Today we are going to discuss about neo coin and future depth analysis of it like neo price prediction 2018-2020, how to buy neo coin, best neo wallet etc.

We have witnessed few days backs sudden collapse of bitcoin and other cryptos so people are finding other alternative altcoins rather than investing in bitcoin. Today we are going to see the wallets that supports the latest cryptocoin introduced by People’s Republic of China i.e. NEO. The currency is a like the other currencies and here in the article we are going to share the wallets that supports NEO Coin.

Recently China has released a cryptocurrency called NEO to compete the leading cryptocurrencies that are leading the market. It proves to be right that NEO coin gave a very good competition as we can see that NEO coin rose over 43,000% since inception. Since the availability of more number of wallets makes a confusion to the users for the original source to store their coins. The scams that are taking place sets the investors back to put their faith on NEO. We advise the readers to be aware of these scams such as wallets like, etc which are no real wallets may harm your investments.

Current NEO Price :

NEO Price Prediction 2018-2020:

However the raise in the price of the coin has motivated the investors to invest in the digital currency market and they have also got a very handsome price. They invested merely invested $0.14 USD in the initials of NEO Coin and now the coin is appreciated to $57.28USD (price when article was written). Now after knowing ample of information regarding NEO coin let us see the trusted wallets that are supporting NEO Coin Cryptocurrency. We have given expected price or neo price prediction 2018-2020 in table format so you can easily understand it.

Month Open Low-High Close Mo,% Total,%
Dec 32.3 30.7-84.2 46.2 43.0% 43.0%
Jan 46.2 36.1-46.2 38.8 -16.0% 20.1%
Feb 38.8 38.8-47.3 44.2 13.9% 36.8%
Mar 44.2 34.5-44.2 37.1 -16.1% 14.9%
Apr 37.1 32.1-37.1 34.5 -7.0% 6.8%
May 34.5 34.5-42.8 40.0 15.9% 23.8%
Jun 40.0 40.0-49.6 46.4 16.0% 43.7%
Jul 46.4 46.4-55.4 51.8 11.6% 60.4%
Aug 51.8 51.8-64.3 60.1 16.0% 86.1%
Sep 60.1 60.1-74.6 69.7 16.0% 116%
Oct 69.7 59.4-69.7 63.9 -8.3% 97.8%
Nov 63.9 63.9-79.3 74.1 16.0% 129%
Dec 74.1 68.9-79.3 74.1 0.0% 129%
Jan 74.1 74.1-92.0 86.0 16.1% 166%
Feb 86.0 84.2-96.8 90.5 5.2% 180%
Mar 90.5 90.5-112.4 105.0 16.0% 225%
Apr 105.0 104.0-119.6 111.8 6.5% 246%
May 111.8 96.6-111.8 103.9 -7.1% 222%
Jun 103.9 89.8-103.9 96.6 -7.0% 199%
Jul 96.6 96.6-119.9 112.1 16.0% 247%
Aug 112.1 112.1-139.1 130.0 16.0% 303%
Sep 130.0 130.0-150.1 140.3 7.9% 334%
Oct 140.3 124.0-142.6 133.3 -5.0% 313%
Nov 133.3 133.3-165.4 154.6 16.0% 379%
Dec 154.6 125.3-154.6 134.7 -12.9% 317%
Jan 134.7 134.7-167.2 156.3 16.0% 384%
Feb 156.3 156.3-194.0 181.3 16.0% 461%
Mar 181.3 181.3-225.0 210.3 16.0% 551%
Apr 210.3 200.0-230.1 215.0 2.2% 566%
May 215.0 168.5-215.0 181.2 -15.7% 461%
Jun 181.2 181.2-211.2 197.4 8.9% 511%
Jul 197.4 197.4-245.0 229.0 16.0% 609%
Aug 229.0 206.5-237.5 222.0 -3.1% 587%
Sep 222.0 199.8-229.8 214.8 -3.2% 565%
Oct 214.8 191.2-220.0 205.6 -4.3% 537%
Nov 205.6 205.6-255.2 238.5 16.0% 638%
Dec 238.5 186.3-238.5 200.3 -16.0% 520%

Best NEO Wallet 2018:

To store the NEO Coin, we have various types of wallets that are available in the market very easily. These types of wallets are lined as under.

Types of Wallets:

  • Web Wallet
  • Hardware Wallet
  • Desktop Wallet
  • Paper Wallet

These are the types of wallets in which the purchasers of NEO Coin can store the digital currency safely and with security.

