in a profitable deal.

To all stay tuned to our website, we will be regularly updating price predictions that will help our investors to earn profits. Stay happy and keep investing.


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