Check out best possible AE Coin forecast in form of Aeternity Price Prediction. From last 3 months, we can see that the whole crypto market is crashing down. We can see a mixed trend whereby some days the market is green and sometimes we notice is in red. Even many of the crypto traders are confused where to invest in.

Here are few tips we have for the crypto lovers that will help when to generate good wealth in upcoming days. In this article, we will discuss Aeternity coin and Aeternity Price Prediction based on various factors.

Aeternity Coin About

Basically, like other altcoins in the market Aeternity is also one of those that works on blockchain technology and focusing on fast transactions made available to the world at a comparatively cheap rate with utmost security.

The coin was introduced in early 2017 and started its trade on 1st June 2017. While the opening price of per Aeternity (AE) coin was hardly $0.68 USD with the volume of $1,518 USD on the very first day. As on 23rd June 2018, the coin is been traded using either fiat currencies or via pair in over 30 crypto exchanges and is still growing.

Currently, the coin is priced at $2.06 USD with the market capitalization of $480,749,196 USD and daily volume of $10,518,900. At present, there are 233,020,472 AE coins circulating in the market out of the total supply of 273,685,830 AE coins. The coin has grabbed the market very well and has adopted the strategy that attracted the crypto traders to use AE coins. This lead Aeternity coin to presently settle at 28th position in terms of market cap.

Name: Aeternity Coin
Abbreviation: AE
Current Price: $2.06 USD
Date of starting trade 1st June, 2017
Market Cap: $480,749,196 USD
All time high: $5.86
Circulating Supply: 233,020,472 AE coins
Total Supply: 273,685,830 AE coins
Mining Status: Non Minable
Exchanges for trade: 30+ exchanges

Aeternity Coin – History

The historic performance of Aeternity coin is extremely volatile but the historic graph will help us in Aeternity Price Prediction. If we start from 1st of June then for the first 5 days the coin was jumping from $0.68 USD to $0.86 USD. But then all of a sudden it got a start and it started gaining value and on 19th June is was at $3.75 USD. Then again is decreased to the bottom and this continued for quite a well period of time.

The coin again took a start from mid of December 2017 and was going up. From 1st January 2018 to end of April 2018 the coin was fluctuating between $1.5 USD to $3 USD. But in the last week of April 2018, it went as high as above $4.91 USD. Its all-time high is $5.86 USD.

After talking in detail about the coin and the history let us move forward and look at the positive points and negative points as to why should we invest in Aeternity coin or should not invest in it? Here are the points as investors you must read.

Positives for Aeternity Coin

  • The coin uses and runs on Proof of work and Proof of Stake algorithms
  • It focuses on fastening the transaction speed and lowering the cost
  • It has quite a good number of traders with high volume
  • Aeternity coin holds almost 0.7 % of the total crypto market over the world.

Negatives for Aeternity Coin

  • The coin is highly fluctuating and has lost value many times
  • It is not able to uprise and hold its position

These negative and positive points are very much important and as commoners, we may not be able to justify the results derived from this but the experts have a detailed study on the points like this and derive Aeternity Price Prediction to which we rely on. Hence it is of supreme importance.

Now we shall move forward as here we have jotted down some of the Aeternity Price Predictions given by several well-known websites over the world.

  • The coin has slipped to more than 21% in last seven days to which predicts Aeternity to reach up to $5.78 USD in 1 year.
  • assumes that Aeternity is not at all a good investment option. They even say that the coin will be valued under $5 USD which creates kind of confusion.
  • Another site also expects AE to rise at $8.4 USD at the max and $6.72 on an average. On the Reddit community, there are Redditors who even predict and bet that Aeternity to breach $1000 USD mark sooner or later.

Aeternity Prediction

Now I am sure readers will be into 2 minds whether to invest or not to invest and if invest then when and for what time period to invest in, Right? Don’t worry there are 3 outcomes that I have come with based on which you can decide if you want to invest in or not to.

Possibility 1: Aeternity Price Prediction

I must say that Aeternity coin has always been a good coin in terms of valuation and investment. But presently it is not the current time to invest. Because the coin has fallen more than 32% in last 1 month and I expect the coin to go as low as $1.25 USD that will be the value to invest in AE coin. I also say that when you hold it for a year and you can get 5 times your investment. We can expect the coin to be valued at $8 USD by the end of 2018.

Possibility 2: Aeternity Price Prediction

Reading certain Aeternity Price Prediction websites we at all should not invest in AE coin as it is with high risk and even we should not recommend it to any other people also.

Possibility 3: Aeternity Price Prediction

There are chances of the coin likely to reach $6 USD later in Quarter 2 of 2019. It can even breach this mark so for investors it is a good time to jump in. there can be chances wherein the coin is plummeting but you should not get panic.

By this, we come to an end and hope we are able to address you properly and have guided you while solving your queries and turmoil you were going with.


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