  1. Ledger Nano S – Hardware Wallet

No matter what amount of digital currencies we buy but the safest mode of securing the cryptos and especially NEO Coin are hardware wallets. For storing NEO coin in hardware wallet, the first wallet that comes in mind is Ledger Nano S.

Ledger Nano S comes with a high security encryption and doesn’t allow anyone to hack the hardware. The highlighting feature in this wallet is that we don’t have to enter the Private Key or keep it attached with any Computer. Even we can store NEO Coin as well as GAS as combination in this wallet. We have written a separate article of Ledger Nano S which has all the description of this wallet so readers can get further details in that article.

  1. NEON Wallet – Desktop Wallet

Parting from hardware wallets, if you are not interested in keeping hardware wallets with you then we have an alternate for that. Here comes NEON Wallet which is a desktop form of wallet that allows the users and account holders to store their NEO assets i.e. NEO and GAS both. There are many features that NEON Wallet offers to the users.

We personally advice you, of you are not interested in using hardware wallets, do try NEON Wallet. 1 feature of this wallet is you can claim your automatically generated GAS when you have stored your NEO in this wallet. Even storing funds in this wallet, we need not to worry as our private keys are not stored in the Servers of NEO Cryptocurrency which means that we can control our funds.

The main point is that this wallet it not developed by developers of NEO Coin yet on testing the NEO coin developers stated this wallet as 100% safe. At present this wallet is available only on English language in Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

  1. NEO GUI – Desktop Wallet

Another option for desktop wallets is the official wallet developed by NEO Coin developers is NEO GUI. This desktop wallet is allowing the users to have a Graphical User Interface. This is a synchronizing wallet that means it will sync the wallet with the NEO Blockchain taking some time and then we can create new wallet and set a password and even take the backup of the Private Key in WIF or HEX format.

Moreover, this wallet accepts the storage of NEO and GAS, both the NEO assets in the wallet. In the current state, only Windows 7 SPI version is available to use.

  1. NEO CLI – Desktop Wallet

The NEO developers have also offered other official wallet called NEO CLI. There is not much difference in NEO CLI and NEO GUI. The only difference compared to the formed one is that this wallet is using the NEO Command Language. So in this wallet also we can store NEO and GAS that you receive, store or send. This wallet is available in the Windows and Linux users only.

  1. Binance Exchange – Web Wallet

If you are looking to store your NEO coins on the web wallets then this is one of the best wallets used ever. Binance also offers number of inbuilt wallets that allows the users to hold the cryptos but there is something special for NEO Wallet in Binance.

The special thing for Neo Wallet in Binance is that on 2nd of every month you are given the access over NeoGas tokens which so far is not done by any rest wallets. Hence holding NEO in Binance’s NEO Wallet is very rewarding.

So create your account in Binance and get your NEO and store in the wallet offered there itself.

  1. NEO Tracker – Web Wallet

One of the other web wallets is NEO Tracker. The wallet is developed in Java script and is a open source project. This wallet is basically an offline wallet that is used using your computer’s browser to get the required data and n data is stored in the wallet’s server. NEO Tracker is a user friendly wallet that is used to send, receive and store the NEO and Gas. It also allows us to get GAS from the amount of NEO stored. This gives us a file called keystore file to be downloaded that contains our keys in encrypted form. This wallet can be used using Chrome and Edge browsers only.

  1. NEO Wallet – Web Wallet

This wallet is very same as NEO Tracker. This wallet is developed and maintained by the Neo community and also allows us to send, buy or store the NEO or GAS. No data is transmitted to the NEO Servers. This also allows you to create a backup and also we can have control over our funds and private keys. Hence this is also a very good wallet to use.

  1. ANSY Wallet – Paper Wallet

One of the paper wallets where we can store NEO Coins is ANSY wallet. Paper wallets are the wallets that are having public address and private address printed on the papers. These public keys are used for sending NEO to the paper wallet. The same paper wallet also comprises of private wallets that are used when we want to spend the tokens.

These types of wallets are very safe as the coins are stored in paper, in offline means and secured by owners. This means there is no threat of the tokens as the owner holds the papers. The buys can store NEO and GAS or can spend both but the lacking point is that we can’t claim GAS that are generated with this wallet.


At the end, it is the decision of the buyers to select the type and kind of wallet they are fine with. But they have to be very specific and refer the best sources that are safe and secure to store your NEO.


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