If you have invested in Bytom coin then this article will be a worthy read as we have described BTM forecast or top possible Bytom Price Prediction for upcoming years. Today lots of people are trying their luck in the share markets and derivatives to earn money that is in hard form. But as time has passed, the hard cash currency has changed its form and now we can see digital currency been traded over the world.

No one today is unaware about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies that has created a huge impact over all of us. But with this also lies several questions like What is Bitcoin? What is Blockchain and what are altcoins? Well, today we are going to discuss one of these altcoins and it is Bytom coin Price Prediction.

One of the altcoins that have attracted the eyes of crypto traders and investors is Bytom coin which is also known as BTM.

History of Bytom BTM Coin

Launched just before recent days Bytom BTM coin is one of the latest entrants in the altcoins market. The coin is just launched before a month on 8th August 2017 with the initial price of $0.11 USD. At that time it had the volume of 7,543,670 USDs.

After the launch, as the investors expect from any altcoins Bytom’s price surged with days which was clearly visible and making investors happy. On 21st December 2017, Bytom BTM coin was valued at $0.49 USD with the 24 hours volume at 21,035,200 USD and market capitalization was $485,993,865 USD.

The next rise was on 13th January 2018 when the coin was at its all-time high till date at $0.67 USD per BTM coin with the heavy market cap of $668,090,430 USD. The market then sank down which also affected Bytom coin and made it loos value but it again rose and reached the lifetime high at $1.04 USD with an overwhelming market cap of $1,028,611,920 USD and then rose furthermore to $1.13 USD.

Present Condition of Bytom BTM Coin

At present, the market cap of Bytom coin is $625,616,856 USD and per BTM coin is valued at $0.63 USD. In these many months, the coin has faced lots of market fluctuations took place and has faced with confidence and still exists. Not only is this, but the Bytom coin is seen back on track of gaining its value back.

Show graph of Bytom Coin (All time graph)

Positives of Bytom Coin

As an investor, it is very important to know about the strengths of altcoins in which we are going to invest. Here are few strengthening points about Bytom coin.

  • Bytom is one of the latest coins hence it comes with all the latest features and services.
  • This technology that Bytom uses is very advanced which made the coin survive in past recession.
  • The coin is focused and the team behind the technology is having a sound roadmap for future.
  • The main goal of Bytom is to connect the digital and physical world which, according to Team, differentiates from other altcoins.

Negatives of Bytom Coin

Investors, on the other hand, also should be aware of the negatives of the technology which is equally important to know.

  • The coin is having a huge circulating supply of 987,000,000 BTM which will take time to gain value in short period.
  • Investors may restrict investing in Bytom as it is a comparatively new currency.
  • The team has not declared the roadmap after Q2 of 2018.

Bytom Price Prediction

For any investor, it is very important to have all the related information before making any investment as it can block your hard earned money if invested carelessly. Let us see what others have to say about Bytom Coin and also have a look at the Bytom Price Predictions given by well-reputed websites.

  • According to Walletinvestor.com, the reputed website predicts Bytom to be valued at $0.82 USD whereas $1.22 USD by 2022 down the line.
  • Coincheckup.com, another website forecasts Bytom Price at $4 USD with expecting a 4.58% consistent growth.
  • Tradingbeasts.com also says about Bytom Price Prediction and expects Bytom price to reach $1.54 USD by June 2018 and $2.63 USD n 2019.
  • A recent post of Thebitcoinnews.com says that Bytom coin is on its path of recovery. However, there is no Bytom Price Prediction found.

Looking at these many Bytom Price Predictions I found it a little unrealistic as multiple figures are given which eventually misleads the investors and may lead them to make the loss.

Hence I have come up with few possibilities that arrive in future which are related to Bytom Coin. These possibilities are derived from looking and analyzing various factors and done specially for the investors so that they are not misguided and misled.

Possibility 1 : Bytom Prediction

Looking at the present condition I feel that the coin may sink even further down and can be priced at $0.35 to $0.45USD. However, the investors need not to be panic as it will be for a temporary period. Sound rumors also say about the revival of Bytom coin and may be priced at $1.1 USD by the end of 2018.

Possibility 2 : Bytom Prediction

The coin has a huge potential to grow high and can reach the standard price of $1.62USD by the end of 2018 or may even reach to record price of $2 USD. But it is next to impossible to cross this price of $2 USD (excluding external factors) as Bytom has a huge circulating supply of BTM coins.

Possibility 3 : Bytom Prediction

I also expect that by the end of August 2018 the coin may be valued at its all-time high price at $1.54 USD but may lose value by $0.5 USD. Although, 2019 is very having bright future for all altcoins and we can see Bytom coin Price to soar in 2019. But there are very fewer changes to cross $1.75 USD in 2018.


It is all up to you investors where you want to invest. The possibilities shared here are based considering present situations and may vary a little. Although we are guiding our readers and investors since long and have helped lots of our readers to generate profits. So now is your turn. Stay tuned and earn more with safety.


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