You can find Binance Coin Price Prediction or BNB Future Forecast done by other sites accurate however it’s just pure speculation so only stake your money after doing proper research (DYOR). White the trend of cryptocurrency was on, Binance Coin belonging to Chinese market was also launched with a long vision to relate Bitcoin as the most valuable altcoin in the market.

This currency, Binance (BNB) coin, was launched with several attractive schemes that attached various altcoin lovers and inverstors’ sight. This made me today write this article related to Binance Price Prediction as this coin is now one of the very trusted and futuristic cryptocurrencies.

Brief about Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance coin is one of the most in talks cryptocurrencies in the market and investors are having great faith in Binance coin. It was launched on 25th July 2017. Basically, Binance coin roots to China and represents the technology from China.

To gain investors and traders to trade and use BNB as a medium the coin has used several methods and to a certain extent, they did succeed. At present, the coin is ranked 18th on the Coinmarketcap website and is gaining more market cap and value and is increasing its level.

What made Binance increase its presence over the world?

As said earlier, Binance is the technology rooted from China, is used by the country at the most making more traders from the country within. Moreover, their marketing strategy did play a vital role in increasing their presence felt and the discount and redeem schemes have brought Binance (BNB) into the limelight.

The coin was launched on 25th July 2017 when it was valued at $0.11 USD with the market capitalization of $11,014,000 USD. The coin was then slowly gaining value and between the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2017 – 2018 the coin has got lots of attention. Due to this, the coin rose to $6.48 USD with a market cap at $641,442,296 USD and then again rose to an all-time high at $24.46 USD with the market cap at $2,422,090,369 USD. This was the all-time high for BNB coin on 12th January 2018 post which the coin has fallen down tremendously. All this happened because of the strategy adopted by the company.

Below we can see the graph showing the growth and plummet record to date.

Let us now have a look at the positive and negative aspects of Binance Coin. This is much necessary for the Binance Coin Price Prediction in the future.

Positive aspects of Binance Coin

The positive points related to Binance BNB are as under.

  • The coin has its distinct image as it gives returns in short tenure
  • It has a huge market capitalization
  • It has its own limited supply and the coin burns every quarter
  • This also maintains the demand and supply resulting in creating more demand for supply
  • It has its own exchange called Binance Exchange

These are the positive points for Binance coin.

Negative aspects related to Binance BNB

Along with positive BNB has a negative side too that directly affects the Binance Price and its predictions too.

  • The coin is said to be very volatile and risky.
  • Critics also suggests not to invest in Binance coin as they is lack of trust and uncertainty.

These are the major setbacks that are kind of threats to investors investing in Binance coin. Presently the coin is valued at $12.44 USD with 114,041,290 BNB circulating supply and $1,418,844,711 USD market capital. That made the coin leading at 18th position amongst all others. As something gets popular there are lots of people, institutions, companies, investors, experts etc starts speaking about it. So is with Binance Coin, yes there are lots of things about Binance coin. So have a look over it.

What says

In a recent article by, a crypto website which showed that the Binance exchange is currently facing a big problem. A venture capital company based in Singapore had sued the Binance exchange and put allegations over it. This can be a risk for the investors and affect drastically.

Binance Coin Price Prediction

Some investors have to say something you would like to listen!

Several investors have showed distrust over Binance coin and still, the reasons are anonymous. These investors are saying that one who wants to just invest can invest in Binance coin. They are also saying that you may invest at a lower price and get good returns but it is all a short term thing. They also say that one should not trust on Binance coin and if you invest your hard earned money for the long term then you may even have to bear the consequences i.e. to lose all the money.

Hence I also recommend you to invest in altcoins of your choice but recommend you not to have your investment in Binance coin. However, if you want to invest in Binance then I would advise you to invest for not more than 6 months. Otherwise, you may have to lose your savings.


There are several other altcoins in which you can invest and earn the profit. We do not advise you to invest in Binance coin (we have not benefits whether you invest or not). Stay tuned to us and get more updates related to altcoins.


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