As investors, we always think of the potential places from where we can earn some profit with utmost security and safety. Today we are going to share Cryptonex Price Prediction or CNX Future Forecast that will help you earn money in short-term and safely.

We all have witnessed a grand demand, craze of cryptocurrencies. To all the crypto traders we all may have tried ourselves dealing in altcoins whether we know about it or not. So what has made us go into deep discussion about Cryptonex Price Prediction? The answer is very simple. Cryptonex is currently one of the altcoins that show us more than 6% rise on a daily basis. Moreover, the traders are taking interest to invest in Cryptonex.

About Cryptonex Coin

Cryptonex, as said, started its trading from 7th October, 2017 with the value of $2.7 USD. Cryptonex is also known with its abbreviation CNX coin. At present CNX is placed at 71st rank. It is witnessed that the coin has growth more than 6 ranks within just a period of 24 hours in recent time. This is noteworthy for any altcoin which can also be considered as an achievement.

Today as on 31st, May, 2018 the coin is valued at $4.56 USD and the coin has already grown 6.67% and currently, the coin has the market cap of $206 million USD. By the time you are reading this article, the price would obviously be changed.

Cryptonex Coin – Present Condition

At present Cryptonex popularly known as CNX is valued at $4.57 USD. CNX coin has a good market exposure and traders highly trade on CNX daily. From thousands of daily trade volumes, the coin is currently having trading volume of more than $14.4 lakhs USD daily.

Cryptonex Coin – History with Price variations

The journey for Cryptonex CNX coin started on 7th October, 2017 when there were already 1400+ altcoins been traded at world market. It clearly shows competition for Cryptonex was very high. It was still valued at the price of $2.7 USD per CNX coin. The volume of trade was $79,554 USD.

Very next day the coin was priced at $3.09 USD with almost 4 times growth in trade volumes which stood at $322,269 USD. From then the coin has struggling till November, 2017 was started to get recognition in the market by the entry of December, 2017.

From December to January the coin was dealing within the price band of $3 USD to $6 USD. It rose in the last week of January, 2018 and reached the all-time high at $9.91 USD with the market cap of $446,961,000 USD and trade volume at $322,684 USD

Advantage purchasing Cryptonex coin

There are advantages you get if you are investing in Cryptonex CNX coin.

  • The coin has a good market share
  • Due to the technology used the coin gets price appreciation
  • On daily basis too the coin has a good growth
  • The circulating supply is not even half of the actual supply hence the price can soar fast

Demerits of Cryptonex CNX

There are as such no negative points I can trace out. But as there are lots of cryptocurrencies in the market the coin has to face the competition and tackle the calamities.

There are several websites that have given their Cryptonex Price Prediction on their websites and their predictions for CNX coin for the near future. As an investor, we should know the future of the coin before investing in anything so here I have given in nut shell what they have to say.

  • A popular website says that CNX could grow to $10.7 USD from the currenct $4.56 USD price. They also say that coin will reach to $12.37 USD in the year 2020. This their forecast.
  •, another altcoins predicting website predicts CNX to be at $9.8 USD in a year. Their 5 year down the line forecasts projects the CNX coin to be at $34.04 USD and it is a good investment.
  • A forecasting website called has given the Cryptnex Price Prediction $72.93 USD within 1 year time period. Still, we are not sure what made them give such a high figure.

Looking at the various website and reading several articles I was not satisfied with the Cryptonex Price Prediction and hence I have found few possibilities to arrive in future related to CNX. Here are the possibilities

Possibility 1 Cryptonex Prediction

I feel the coin to reach to its original price at around $9.45 USD by the year’s end. But it won’t go straight away. In between, there will be lots of fluctuations in which there will be times when the prices of CNX coin may reach to the ground too. Here investors will have to show their maturity and patience.

Possibility 2 Cryptonex Prediction

In this, I have to say that the coin is right now having lots of ups and downs which gives a confusing future. There are changes of growth for CNX but it can reach upto $6 USD to $7.5 USD in next 1 year. Hence patience is the key to earn from this coin.

Possibility 3 Cryptonex Prediction

To all those who are confused and not willing to take the risk to them, I would advise not to invest in Cryptonex altcoins. It is because this coin is full of uncertainties thought it is showing a price rise but it may also happen that all of a sudden it may fall down. And investors may have to bare the loss.

We don’t want our investors to fall into losses and go into high debts. We are trying to reach to as many as possible altcoins traders that are interested in dealing with altcoins but are into 2 minds where to invest.

We hope to deliver you what you were looking for and the article have helped you decide regarding Cryptonex and CNX Price Prediction and its future.


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