As crypto had a blast in 2017. There are many more other options now in 2018. With over 1500 cryptocurrencies in the market, grabbing attention for a particular one is extremely difficult now.

But which cryptocurrency is best in 2018? Which one to choose? Which are the best coins? I like NEO and Stellar (XLM). Here’s a list of reasons why I picked up NEO and Stellar (XLM).


NEO, also called as the Chinese Ethereum, is eyeing to make a more smart economy to enable the transfer of digital and traditional assets. China’s first open source blockchain, NEO (quite cynical as per China’s point of view). NEO is basically an indicative for non-digital assets. Like Ethereum, NEO too has smart actions to trigger it’s call-to-actions. NEO can be set upa pact by anyone to automatically to pay their bills like of credit cards, etc.

NEO excites us more as it has a federation with the Onchain. The main motive of development of the Onchain was to disintegrate digital currency from block development team. Business gets a lot of help from Onchain as it combines the blockchain technology with their day-to-day actions. NEO’s federation with the Onchain facilitates various business’s enterprise to come into the platform and it also provides assistance for it’s growth.

Firstly, Ethereum came into the the market and we can term NEO as it’s successor as it learned from Ethereum’s mistakes and drawbacks and ameliorate in it’s own features. One of the most beneficiary feature of NEO that toencode smart pacts in it is actually easy for developers as it can be done in the simple programming languages they already know and they aren’t compelled to learn a whole new language. Additionally Ethereum is a result of proof-of-work whereas NEO is far ahead as proof-of-stake.

NEO, hasn’t been been take any action by China till now. It is quite shocking as China is quite competitive in this field. China should have started battle with the NEO till now. Though, it doesn’t necessarily means that China supports NEO. But until China comes up with any competitor it ensures substantial growth of NEO in the chinese market, which makes it a notable player in the market. This also accounts in NEO’s enormous growth and it could possibly even thrash away altcoin further this year.

NEO has developed a widespread craze among the global developer community as a result numerous ICO’s are launching in NEO’s network.

Ethereum was used by NEO as a jump-off and we expect to see some major expansion  in NEO in the year 2018. NEO has always been focusing in the future and future demands and brought up extremely useful features to ensure future needs. I’m really excited to see what NEO brings forward for us in the year 2018.

Currently NEO’s are selling at a whopping around $85 and with a growth of 82,729% since last year. Making it the 7th largest cryptocurrency in the market.


It was launched with the ideology of dispensation of payment keeping in mind. It connects with global exchanges and is a open source network. It is indeed an optimum transaction token as through this we can easily exchange Stellar lumen exchange, XLM for any fiat currency. The fast processing rates and low transaction fees also brings it on the top.

The basic aim of Stellar is to link bank, payment systems and people. Making it easy to do payments and moving money quickly and efficiently without any transaction fees. Though Ripple (XRP) and Stellar might sound similar to us. But we should know some of the major differences between Stellar and Ripple (XRP).

Stellar is getting a high applause of backup from it’s community. This is also a reason for it’s enormous driving force in the market. Those who believe in Stellar, they believe hard. And it’s for their advantage too. The main motive of Stellar is to reduce financial costs and increase the potential of every individual. Its not just a coin but also it believes in making a difference. Stellar enterprises is also partnered with Praekelt Foundation.

Stellar has also partnered with colossal companies like IBM (NYCS:IBM) and Barclays (NYCS:BCS) and also others. And these companies are providing Stellar with great equip and also offering XLM transactionsfor their own clients. This news was a huge announcement and still it’s the main leading reason for the growing market of the Stellar Network.

Stellar is growing in the field ofICO’s as well. Though not rapidly, ICO’s are slowly showing interest in Stellar. Stellar is an excellent platform for ICO as it has built in exchange where tokens are exchanged directly, users won’t have to use any third party applications. It’s a more cheap, efficient and secured platform ensuring hassle free transactions. And it’s easy to use and learn application. Mobius is the first ICO to launch in Stellar.

Stellar also came up with, ‘The Stellar Build Challenge’. In which it challenges developers for the innovation and further development of the Stellar Network. The 6th Stellar Build Challenge (deadline March 15, 2018). The winners are gonna get 55,000 linens for that. Stellar is initiating in the market with the struggles on the road. It initiates more excitement and involvement of people in the network.

Stellar is currently the 8th largest cryptocurrency with a price of 0.352149$, with a growth of 15,027% since last year. And we expect it to grow much more in the year 2018.

As none of these doesn’t fall in the trap of overtrading or FOMO, neither Stellar nor aren’t going anywhere so there’s no need to worry for any of the users. Get it in there when you need andnot the market is in a boost. There’s no need of any panic as sometimes coins go in downfall and people rush to sell them off this is what causes a chaos in market and it also causes people to get trapped in spiral of transaction fees.

Do a good research before investing in any of the cryptos. Don’t worry if you lose any money or the market goes in any downfall, it’s crypto after all.



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